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Author Topic: Space Cowboys for Hire (A PvE AR-like) [Turn 2]  (Read 3665 times)

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Re: Space Cowboys for Hire (A PvE AR-like) [Turn 2]
« Reply #165 on: December 08, 2019, 04:54:33 am »

Really good writing on this, even if it's nervewracking as all hell sometimes lmao. You really have a way of making it difficult to tell whether or not holes in operation are going to lead to bloody massacre or not until they're concluded.
Came to like Simon a lot in that reading, and Throckmorton was an interesting figure too.


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Re: Space Cowboys for Hire (A PvE AR-like) [Turn 2]
« Reply #166 on: December 08, 2019, 07:24:00 am »

Damn, this is great, I'll probably read the rest.
Damnit people, this is why I said to keep the truce. Because now everyone's ganging up on the cats.
Also, don't forget to contact your local Eldritch Being(s), so that they can help with our mission to destroy the universe.


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Re: Space Cowboys for Hire (A PvE AR-like) [Turn 2]
« Reply #167 on: December 09, 2019, 04:16:27 am »

Mission Report Part (2/?)

Miles Notkin Bounty
Quote from: Mission Plan
"The Gator is a two seater, and you guys should probably stick together anyway.  Attempt to know your location and target using the internet. I'm less hopeful of actually finding anything about this guy, but it might tell us who his buddies are. The guy flew legal, he isn't exactly a criminal mastermind. Even if he tried scrubbing his social media there might be something left."

Two operators will chase a hot lead on a bounty, Miles Notkin, last seen in the town of Goodhaven.  Redbrick, having ingratiated himself with the town last month, will be the Team Leader.  A second operator, Hoxton, will support Redbrick.
Redbrick will exploit his ties to discreetly liase with Sheriff Wilder, asking for any intelligence on the bounty or further Sheriff Department resources the team could use.  Assuming no hot intelligence, the team should discreetly investigate local boarding houses and watering holes, asking about any new folk in town.  If no further hot intelligence, the team provide the Miles Notkin's name and photo to the Sheriff Department for wanted posters, hoping that a public manhunt will get results.
If Miles Notkin is located but refuses to surrender, the team should contact the Sheriff Department to cordon the hideout.  If the bounty still refuses to surrender, Redbrick should then use Semtex and his expertise to flush him out.
Given our law enforcement affiliation with Goodhaven, the team should have no issues open carrying Val carbines.  As Redbrick is already famous in the area and is banking on Ocean PMC's ties to the Sheriff Department, all personnel should dress and act overt.

"So am I an operator or an analyst now?" Redrick "Redbrick" Batiste the Demolition Expert says to himself as makes a token effort at OSINT research.  A demolitions expert who's yet to demolish something in anger, he's looking forward to violence against a murderous rapist.  He'd already spent the last month in Goodhaven, and easily knew everything there was to know about it now.  Chairborne analysis was just holding him back from applying some "Semtex justice" upon a genuine shitbag.  Hashtag #melaniestrong is trending on social media, but otherwise his feeble queries discover nothing of use.

With minimal planning Team Leader Redbrick and James "Hoxton" Hoxworth take the shuttle to Goodhaven.  Their Gator ATV peels out of the space port on the first order of business: unannounced visit to Redbrick's close friend, Sheriff Wilder.

"Redbrick, my man!  Glad to see you back so soon.  This guy your new Anya?"

Hoxton eyes Redbrick with confusion, having never heard of Anna's unintentional alias before.

"This is James 'Hoxton' Hoxworth.  Hoxton is good as gold.  Now, I wish this was a purely social engagement but we got some business in town we could use your help on.  Are you down?"

"A friend in need, is a friend in deed.  Let's hear it."

Redbrick briefs the Sheriff that they're looking for a murderous fugitive and shows him the mugshot Marshal York sent to his smartphone.  The Sheriff laughs, "Miles?  That's Widow Notkin's boy.  Too easy.  Just give me a moment and then I'll take you right to him."

As the Sheriff turns away to attend to business, Redbrick playfully slaps Hoxton on the back,  "Even easier than that tiger hunt you did last month.  Once we wrap business, we'll take some R&R here in town.  I met some girls last month who'd dig a guy like you.  I know you like to party."

"Damn straight, just better not let Nikita and the girls know.  Could make shit hella awkward."

"Hey bro.  What happens planetside, stays planetside.  I didn't see no rings on anybody's finger either."

"Attention all Sheriff personnel!  Miles Notkin is wanted Dead or Alive for murder.  Kill or capture on sight.  Posse, standby for muster."

Redbrick disguises his shock and horror at the unexpected All Points Bulletin (APB).  The cat is out of the bag long ahead of schedule.  While he trusts the full-time deputies he personally trained last month, raising the posse is a big move and may leak back to their target.  It is a small town after all, and if Miles Notkin has any friends in the posse, they may tip him off.

"Wow!  Thanks man.  Let's manhunt!"

Sheriff Wilder leads your team to an older two-story farmhouse.  This house is beginning to fall behind in repairs, with the house paint chipping and the a few shingles torn from the roof.  "NOTKIN" is painted on a tin mailbox out front.

As your team dismounts, another Sheriff deputy walks up to the porch.  She interrupts her approach as you three arrive.  Redbrick immediately recognizes her as Janet "Holla" Hollaran, a truely unforgettable recruit.  A wiry small-breasted woman wearing a blue asymmetric haircut with shaved sides, she wasn't someone you'd immediately peg as frontier-folk.  She beams at the sight of Redbrick, "Mr. Batiste!  I didn't know you were back in town.  Is Anna here too?"

"Anna couldn't make it this time.  Deputy Hollaran, right?  You here about the target I take it?"

"Roger that Mr. Batiste.  Headed over right when I got the call.  I was going to take him myself, but you're the pro Mr. Batiste."

"Alright, Deputy Hollaran, here's how we're going to bag this motherfraker..."

Per Sheriff Wilder, the Widow Notkin is elderly and almost certain to be home.  Her only son, Miles Notkin, just returned home after completing contract work on Anghabar.  Best guess is that he's inside the farmhouse as well.  Sheriff Wilder and Redbrick, both well-regarded in Goodhaven, will knock on the front door for Widow Notkin and question her regarding Miles whereabouts.  Hoxton and Holla will watch the back door of the house, in case Miles is home and tries to run.

Sheriff Wilder and Redbrick are greeted by a well groomed old woman in a vintage house dress.  The interior of the house smells like apple cinnamon and a freshly baked pie is cooling on the kitchen table.  Family photos on the wall show her, her late husband, and Miles in various stages of an apparently happy family life.

"I'm sorry gentlemen.  I didn't know Miles invited guests.  He just got home from Anghabar you see.  Would you like a slice of fresh apple pie?"

Sheriff Wilder takes the lead, "Maybe later Ma'am.  Is Miles home?"

"Yes Sheriff, he's upstairs in his room, the door on the left.  Your friend can hang his rifle by the coat rack if he likes.  I wouldn't want to inconvenience him."

Redbrick chuckles, "Thanks for the offer Ma'am, but we're just meeting Miles to head out somewhere.  We'll be out of your hair soon."

The two men briskly trot up the stairs and find the door on the left shut.  The Sheriff turns the door knob but it's locked.  He draws his massive .44 Magnum Ruger Redhawk revolver and raps it authoritatively against the locked door, "Sheriff Department!  Open up!"

This order is answered only by the sound of scurrying footsteps, creaking floorboards, and wood scraping against wood.

"Gorramit!" Redbrick yells as he takes over, physically pushing Sheriff Wilder aside, and kicking in the door.  As the door flies open, Redbrick can't help but notice that the room is still decorated like a child's room.  A large pop science poster compares the Sol Planetary System and the Thiel Planetary System.  A model rocket and some hand-painted figurines are carefully arranged on bedroom shelf.  Some kind of education related certificate is hung over his desk.  Most pressingly however, the bedroom window and curtains are flung open.

Standing out back, Holla hears a crashing thud around the corner.  She draws her .38 service revolver and runs around the side of the house just in time to see a figure stand and take off running.  "Sheriff Department!  FREEZE!"

The target ignores the command sprints in the direction of a barn.  He's not a particularly fast runner, and the well conditioned female Deputy gains on him.  However, it's not enough as he reaches the barn and slams the door behind him.  Holla rams into the door with a running body slam but fails to breach it open.  It must be barred from inside.

By now, Hoxton catches up.  "Good chase, I'll circle around back!"

As Holla recovers from her failed power move, she tries to plead with the suspect while examining the barn for another means of entry, "Miles, you're just making this worse.  The hardest part is coming out.  It gets better after that."

"I didn't kill anyone Janet!  You know that ain't me."

Holla finds a side window shuttered and padlocked shut.  The lock looks flimsy, and she thinks she might be able to force it open, "Miles, we got the Ocean guys here and they're not screwing around.  You're running out of time."

The lock pops off and she flings the barn window open.  However, a fully lit window opened into a blacked out barn is impossible to miss from the inside.  Expecting the worst, Miles fire his father's 12 gauge shotgun at the open window.

Nearly grazed, the young female Deputy dives for the ground and stays down.  Then things really get out of hand.  Redbrick, who had just begun witnessing the seen at the barn from Miles bedroom window, sees the Deputy go down in response to a shotgun blast.  Assuming she's hit, he immediately empties his fully automatic AS Val carbine into the barn to try and suppress the shooter.  Having no idea Hoxton was in the background of the barn, the armor piercing SP-6 rounds fully penetrate through the thin-walled barn.  Hoxton drops to the ground and blindfires his AS Val carbine back into the barn.

As both of your operators sheltered to reload, panicked wails of "STOP! I SURRENDER!" ring from the barn.  Miles Notkin quickly surrenders himself to Holla.  The generally unremarkable 22-year-old male is completely rattled yet physically unscathed by gunfire.  Sheriff Wilder takes over handling the Deputy and two operators sort themselves out.  Finding only the shotgun in the barn, your two operators soon realize their errors and apologize profusely to each other.

Hoxton laughs, "Talk about fog of war, you owe me a drink for that."

Redbrick doubles down, "Motherfraker, I think we both owe each other a drink for this."

Holla gets in on the banter, "Y'all two pros need to remind us greenhorns how to party.  How about you meet up with myself and a few friends at the Tumbleweed Saloon after dinner?"

Your two men accept the invite and then give each other a knowing wink.

Your client, Marshal York is greatly satisfied that Miles Notkin was brought in alive.  Turns out the Walton's leased a Containerized Housing Unit (CHU) at the Goodhaven space port and are ready to receive the prisoner right now.   Marshal York is also already there to broker the handover.

With the Gator ATV being a tight fit with a prisoner, you borrow the Sheriff's patrol vehicle.  After a fifteen minute drive to the space port, Redbrick unloads the cuffed and blindfolded prisoner and walk him to the designated CHU.  Marshal York meets Redbrick outside the CHU, having been waiting.

Marshal York runs the prisoner's finger prints and cheek swab through a handheld biometric scanner.  He reassures your team, "A necessary procedure.  I'm sure you can imagine the schemes us Marshals have seen to fraudulently collect a bounty."

He reads an output on the device and nods with satisfaction, "Ah yes, more good things from you Mr. Batiste.  Mr. Thiel will be happy that the Waltons' need for justice was so swiftly resolved.  The agreed upon bounty will be paid from us the Harad Marshals, and an additional bonus will be sent directly from the bounty sponsors, the Waltons."

Marshal York opens the CHU door and leads the blindfolded prisoner inside.  Redbrick catches a glimpse of a middle-aged man in a well tailored silk suit.  Marshal York clears his throat, "Good day to you Mr. Batiste."

Marshal York slams shut the CHU door, but the bolt doesn't catch and it swings open.  Redbrick knows he clearly should be leaving now, but is intrigued by what he thinks he's about to witness.  All three men are out of sight, but the open door allows him to hear perfectly.  He first hears the distinctive high pitched whine of a high voltage power source.  Then the slow deep timbre of Marshal York, "Mr. Walton, as both a victim and a sponsor, take all the time you need."

Then came familiar yet more intense wails of "STOP!"  Then came the pleading.  Then came increasingly unintelligible moaning.

But then it was time for dinner, so Redbrick went back to town.

"So Redbrick, how it go with Marshal York?"

"We got the bonus pay, Hox.  Dolla dolla bill ya'll!"

After dinner, your two operators leave the older Sheriff to meet Holla and company at the local saloon.  It's a rather warm reunion as many of Redbrick's former Sheriff Trainees are glad to see him again.  The female trainees all ask about Anna, but are still intrigued by Hoxton, the fresh face.

As the alcohol and some other substances begin to flow, boundaries break down.  Your two male operators have a great time "one-on-one mentoring" various female personnel, some not even associated with the Sheriff Department.

Redbrick wakes up the next morning in an unfamiliar farm house tub.  His initial fears are allayed when he sees his magnum revolver carefully placed on the vanity country next to him.  After getting dressed, he finds himself in a modest home full of eccentric decor.  Family photos on the wall suggest it's the home of the blue-haired Janet "Holla" Hollaran.

"Good morning, Red, how's the hangover?"

Apparently they're on a nicknames basis now, "Sure earned a good one, Holla."

"Hope you like farm fresh eggs then, enjoy."

Breakfast is pleasant though awkward.  They develop an unspoken mutual pact not to discuss what happened last night and instead chatter about fond memories from training.  Still Redbrick has a sense that she wants to talk about something of substance.  Something is bothering her, and she needs to talk it out with him.

"So about Miles Notkin..."

"What about him?"

"I mean, he was a murderer right?  I thought I knew him so well.  He'd been over on Anghabar for a long time, but we used to be so close back in the day.  Born and raised in a small town, us LGBTQ folks needed to stick together after all."

Redbrick recalls the family photos and deduces that one woman she kept posing with probably wasn't her sister.  Both are so hot.  Shame.

Spoiler: Mission Summary (click to show/hide)
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Re: Space Cowboys for Hire (A PvE AR-like) [Turn 2]
« Reply #168 on: December 09, 2019, 04:44:14 am »

Well, that was disturbing. I think it's pretty damn clear that Notkin didn't do it, considering he bears approximately zero (0) similarities to the kind of actual hardened fighters that we saw on the actual Red Cross mission. ...oof. I wonder if somebody smarter and less evidently utterly surface-level than Redbrick seems to be would have picked up on that... though by that point anyway we'd have been in rather too deep.

Leaves kind of a bad taste in my mouth, but I don't know that I think it was terribly avoidable.


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Re: Space Cowboys for Hire (A PvE AR-like) [Turn 2]
« Reply #169 on: December 09, 2019, 10:37:39 am »

Well, that was disturbing. I think it's pretty damn clear that Notkin didn't do it, considering he bears approximately zero (0) similarities to the kind of actual hardened fighters that we saw on the actual Red Cross mission. ...oof. I wonder if somebody smarter and less evidently utterly surface-level than Redbrick seems to be would have picked up on that... though by that point anyway we'd have been in rather too deep.

Leaves kind of a bad taste in my mouth, but I don't know that I think it was terribly avoidable.

The Waltons nuked the last town he was at. We probably saved Goodhaven by turning him over, regardless of how guilty he was. It sounds like the snitch tried blaming the one guy who left in the hopes itd save the town (or their own hide), given we know the Red Cross apparently has other enemies and is doing some sketchy stuff they probably lied to the Waltons too.

Not like it is our job to make sure the target is guilty anyway.
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