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Author Topic: How Milesack fell [contains spoilers]  (Read 1114 times)


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How Milesack fell [contains spoilers]
« on: November 21, 2018, 02:07:06 am »

Milesack was a dwarven fortress of the Amusing Girder, the dwarf civilization of Strasp Ustra. Milesack had wealths of metals, being built above a vein of galena. We found many veins of precious ores, native gold, cassiterite, native platinum, and spheralite. But no iron, and no copper... leaving my peoples nothing feasible to make armor out of. In our fifth year now, we were producing masterpiece after masterpiece of silver weapons studded with the finest emeralds, but having to rely upon imported armor seemed distasteful for dwarfs like us. So mayor Omom Faithbreaded hatched a plan.

"Grab a pick, Zazit." He said to fellow miner, Zazit Drinkhame. "we're scouting out below the cavern layer. We look for ore of any type that will get us precious iron or copper. We are going very deep this time."

The next few weeks yielded not-so-hopeful results. Cobaltite and Spharelite. "We've been running into a lot of hot stones down here, chief." says Zazit. Omom cancels the digging designations. "Praise be to Zim, god of metals and mountains! Praise be the miners!" came shouts from down the stairs.

Adamantine. The buggers found bloody adamantine! "Surrounded by hot stones, Omom."

Omom thouught carefully. "You there, go get the other miners down here." He commanded. "Zazit, let's get started on this bit."

Zazit began mining the raw stuff when he pulled back his pick and magma started to spew from the stone. First a squirt, then a jet. Zazit was covered and died screaming. Omom ran, with a wall of magma closing in closely behind him. His foot was caught in the magma and burned away when he reached the stairs. He climbed up frantically, his people taking him to the hospital.

Cut to a few days later. Omom is resting up in the hospital, the only one in the hall. "If we were better managed," the doctor says, openly chiding the mayor, "we wouldn't be out of cloths, crutches and stitches. I'm sure you understand."

The captain of the watch stood by. "What should I tell the miners, chief?"

"Tell them to try and mine out the adamantine, being especially wary of the hot stones. Try... mining down from above."

"Aye, sir."

When word was given back to the mines, the miners set their plans and dug. eventually, they punctured downwards into an eerie glowing pit. "I've never seen anything like this. Another cavern layer?" both miners strained their ears to hear something awful coming from below: torturous screams.

The fate of those two miners is perhaps best left to the imagination.

On the main fortress floor, a stiff breeze comes from the hallway leading to the basement. Suddenly the door burst open and through it steps a stegasaurid brute: a massive demon with a spiked tail and plated back. it is followed closely by two butterfly brutes. Two dwarves were rummaging around the back-hallway stockpiles when they saw this. One poor sap ran away; the other was a strong-willed old codger named Urist Springmason. He saw the demons and he ran for The Lever as fast as he could. He pulled it, then destroyed it with a war hammer before the stegasaurid brute caught up to him. the three demons were cut off from the invasion force behind them, with no way to pull the lever again. the brute quartered him on the spot, then the three demons went floor by floor and room by room slaughtering everyone. I thought it was all done for, yet the game did not exit; I check my units screen. The mayor is still alive!

Omom has been hiding under his hostpital bed. From his point of view, he had given the dig order, then listened as screams filled the hallways. Once, the hospital doors flew open and in walked some urist who was slaughtered by butterfly demons - and Omom hid ever since. It was a few weeks until he actually died; he was too paralyzed by fear to make a move for the door. Eventually, the stegasaurid saw him and crushed him to death.

Milesack is dead. Long live Milesack.


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Re: How Milesack fell [contains spoilers]
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2018, 09:38:48 am »

Good story, a lot of us have been there.

As long as you are careful, and only take from edges that don't lead to the center of the adamantine spire, you'll probably be fine. As long as there are no mistakes. Speaking from experience on both parts. Y below is safe to mine, or the inside of the spire would already be exposed.




You can also sometimes find the spire reaching through the caverns. That's a good safe-ish place to mine. One or so z-level above the magma is more time-consuming and may get you cancellation spam, but isn't all bad. At least not as bad as everyone being murdered.