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Author Topic: Why do wiki pages reload over and over again?  (Read 5428 times)


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Why do wiki pages reload over and over again?
« on: October 13, 2017, 09:14:21 am »

I've noticed that pages on the wiki - even the home page - reload over and over again, constantly. More specifically: After a page finishes loading, the dwarf icon for the browser dwarffortresswiki tab switches back to the rotating "loading" icon, quickly shifting back to the dwarf icon, shifting back to the loading icon... etc. This does not happen every time, but it happens most of the time. And it seems happens on every page with a flash advert.

At least, this is the case on my browser (Firefox 52.0.2). Anybody else experiencing this?

Several times, I've had my browser either crash or consume so much memory that it eventually lags to the point that my laptop become unresponsive. This forces me to either (in extreme cases) do a hard reboot of my laptop or, at a minimum, [CTRL]+[ALT]+[DEL] for the Windows Task Manager to shut down Firefox and restart it. And I link these issues to sites that reload pages constantly, the dwarffortresswiki in particular.

Don't get me wrong: I do not have issue with adverts on the wiki. I do not have issue with flash adverts on the wiki, either. Something has to pay for hosting costs. My problem is that I'm currently stuck on my old Windows XP laptop (since I had to RMA the power supply for my beefy desktop). And this old laptop only has 2 GB of memory. These constantly reloading flash advert pages seem to gradually consume more and more memory, until it reaches a breaking point.

Granted, I usually have several browser tabs open simultaneously. However, this does not usually cause me problems - except for when browsing the dwarffortresswiki with pages that constantly reload.

Isn't it possible to have adverts on the wiki in a way that does not constantly reload the page? I've not seen many other sites that even do this. As it is, I may be forced to use an add-on to block flash ads - not because I want to, but because it gets frustrating to have to frequently restart my browser or reboot the laptop from extreme lag.

P.S.: This experience of wiki pages consuming more and more memory has me reconsidering how I play DF. Instead of playing with the browser open to display several wiki pages, I will have to rethink this. Maybe I should only have one wiki page open at a time now?
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Re: Why do wiki pages reload over and over again?
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2017, 06:57:26 am »

Not sure about the timing, but it might be related to the wiki's database being offline (either the effect, or possibly even the cause).
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P.S. If you don't get this note, let me know and I'll write you another.
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