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Author Topic: Cooking organs before serving // Food-prep  (Read 303 times)


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Cooking organs before serving // Food-prep
« on: October 07, 2017, 05:35:40 am »

This is more a sub-section of the cooking system we have for auto-processing tallow, but it administers itself to a much wider range.

First of all dwarves are eating raw meat & fish when they decide to barrel and store it straight off the butcher shop after it's been picked off as roadkill by merchant guards. This isn't really realistic or sensical given that dwarves cringe at drinking murky water, so instead feel completely fine giving themselves salmonella or e-coli by eating raw chicken off the floor stored next to other meats. (a bit over the top in realism terms but you can sort of get what im driving towards, its gross)

  • [CARNIVOROUS] creatures should be unphased by eating raw meat & fish, its fine for them to go ahead, they wont get sick off it.

There's also a consideration as to what bits of meat is [PRIME-CUT] value bonus to cooking and what is [OFFAL] (valuation malus to these parts) as to distinguish poor quality cuts from desirable meats and to also distinguish [INEDIBLE/DANGEROUS] BP organ parts (lets say a scorpions stinger) that are not for eating and therefore can be stored away by other workshops like the alchemy bench *COUGH COUGH*

Finished Food

Summarily the range of prepared food becomes much wider & can be its own category to be divided between stockpiles

- Cheeses with quality (shout out to Nagidal)
- Usual roasts/stews/biscuits sorted out, not specifically defined
- Cooked cuts of meat/fish (Run through the kitchen piece by piece to turn into finished products by braising/simmering whatever you think)
- Low value tallow (treated as offal, removed from the 'fats' page)
- Certain fruits & vegtables (also require food preperation, some things are raw only and some are prepared, like potatoes)
- The rest of sauces & millables (which dont need to be in this list because they have their own little place in stockpile lists)

And all of the above seperable by quality modifiers, since the cheesemaker & chef preparing these will be adding quality to the ingredients based on the competency of thier skill. Therefore with slight mix & matching, finished roasts with combinations of these ingredients with no raw meats will be more balanced, hopefully negating the current value inflation they receive unless all parts are of high quality.

It effectively navigates around exploits of buying raw meat from a caravan to funnel into biscuits in order to cheat merchants by selling quickly constructed meals back to them at additional value while they are still in the depot. (you can do that, but it takes longer for two or more chefs to sort through prepared food as well as cook it, prepared food lasts longer also than raw out in the open)

Thanks for taking the time to read.