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Author Topic: What's going on in your LCS?  (Read 386 times)


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What's going on in your LCS?
« on: August 25, 2017, 06:34:44 pm »

I've noticed there's no thread like this like there is in the upper forums. Basically, just post what's been happening recently in your LCS games.

I'll start. I'm a newbie, just started playing LCS a few days ago. I failed spectacularly due to stupid mistakes in my first few games (got my founder killed because I sent him to raid the crack house, accidentally bailed out of a car while trying to escape police, got my fighting squad accosted by police because I set them to do legal fundraising, etc.) I haven't died yet in my new game, though. I currently have a lot of sleeper judges, a pro hacking team, a decent fighting squad, and two heavily-upgraded and heavily-stocked safehouses. I've just started experimenting with seduction; I have a couple love-slaves already in my employ.


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Re: What's going on in your LCS?
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2017, 10:02:33 pm »

My Liberal Crime Squad has gone full-on Symbionese Liberation Army minus the incompetence and failure. In fact, they're even worse than the SLA could ever hope to be. Every day several squads of well-trained LCS members with M4 Carbines and/or AR-15's with Army Armor go on killing sprees across the nation, slaughtering hundreds of Conservatives with each raid. The CCS has been destroyed, with several of their surviving members having been datenapped and brainwashed into being sleeper agents. In fact, seemingly most of the country has been kidnapped and turned into a sleeper. Cops, radio hosts, CEOs, scientists, Judges, and even Presidents have been turned into sleepers.

The country is powerless to stop the LCS, cops included. The LCS regularly gets sieged by SWAT and/or National Guard despite the Police Station being shut down (you can thank Kamal-Sadek for making the police siege you even if the station is shut down in newer versions of LCS), but the LCS safehouses are fully upgraded with a shitton of rations. Mass-murder is profitable in LCS, especially when you sell the surplus guns and ammo lying around after each raid. Bombers are the only hope of hurting the LCS, but the anti-aircraft cannons usually shoot em down. All this horrific political violence only serves to make the country love liberalism even more, because logic.

The complete liberalization of the US is inevitable in my playthrough of LCS. The LCS itself is a massive deathsquad (oh, the irony! And to make it even more ironic, they even started the game FIGHTING the Death Squads in the first place because I was in Nightmare Mode!) roaming the country, making everyone else liberal by massacring those who aren't. On occasions where the LCS feels merciful, conservatives are seduced, kidnapped on a date, and brainwashed through the power of a good old-fashioned "Good Cop, Bad Cop" routine. Several Libs beat the prisoner until he breaks, then a psychologist steps in and acts like a good cop, quickly enlightening the hostage.