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Author Topic: Rebuilding the Dwarven Empire  (Read 711 times)


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Rebuilding the Dwarven Empire
« on: November 17, 2017, 06:28:24 pm »

Managed to somehow generate a world where the only two major powers that survived the first 500 years of recorded history were the Elves and the Goblins. All of the Dwarves and Humans had their settlements wiped out or routed by either Hydras, Colossi, Dragons, or Goblins. The Elves  basically have an entire continent under their control, while the Goblins have sizable territories all across the world.

Being bold I decided to embark only a few tiles away from Goblin territory and now I'm trying to bring the Dwarves back to their rightful place as rulers of the world!

The fort is Kibilul, "Netlords"

And to my surprise, my Carpenter, Vabok Zolakshem took up the role as queen and isn't a lazy shit. She's actually still performing her duties as a carpenter.

I'm already a ways into my fort, nothing serious happening yet aside from a couple Dwarves getting killed by Troglodytes last spring, and surprisingly I'm getting a lot of migrants. Anyone have any suggestions for what I should do to make my fort strong enough to hold it's own before I retire it?


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Re: Rebuilding the Dwarven Empire
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2017, 07:30:18 pm »

Cool, you were lucky enough to embark with a dying civ, as opposed to a dead one (note that the difference between the two doesn't make logical sense, as the dwarves could be extinct for 1000 years and the game could still think the civ is merely "dying").  That means that you should be able to rebuild the dwarven nation - if your civ were dead, you wouldn't get any migrants past the first couple few, you wouldn't get trade caravans, and most importantly, none of your dwarves would have become king/queen.  (Self appointed nobles are awesome - they remain useful)

You can theoretically bring the civ back out from dying if you make enough forts and retire them with high enough population - the tricky part is that the game likes to weight migrants with high skills, so dwarves tend to move from one fort to another, leaving the previous fort a ghost town.    The only way around this as far as I know is to set the migrant cap low on later forts, and let the dwarves breed up to pop cap.

I recommend making the fort as cool as possible - it is the new capitol after all. Go crazy, try and get every industry up and running, and get every dwarf a house close to their job.