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Author Topic: workaround for polytheist dwarves still spending way too much time in a temple  (Read 2838 times)


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So if, like me, you designate single temples to each of your gods, and no general temples to all gods, you will occasionally see some of your polytheist dwarves spending forever praying (purple job praying, not green job) to one of their gods, even though they have long satisfied their prayer need for that god, while ignoring the other gods that are still needed, even returning to it after eat, drink and sleep jobs.

Snapping them out of it is a bit tricky.
I found the only way to effectively make them snap out of it, is to catch them in the act of pathing into the temple, and locking the door before they arrive. When they bump into that locked door, they will effectively snap out of it, and either go pray to another god, or do whatever job that needs doing.

Now you can patiently and vigilantly wait until they either go on a eat, sleep or drink job, wait till they are done with that, and lock the door when they are on their way back (can't lock the temple door while they sleep, they need to be actively pathing to it for the locked door trick to work), but this can take forever, and locks your attention away from other fortress matters.

Here's what works instantly:
Step 1) Only need to do this one once. Designate a burrow from the top left of the very top level of the map to the bottom right of the very bottom of the map, or just use your access for everyone burrow if you are already using burrows, and activate the burrow (on civilian alert).
Step 2) When the dwarf is in the temple, pause the game, remove the temple from the burrow.
Step 3) Unpause the game briefly until the dwarf is outside of the temple, two or three steps away from it. Pause the game again. You can do this with pressing . as well to advance time one step at a time
Step 4) Add the temple back to the burrow.
Step 5) advance time a few steps using . until you can see that your dwarf has started pathing back to the temple.
Step 6) Lock temple door, unpause, profit.

Now note that just chasing them out of the temple using the burrow will not snap them out of it. Instead, they will still go pray to the same old god, but in a wrong location, be it another temple, a library or even your embark wagon position if you lack locations and meeting areas. So you really need to lock the door on them when they path back.
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Very clever, martinuzz! You've actually inspired me to build a temple in my fort to try this out, and I'll make sure to add lockable doors (I usually don't for public areas).