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Author Topic: The Bay 12 Games Report, February 1st, 2018  (Read 15929 times)

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The Bay 12 Games Report, February 1st, 2018
« on: February 01, 2018, 05:27:10 pm »

The Bay 12 Games Report, February 1st, 2018

Mission Status

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you for making all of this possible!  Do you like having bugs fixed?  We like fixing bugs!  We are going to keep this up for the foreseeable future.  But who can see the future anyway?  There are so many things we want to show you.  We want to keep you entertained while you wait for the myth generator to reach the public.  Great times are close at hand!

"Congratulations to the generous!" -- ThreeToe

Fun with Numbers

Thanks for another great month!  The plan for February is pretty simple.  We'll be fixing more bugs!  We're also still aiming to get to the dwarf mode raid 'c' screen expansion and other new bits, and we might see the first of that this month (if not, that just means more bugs have been fixed, and we'll get there soon.)  Generally, we're also prepared to rebalance stress (how it basically stopped existing when inebriation was introduced) and improving the adventurer's ability to obtain and view a summary of information regarding artifacts, their reputation, and more.  And whatever small suggestions have floated to the top of the list.

January:   $7305.84
December:  $7948.36
November:  $7212.18
October:   $6492.96
September: $6804.59

Reward reminder:  If you support us, you can pick either a Story Reward or a Crayon Art Reward.  A Story Reward is basically a mini-Threetoe story (examples) and a Crayon Art Reward is a crudely drawn scene which we sketch, color in, and mail to you, anywhere in the world (assuming your contribution covers postage, which is about a dollar almost wherever you are).  We take personal requests for either reward as well, he he he.  You can also be listed among the Bay 12 Champions.  You can choose any kind of reward no matter which contribution method you choose.
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