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Author Topic: [44.xx] Mythic Metals(A sub-divine metals mod) intial release v0.98b  (Read 1209 times)


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As the gods take a closer interest in the Dwarfrealm, not only are in inhabitants affected but the very land itself is changing.

The high priests called the stones scared prohibiting their use, but the ever intrepid dwarves will not be contained by doctrine. They've discovered it's secrets and have learned to use the sacred stones to transform the mundane metals into something more.

Though rumors now spread of fiendish corruption spreading from the magma seas. Maybe the High Priests where right, or perhaps their own resentment brought this corruption. The answer ultimately lies at the bottom of their volcanic graves.

Welcome to my first mod after coming back to DF from a several year hiatus. This mod is the result of  some inspiration from the new divine metals, and an all-night binge read of the Urist De Vinci's material science threads.

I wanted something that could breath some addition usefulness into the more base metals, and provide a route to (theoretically) more balanced "special" metals. As well as adding some more flavor into the game, in a controllable way.

Two Families of enhanced metals, Etheric and Fiendish.  Etheric metals are more gear towards defensive performance, while Fiendish metals are more geared toward offensive performance.

Function wise, both etheric and fiendish medium are gathered via an economic stone type, and then processed into a powder. The powders are smelted in a custom reaction with a platinum bar to create Etherium or Pandemonium, the middle stage product. This is to prevent early exploitation of the metals, making them more of a late game resource.

The resulting bars can be alloyed with copper, silver, bronze iron or steel to create different metals. Etheric metals will have a 1.05 sharpness multiplier, while Fiendish metal with carry a 1.1.

Balance will be ongoing until I dial it into where I feel it's good.

This approach also allows for some control over entities access to the metals, by setting which reactions they have access too. You could allow a race only access to specific metals, give one access to the etheric metals for more defense, or another access to the fiendish metals for more offense.

Later goals include making the smelting/mining process somewhat dangerous, and ideally having the reaction be a secret that can be learned via books(please tell me this is possible :P). Once I brush up on my syndrome skills, special alcohols are also planned.

I also want to switch the powder reactions to liquid in vials, but am having trouble figuring out how to write the reactions properly. I'm mainly confused on how the units work for them.

I Aim to make this compatible as possible, with the new stones, metals and reactions in distinct files. Only the entity file will require some hands on interaction.

Install instructions:

Copy inorganic_metal_mythic.txt, inorganic_stone_gem_mythic.txt, inorganic_stone_mineral_mythic.txt and reaction_mythic.txt into the raw/objects folder.

Open entity_Tags.txt and copy the permitted reactions into entity_standard into the hills entry. You can add these into any of the civs.

File is here:

I'm open to comments and suggestions, and grant permission to anyone that wants to use this for their mods, I just ask for attribution.

Note that metal values are really prelimnary right now. I just gave them a minor improvement for the moment, as It took way longer to get the reactions working than I expected and I ran out of steam lol.

I mostly have the mineral spawn rates where I want them, but the gems seem to spawn more often than I want still.

Ideally both should be present on most maps, with the mineral being in the few dozen to several hundred tile range and the gems in the single digits to few dozen.

Edit: I recommend using meph's tileset for this, as that's what I have the tiles set for. I'll make a more vanilla friendly version later. note this should only affect displayed tiles.

Update: I'm paused on this for the v1 release while I do a ton of balance testing for metals and combat, and figure out vials. Figure v1 in a week or so.
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Re: [44.06] Mythic Metals(A sub-divine metals mod) intial release v0.9b
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2018, 06:26:10 pm »

Reserved for space

Also, found a bug with the warped obsidian causing all sorts of issues, so I'm removing that. It seems to bring the spawning behavior more in line with expectations.

Fixed the end result metals values as well, I forget to change them from their testing values. New upload coming later today with those fixes and some more tweaks.

update is up - it should work with .07, but I haven't tested it yet.
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Re: [44.06] Mythic Metals(A sub-divine metals mod) intial release v0.95b2
« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2018, 11:28:24 pm »

New update: As before, this should work fine with .07, I just haven't tested past .06 yet.

Overhaul to the metal values.

Etherium alloys can no longer be used to make weapons, and Pandemonium alloys can no longer be used to make armor.

Copper and bronze alloys have been brought in line with vanilla iron. Copper alloys are slightly worse than stock iron, while bronze alloys are slighty better.

Iron alloys are now comparably to stock steel, being slightly worse.

Steel alloys are now just slightly better than stock steel, it didn't really need much of a boost given that typical configs won't have you fighting against it.

Silver alloys are special. Etheric Silver can be used as armor, and is comparable to steel in shear protection. However it's impact resistant is very poor, worse than any vanilla metals, and is incredibly elastic for a metal (24999) meaning that 50% of force will be passed on to the next layer. Etheric Iron is better.

Fiendish silver is less novel, being an excellent blunt weapon material but the worst edged material(out of the new alloys).

All alloys have had their density increased by 10% and both are now rated at 1.1 sharpness(simply for moodded weapons).

This should bring this mod from curiosity to practical. Some more testing and some tweaks to the reaction (I was to use glass vials rather than bags) and I'll call it 1.0.

Edit: New update.

Update .98b:

Fixed a typo in etheric copper than made in much more resistant to cutting than intended.

Adjusted material values. Alloy values increased, Gem values greatly decreased.

Adjusted reaction amounts. All Alloy reactions now take 2 bars of base metal and combine with one bar of etherium/pandemonium to produce to alloy bars.

Changed alloys to be excluded from item and furniture making(inc. anvils). This should make the manager window less cluttered, as well reducing the  amount that can be gathered early via melting toys.

Still working on the vial reaction, as well as more balancing for the metals. So far they have been acting pretty close to desired.
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Re: [44.xx] Mythic Metals(A sub-divine metals mod) intial release v0.98b
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2018, 12:05:05 am »

I'm still working on this, but took a bit of a break after getting a bit frustrated with combat testing. Sorry for dropping off for a while.