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Author Topic: Masterwork Dwarf Fortress 44.12 - Archaeology Question (not identifying treasure  (Read 492 times)


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Hello everyone

Really enjoying Masterwork DF, but unfortunately I can't seem to get my archaeologist chamber working.

Which skill is associated? What do I have to activate?

I found this entry in the wiki It clearly says:

Job Requirement: Archaeologist, Jobs: Archaeology.

But I can't find it in the in-game labor options or dwarf therapist.

What am I doing wrong?

When I built the chamber last fort (with already 50 dwarves residing there), they started to do the archaeology tasks right away, so please can anyone help me out because i really don't get it. :D

Thank you in advance and have a nice day.


I am sorry I just found which skill I had to assign for them to start identifying:

It was Gem Cutting (or Gem Setting). Jewelry basically.
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