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Author Topic: Very, very strange.  (Read 385 times)


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Very, very strange.
« on: October 20, 2017, 05:54:11 pm »

My adventurer was sneaking around a kobold camp and saw a human wrestler, when I noticed three things that are a bit ... off.

1. Due to a typo during char creation, I was a black mamba woman. Yet the wrestler greeted me as 'black mamaba man,' not even using my name. In the status screen my adventurer was still called a black mamba woman.

2. The wrestler introduced himself as TRANS_NAME]. Yes, bracket included. Perhaps this (excluding the bracket) was the game's placeholder for a missing name?

3. Perhaps most strangely, the health screen calls me neither Mori Somegimbo Sedastshosa (my name), nor black mamba man, nor black mamba woman, but 'Foo-finder.' That is certainly not what I could think of as a place-holder, and because there is no DF word for 'foo' it could only have come from a source outside of world language, namely Toady.
I'll post more information as I find it.
What is going on?
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Re: Very, very strange.
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2017, 01:53:03 am »

1. That's because the "race" name for black mamba people is "black mamba man". Creatures always get referred to by their race name rather than the name of the caste (male and female are just castes) if they don't know your real name - i.e in my mod, regardless of what type of undead you are, wheter a ghoul or a banshee, people will always refer to you as merely "undead".

2. TRANS_NAME derives from [SPEAKER:TRANS_NAME] in the game's speech files - its used for having a creature give their name with a translated last name. Any sort of creature found out in the wilderness that can also speak like animal people will, since they lack names, introduce themselves as TRANS_NAME. Same goes for a humie that joined kobolds, due to the fact kobold names come from a token that they have and humans dont.

3. I'm guessing its a result of a profession name change from the customization screen that you can access.
I think for animal people and outsiders it doesn't show your real name in the status screen - i.e as a spearman the game would simply say "Spearman" at the top of the screen, instead of your name - if you changed your profession name to Foo-finder it's gonna use that instead.