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Author Topic: The Vault-128 Project (Ch 10: Year Four Progress)  (Read 3762 times)


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Re: The Vault-128 Project (Ch 7: Science, Continue)
« Reply #15 on: April 13, 2018, 12:46:00 pm »

Iwould like to claim The Huntress.


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Re: The Vault-128 Project (Ch 7: Science, Continue)
« Reply #16 on: April 13, 2018, 12:53:32 pm »

Iwould like to claim The Huntress.
Welcome Bayar, The Huntress.  You are currently in the Fight Club Training squad learning the basics of unarmed combat.  I'll update my notes.


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Re: The Vault-128 Project (Ch 7: Science, Continue)
« Reply #17 on: April 14, 2018, 03:37:49 am »

What's the next step for the fortress, !science! whise?


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Re: The Vault-128 Project (Ch 7: Science, Continue)
« Reply #18 on: April 14, 2018, 10:34:41 am »

What's the next step for the fortress, !science! whise?

Spoiler: the vault dig plan (click to show/hide)

So the SE Quadrant, once it is flattened to the surface layer, I'll so the same on the rest of the 3/4 of the circle. 

Sp yeah, imagine a cylinder chunk of the mountain flattened to the surface level.

Then, I think I will expose the aquifer over the SE Quadrant only, about 3z down from 137 to 134. 

I will most setup a minecart magma-filling facility, the non-powered type.  I ordered 30 iron minecarts. 

The goal is to obsidianized the exposed aquifer around the SE Quadrant.

And after that, collapse the obsidian, aquifer, and the entire SE Quadrant chunkof earth z+133 thru z+137 down to z+123/z+125-ish?
I suppose the science here is, will the chunk of aquifer remain an aquifer if it collapses down a few layers from its original position.


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Re: The Vault-128 Project (Ch 8: Science, Year Two Progress)
« Reply #19 on: April 14, 2018, 10:40:40 am »

Chapter 8: Science, Year Two Progress

Early Winter 260.

The Vault Sage increased our population cap to 34 to encourage babies born in Vault-128.

The Fight Club Training squad gain discipline skills, and the basics of fighting, striking, dodging and wrestling skills.  They are progressing well since going on a full-time schedule. 

Spoiler: Squad Winter 260 (click to show/hide)

Steel weapons are ready and squads can split the into weapons specializations before the year’s end.

Science test 3 proceeds to collapsing z+139 in the SE Quadrant.  This test is to observe what happens to the logs on the layer about to be collapsed.  Lever-linked supports are in use as part of the standard safety protocol.  After the lever is pulled, the dusts displaces the logs around the area, so the conclusion is that the logs are not destroyed.

The final collapse portion of the SE Quadrant had the llamas excited but there do not seem to be any major injury..

The first phase of the SE Quadrant is to flatten the hill down to its surface level z+137--it is complete.

Chapter 8 (continues) After the SE Quadrant phase 1 is completed, the rest of the vault dig site collapse procedures began.

Mid-Winter 260.

Layer 152 of the vault dig site is collapsed without fanfare.

This task is not mundane yet, and there are opportunities for science to include.

For test 4 at z+151, we will build a cage with a test subject inside, a chain restraint with a test subject, a constructed wall and floors, and a chest furniture.

However, this test is planned to collapse multiple levels at once, with supports on each level linked to the same lever.


While the test 4 setup is underway, basecamp is preparing to tapping the volcano wall for magma source so it can feed the minecart magma-filling facility.

Design: Magma Source, Volcano Tap.

At z+138, dig magma pipe towards volcano wall.  Channel down, build a retracting bridge cover, and build a raising bridge for magma shut-off that is linked to a lever.  Dig below towards the trench and tap the volcano when the bridges are complete.

After the digging, building bridges, and linking lever, the miner tap the volcano wall and we have a controlled magma source.

Spoiler: Volcano Tap Action (click to show/hide)

With a magma source pipe, the minecart magma-filling facility is next on the design table.

Design: Magma-Filling Facility.

We begin where the iron minecarts are created, at basecamp forge. 
Then we will dig hallway from z+145 down to the “empty” iron minecart stockpile on z+140. 

The magma-filling pit begins here at z+140.  A trackstop will accept iron minecarts and dump them down into the pit.  The iron minecarts will stack vertically QSP in the 1x1 vertical pipe, and stopped by a grate 3 z-levels below. 

On z+139, a screw pump will move magma from the volcano tap magma reservoir into the vertical pipe.  As the vertical pipe is flooded with magma, the iron minecarts will be filled.

The grate on z+137 allows retrieval of the stacked “magma-filled” minecarts. 

Below the grate on z+136, is a hatch cover that functions as magma drain controlled via lever. 

And below the hatch cover on z+135 is a magma portable drain system.

Once the magma is drained from the vertical pipe, the iron cart can be stockpiled on z+137 ready for use in the vault dig site.

Spoiler: Magma-Filling Facility (click to show/hide)

Late Winter 260.

Miner Fiddler, a hunter turned miner, is going to take over manager duty to improve his organizer skill.

A flock of buzzards have come, and our weaponless squad started having overwhelming vengeful thoughts while guarding the open-air trade depot. 

The Vault Overseer excused herself from the squad training and begins making 10 steel crossbows. 

Manager Fiddler, followed suit and orders 10 leather quivers and 4 leather waterskins to be made by any dabbling leather worker. 

The Vault Guard, acting militia commander, updated the Fighter Uniform to carry crossbows.
Within a week, iron bolts starts flying in the skies hitting buzzards attracted by the shiny items in the trade depot. 

The Vault Overseer joins the Fight Club Training once again.

One week before the end of the year, the buzzard menace is eliminated.
The surgeon, the teacher, Bayar the huntress, bagged 2 buzzard kills each, and The Presser got 3 buzzard kills.

Spent Bolts Observation.
There are some spent iron bolts found on the above-ground farm, despite it having a constructed ceiling.


Test 4 setup progress.

For test 4, z+151 cage, chain restraint, chest furniture, constructed floor and wall are complete.  The dig site perimeter is channeled.  Then each layer is dug out leaving one main pillar until a support is constructed.
On z+150, the support construction is awaiting for a mason.
On z+149, the last pillar is being dug.
On z+148, the support is constructed.
On z+147, it is partially dug, channeling the perimeter to z+146 began.

End of year 260.
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Re: The Vault-128 Project (Ch 8: Science, Year Two Progress)
« Reply #20 on: April 16, 2018, 02:57:21 pm »

Oh, I prematurely posted Ch 8.  I though my last image of Armok Vision of the SE Quadrant was the end of year 2, but it was just end of Early Winter.   I have notes on the rest of Winter and it was a lot of images. 

Then I got tired of Phoebus and played around with Meph's Tile in 44_09 and got it working (it seems). 

So the collapse science for the rest of the mountain cylinder is on-going; but harder to screen cap and I am not use to seeing multilevel views. 

p.s. preparing taxes are going to eat my times too.


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Re: The Vault-128 Project (Ch 8: Science, Year Two Progress)
« Reply #21 on: April 17, 2018, 04:46:31 pm »

Chapter 8 updated.

Anyone wants to be dorfed?

/ooc I'll just edit this.  I gave up on Meph's tiles and went back to Phoebus.  Much better for game play progress.

I reached the point where it is taking forever to dump stones that I started designating stockpiles to feed nearby workshops for z+150 to z+145. 

It's going slow because for everyone migrant, they are either will be miner or weaponsmith or armorsmith training.  And I did "level up" weaponsmith+3 or armormith+3 before allowing them to help in mason or carpenter or mechanic labors.  And this also includes smelting as much hematite I find.

I think I have 10,000 iron bolts, so I started making iron giant axes so I can melt them if they aren't masterwork ☼. 

I also set a miner with Organizer+0 and using macro to do `q` `smelt hematite ore` and running it 30 times, do similar things to iron bots, blocks, etc... the miner last I check was Legendary Organizer+30.  So I assigned a new miner to do manager duty. 

Anyway, I may just forbid and hide the stones left in the digging.  I wonder if collapsing (atom smash via cave-in) applies to forbidden stones. 
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Re: The Vault-128 Project (Chapter 9: Year Three Progress)
« Reply #22 on: April 22, 2018, 12:01:06 pm »

Chapter 9: Year Three Progress

Early Spring 261.
/ooc (Installed Meph’s Tileset. It seems to work in 44.09.)

The Vault Sage.  I am hating myself as I continue to wield this power by taking over the duties an Overseer would.  I must step down and contemplate of my social status, and learn something new.  The Vault Sage takes a needed socialization break: Socialize![/i]

The Valkyrie.  Although I long to wield a spear in battle, I must remain and hone my basic fighting skills and continue to teach.  I decided Fight Club Training squad is ready to move on to each of their of their weapon specialization while I remain sparring Bayar the Huntress.

There is no time nor need for leisure.  With our new found joy in killing buzzards with iron bolts, we begin to discuss and demonstrate the crossbow with each other.

The Vault Guard.  I always liked battle axes and it is time to learn its proper use.  My tactician skill is unused, but my leadership skills will be valuable of as I captain the Ranger Training squad.  My partner is The Presser who netted an impressive 3 buzzard kills.

The Vault Overseer.  Look here, my title says vault, but the vault is still under construction, so I am going to use this time to learn to use "Oldsparks", my self-made family heirloom, steel short sword.  I will captain the Sword Training squad and The Teacher will join me learning swordsmanship.

Thorbald, The Vault Scribe.  There are no books, let alone a library.  The cotton plantation on basecamp is a bust, but the vault dig site is only hoped to grow plants to make paper.  Someone has yet to confirm it.  For now, I like to learn more about using spears so I will captain the Spear Training squad.  I am not out to look for a fight.  I just want to know how to defend.  The Cheesemaker will be my partner for now since The Valkyrie has other plans.

The Bartender.  It is no good being the bartender when there is no “proper” tavern to run.  I like maces and I think I want to learn how to use it to help me stop brawls and some such drunken excitement.  I will be captain of the Mace Training squad and partner with The Surgeon.

The Surgeon.  The hospital is nice for it being simple and I am thankful for the few injuries that I have time to train combat skills.  I hope more medical personnel will come to share the burden of healthcare. 

A week into the new squads formation, most of everyone are discussing about crossbows in the barracks despite not having any archery  training facility.
Spoiler: Crossbow Training (click to show/hide)
The Valkyrie, acting militia commander, removes the crossbows from each individual to encourage them training their melee weapons.

The ClothierThe cheerful peasant, is now The Clothier, because his cheerful propensity is affected by the dwellers’ current clothing predicament: the condition of everyone's clothes are in tatters. 

A manager’s standing order to keep a level supply of 10 cotton threads, 5 cotton cloths, and 5 each cotton robes, trousers, socks, hoods, and mittens has been put into effect.  This is going to be a full-time clothier task.

Spoiler: DF Manager Work Orders (click to show/hide)

Four dwellers arrived this early spring:
31. The Milker is male age 137.  He likes mini-forges, bauxite and pig iron.
He is very humble, rarely feels discouraged, tends to avoid any physical confrontation.
He dreams of nothing in particular, respects fairness, values martial prowess, but does not particularly value the truth.
Skill: Milker+1, Dyer+1, Spinner+1.
Goals: Guard training and weaponsmithing.
Relationship: Single, uncle to the Fishlady.

32. The Bone Doctor is male age 128.  He likes battle axes, low boots, and anvils.
He is naturally trustful of everybody, quite comfortable with others that have different appearance or culture, can handle stress, often acts with compassion. 
He dreams of crafting a masterwork someday, does not care about fairness, nor family, and has a deep dislike of the natural world. 
Skill: Bone Doctor+2, Wound Dresser+2.
Goals: Medical staff, and weaponsmithing.
Relationship: Married to the fish cutter, his son Strings, and a daughter not in the roster.

33. The boy named Strings is male age 5.  He likes bolts, chain leggings, and pig iron. 
He cracks easily under pressure, is very curious, hopeful about the future, quite polite, slow to anger, rarely feels discouraged, and has a calm demeanor. 
He dreams of raising a family, finds friendship burdensome, and sees perseverance in the face of adversity as bull-headed and foolish. 
Skill: Stringed Instrument+3, Poet+3, Musician+3.
Relationship: Father is the bone doctor, mother is the fish cutter, one sibling not in the roster.

34. The Fish Cutter is female age 134.  She likes crossbows, floodgates, and horn silver.
She has a tendency to go it alone, assertive, brave in the face of imminent danger, slow to trust others. 
She values eloquence, dreams of crafting a masterwork someday, does not care about art, and hates those who wield power over others.
Skill: Fish Dissector+1.
Goals: Guard training and weaponsmithing.
Relationship: Married to the bone doctor, her son the boy named Strings, and a daughter not in the roster.

Vault-128 Population: 34.  Authorized Capacity: 38.

Mid-spring 261

The Clothier.  We have cotton seeds from processing gathered cotton plants, but they cannot be planted in the farm plot on basecamp.  A farm plot needs to be created on the vault dig site to determine crops may be planted.
Spoiler: SE Quadrant Farm Test (click to show/hide)

The Trader.  The elven caravan arrives and the merchants are unloading their goods.  Iron serrated discs are ordered.  One iron serrated disc was traded to obtain a tamed barn own, a tiercel peregrine, and a giant king cobra.  The two birds will do nicely to patrol the food prep area, and the king cobra placed outside the invader hall.

The Valkyrie.  A flock of five Giant Keas has come swarming above and interrupting labors. 
Everyone in a squad is issued crossbows again, and soon, iron bolts litter the skies.
Four giant keas were killed, and one flew away never to be seen again.

Late spring 261
A section of the mountain collapsed at z+145 while digging loam wall.

/ooc Going back to Phoebus.  It’s hard to tell each layer with TWBT.

The Fish Cleaner, Recruit Mosus, is taken by a fey mood, and claims a magma forge!
She creates “The Learned Sabre”, a steel battle axe.   Recruit Mosus now becomes a member of the Fight Club Training.

Fullmoon, late spring 261
The Vault Engineer. A werecoati announced itself that we should fear the night.  We think it was busy chewing the door trying to reach a cat.  Nevertheless, we capture the creature Icemi, an elf werecoati, and our kitten cat bait is still chained and alive.

Spoiler: Werecoati Captured (click to show/hide)

Early Summer 261.

The Valkyrie.  We have no need of a proper quartermaster because the manager orders, and the weaponsmith and armorsmith "trainees" are eager to produce steel products.  Nine steel helms and steel mail shirts are on order.  Eventually, 20 of each steel armor pieces will be produced.

The Clothier.  Greate news, the farm plot on the SE Quadrant allows cotton to be planted, a few other choices.
For now, the clothing work orders work on no specific cloth material.
Spoiler: Can Plant On Vault (click to show/hide)

The Trader.  A human caravan from Sedastomon has arrived.  We traded 6 iron serrated discs and 5 iron giant axes for some supplies and books. 

The Fish Cutter sealed herself in the magma portable drain, delaying progress.  Then the Milker does the same thing. 
Spoiler: Dorfs being dorfs (click to show/hide)

Mid-Summer 261.

The Vault Engineer.  The volcano tap is opened to fill the magma reservoir.  One wood minecart is ordered for the minecart dumping room. 
Spoiler: Magma Reservoir (click to show/hide)

Miner Fiddler.  I have attained Organizer+30 skill level.  I am appointing the manager job and office to Miner Ingish.

Late-Summer 261.

The Vault Engineer. The vault dig site between z+151 to z+136 will produce plenty of clutter of rocks, ores, gems, logs, and spent bolts.  In order to speed up this procedure, these clutter will be forbidden and hidden.  The construction of supporting structure on each level, linking of lever to setup remove collapse trigger, and construction of access ramps will take priority for each layer.

Fullmoon, late spring 261

The Vault Engineer.  Acithi Nicecithiti, a large werecoati has come and killed the cat bait in the NW Invader trap.  We have a cat replacement, and plenty of room for captured invaders.

Spoiler: Captured 2nd Werecoati (click to show/hide)

The Vault Engineer.  So far, there has been no more accidental collapse as we continue with the setup for Test 4.

Test 4 Setup. Vault Dig Site Collapse Progress Report.

Top Level.
Z151: For Testing, constructed obsidian block wall (need, go, done).
Z151: For Testing, constructed microcline block floor (done).
Z151: For Testing, log chest furniture built (done).
Z151: For Testing, chain restraint built with assigned turkey hen (done).
Z151: For Testing, zoo built cage with turkey gobbler (done).

Procedure for each level:
Z150: Construct access to above: wall (done), up ramp (done).
Z150: Construct support pillar (done), lever-link (done).
Z150: Dig level (done), forbid and hide rubble (done).

Progress: Levels z+150 through z+151 are done.

Addition: For Testing, build Carpenter's workshop. (done).
Addition: For Testing, build Mason 's workshop. (done).
Addition: For Testing, build Mechanic's workshop. (done).

The Fishlady is taken by a fey mood, claims a magma forge...

Early Autumn 261.

The dead walk.  Hide while you still can!

Eti, a wren woman recruit
Usmza, a vulture woman recruit
Rossu Adesathra, Human Beekeeper necromancer
and a horde of (elf, goblin, human) undead minions

The Vault Guard.  The Valkyrie chose to sleep at this time.  So, I ordered the squads to station outside the farm area, before the invader halls.

Fascinatingly stupid. Rossu Adesathra, the Human Beekeeper necromancer moves ahead of the pack and enter the NW Invader Trap and was easily caught in the first cage trap.

In the meantime, the horde of undead slowly moves and hangs around northwest at z+144.  Their now leader seems to be the flying vulture woman Usmza.

Spoiler: Undead Horde Siege (click to show/hide)

The Fishlady.   I am known as Recruit Risen, and I have created “Crestnature the Puzzling Swamp”, a steel war hammer.

The Vault Guard.   Hey, just in time to join the Fight Club Training.  The "Crestnature" will need to stay on the display case, you do not know how to use it yet.

Mid-Autumn 261.

The Valkyrie.   I wake up to news of an undead horde hanging around the northwest.  I am thankful for Fath (the Vault Guard)  to update the uniforms: force replacing civilian clothes, and a full regalia of steel mail shirt, helm, gauntlets, high boots, greaves and shields, with steel crossbow and each squad specialized weapon.

We muster outside the Invader Trap room.  Charge!

Spoiler: Charge The Horde! (click to show/hide)

/ooc My apologies as I run out of steam writing something comprehensive, but I'll try and spoiler the combat notes summary.

Spoiler: Combat Log Notes (click to show/hide)

The Vault Guard. All the invaders are dead, and the siege is lifted. 
The squads will be off active training to rest for the remainder of the year, and help clean up with hauling and dumping.

Late Autumn 261.

The Vault Engineer. Clean up duty has taken precious time from continuing with Test 4 Setup, but some progress are made.

Some of the soldiers feel rusty in their weaponsmithing or armosmithing skills, so they make a couple of iron bolts or steel shields to refresh their crafting skills.

/ooc I cheated, and set the kids to do labor in Dwarf Therapist, to do weaponsmithing or armorsmithing until they reach skill+3.  It takes around 30 make something.  Some did furnace operating to smelt stuff, but I was not able to note any stat increases.

Early Winter 261.

The Vault Guard.  I take over the manager duty for winter level up my organizer skill.  I allowed a few individuals to be glassmakers and order 30 sand bags and 30 green glass.  I also ordered 30 soaps.

Test 4 Setup. Vault Dig Site Collapse Progress Report.
Progress: Levels z+140 through z+138 are done.

The Vault Engineer.  There might have been a flaw in the design early in the Vault Dig Site.
Z+136 is carved with up/down stairs.  To address this flaw, we will just collapse the rest of the vault onto z+136 as it's surface level. 
If we construct a ceiling on the real surface z+137, then this can function as outdoors also, but with red sand.

Z137: dig (go), gabbro support (done), lever-link (go)
Z137: channel to z+136, (need)
Z137: access z+138, (done, via surface)
Z137: construct east bridge to access vault dig site z+137 (done)
Z137: construct south bridge to access vault dig site z+137 (done)
Four dwellers arrived this early winter:

35. The Botanist is female, age 146, She likes mail shirts, floodgates, and bracelets.
She is incredibly brave, does not easily hate, rarely feels discouraged, and prefers to be alone. 
She is unfriendly and disagreeable, and is conflicted as she sees friendship as one of the finer things in life, and she dreams of crafting a masterwork someday.
Skills: Teacher+5, Grower+2.
Goals: armorsmithing.
Relationship: Married, husband not in roster, 3 children not in roster, Mother of Recruit Risen.

36. The Woodburner is female, age 76, She likes low boots, chalk and fine pewter.
She is incredibly brave, does not easily hate, rarely feels discouraged, and prefers to be alone. 
She is utterly fearless, pleased by her own appearance, can handle stress, likes to keep things practical.
She is rarely enthusiastic, finds merrymaking and partying worthwhile, and dreams of raising a family someday.
Skills: Wood Burner+2.
Goals: weaponsmithing.
Relationship: Single.

37. The Herbalist is female, age 70, She likes crutches, malachites and silver.
She is quite hopeful about the future, tends to hand onto grievances, has a calm demeanor, does not seek out excitement, and could be considered rude.
She sees cometition as reasonably important, finds merrymaking and partying worthwhile, and she dreams of crafting a masterwork someday.
Skills: Herbalist +2.
Goals: weaponsmithing.
Relationship: Grandchild of Recruit Mosus and Manager Ineth.  Neice of Trader Nish and Girl Dakost and Recruit Zulban.  Cousin to Boy Sigun, Zasit the musician, and Miner Fiddler.

38. The Siege Engineer, Recruit Zulban is male, age 89, He likes armor stands, orthoclase and bismuth.
He is quick to anger, has a sense of duty, can handle stress, tends to avoid crowds.
He greatly respect artists and their works, not not readily moved by art or natural beauty, and dreams of mastering a skill.
Skills: Siege Engineer +2.
Goals: Guard duty and metal crafting (iron armor stand)
Relationship:= Uncle of the herbalist and Miner Fiddler.

Vault-128 Population: 38.  Authorized Capacity: 44.

Mid-Winter 261.

The Vault Engineer.  Vault Dig Site continues, and the post siege cleaning continues.

Late Winter 261.

Tun, The Fish Cutter withdraws from society and claims a magma forge, and creates, Flayerburns the Post of Scenarios, a steel crossbow.

The Vault Engineer.  The Vault Dig Site continues, with the up/down stairs are being removed on z+136. 

Another snag in the designed is connecting the support pillars to more than one lever (odd and even layers).  This is a flaw in logic as both levers needs to be pulled simultaneously. To remedy this issue, one lever is going to be linked with all the support pillars.  This delay means the collapse will not happen this year.

Spring 262 arrives.  Happy New Spring!

/ooc I did not want to end the chapter in a cliff hanger with the Test 4.

Test 4 Summary: What happens to ___, after a collapse?
Test 4.1: a constructed obsidian block wall
Test 4.2: a constructed microcline block
Test 4.3: a wooden chest furniture
Test 4.4: a chained turkey hen
Test 4.5: a zoo caged turkey gobbler
Test 4.6: a Carpenter's, a Mason's, and a Mechanic's workshop

Test 4 Result:
Test 4.1: an obsidian block remains from a constructed obsidian block wall.
Test 4.2: an microcline block remains a constructed microcline block.
Test 4.3: a wooden chest furniture is not found anywhere after the collapse.
Test 4.4: a mangled turkey hen corpse remains from a chained turkey hen.
Test 4.5: an intact cage with turkey gobbler inside remains from a zoo caged turkey gobbler.
Test 4.6: a block material remains from a Carpenter's, Mason's, and Mechanic's workshop.

Other observation: Forbidden and hidden such as stones, ores, logs survived the collapse.  They needed to be unforbidden and unhidden and are available for hauling on the bottom level.

Spoiler: Test 4 Action Cam (click to show/hide)

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Project will go slow as I'm booked for weekend obligations in the next 3 weeks. 

I did a lot of offline planning and some paint.exe drawing of said plans. 
The next plan is obdianizing aquifer perimeter of the SE Quadrant in order to collapse that quarter section of the cylinder. 

The science here is to observe the property of the chunk of earth with aquifer layer (z137 surface, z136 & z135 top soil layers, z134 aquifer layer, and z133 stone layer below) dropped some 7z levels below its original position.


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Getting dwarfed would be cool. If your doing that. Prefer female heroine or something or just Abstract whatever works.

Perhaps a soldier or medical professional.
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((I just facepalmed so hard I have a concussion))
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Getting dwarfed would be cool. If your doing that. Prefer female heroine or something or just Abstract whatever works.

Perhaps a soldier or medical professional.

5. (founder) Abstract, The Valkyrie is female, age 87. Likes spears, helms, and llamas.
She often feels discourage, stubborn, quick to anger, greedy, can handle stress, rarely curious, and dreams of creating a great work of art.  Finds leisure time wasteful, and eloquence off-putting.
Initial Skills: Armorsmith+2, Teacher+3, Fighter+5.
Initial Goals: Milker, cheesemaker, spear and crossbow training, guard duty.  Hook up with the Bartender?

Welcome Abstract.  This was in my roster notes.  Please feel free to update goals. 

Abstract is currently in the  Fight Club Training. 
She has at least Armorsmith+3 so a likely moodable skill for helm. 
She was suppose to learn the spear, but I think is gaining more unarmed skills as well as crossbow. 

Let me know if you think she should switch to the Spear Training squad sooner as I was waiting for more recruits before switching. 

"When" the vault is sealed, I was planning on setting up honeymoon suites and she is within marrying age with the Bartender (another founder).


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Can I have her appearance?

Let her train for a but more in the crossbow stuff then switch. Give me bartender appearance as well.
((I just facepalmed so hard I have a concussion))
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  `Abstract' Kolokol, "`Abstract' Wheelsvoiced", The Valkyrie  
Spoiler: Abstract (click to show/hide)

  Nil Adasral, "Nil Passedsilvers", The Bartender   
Spoiler: The Bartender (click to show/hide)
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Please don't let this fortress fall to ruin.


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Re: The Vault-128 Project (Ch 10: Year Four Progress)
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Chapter 10: Year Four Progress

Early Spring 262.

As Test 4 commences and concludes in a flurry of activity, a new dig plan for Vault-128 is revised.
In the meantime, Basecamp continues to function.

Abstract, The Valkyrie.  The kobold thief is seen again coming from the northwest and runs away.  If it comes closer next time, maybe the squads can shoot it.  It would be better if the kobold enters through the one of the two invader trap halls, but it doesn’t seem to want to go in that way.  Perhaps the open area barracks need some walls instead and retractable roof to not scare the kobold away next time.  The squads resume their training despite the incomplete siege clean.

The Clothier.  An elven caravan from Tiveyemimale arrives and Trader Nish has a need for socializing, so anyone is allowed to conduct trade.  Clothier Ilral will conduct the business at the trade depot.  One instrument costing 39,000 is obtained.  There are others instruments costing 12,000 and 9,000 but maybe we’ll buy it next time.  Does anyone know how to use these instruments? 

Mid-Spring 262.

Six dwellers arrived, and our population reached 44.  The population cap is set to 50.

Spoiler: spring 262 (click to show/hide)

A tentative plan for Vault-128 entrance is being considered.

Late Spring 262.

The entrance at z132 makes sense as is the two stone layer below the aquifer (z134).   However, this enormous undertaking needs to be divided into smaller and manageable tasks.

The Next Four Steps.
Step 1. Dig a ring moat and G.E.C.K area; at least 3 wide, and expose the aquifer z134.
Step 2. Pour magma in the moat to obsidianize z134.
Step 3. Continue to flood z135 with magma.
Step 4. Pour water to obsidianize z135.

The magma-filling minecart is not progressing because the iron minecarts are not getting dumped into the magma-filling pit.  A lychee wood minecart is built and assigned to the track stop and dump iron minecarts. 

Step 1 commences as the miners begin to carve stairs to expose the aquifer of the ring moat and the quarter section G. E. C. K. perimeter.

A magma pipe is being dug so magma will pour onto the moat. 

Spoiler: magma pipe (click to show/hide)

A small engineering projects to use the same aquifer tap used to fill the well will also be used to fill the moat.

Spoiler: moat water filler (click to show/hide)

Before the end of spring, Girl Dakost is taken by a fey mood!
She claims a magma forge and creates “Gloveblot”, a steel shield.

Early Summer 262.

An announcement about an enemy laying siege coming from in the northwest.

Spoiler: a brief siege (click to show/hide)

But then they left, and we went back to work.

Another Kobold thief has been spotted in the northwest near the barracks.  A rain of iron bolts killed the kobold.

A dwarf cheese maker necromancer has been spotted sneaking in the northwest, and fled away from the invader trap hall.

Spoiler: dwarf necro (click to show/hide)


Mid-Summer 262.

The human caravan from Sedastomo has arrives and an expensive instrument is obtained in trade for spent iron bolts and a few iron corkscrews.

Late Summer 262.

Both the screw pumps for the magma pipe, and the moat water filler are ready. 

The digging to expose the aquifer is almost complete.

Early Autumn 262.

Begin manual pumping of magma into moat.

It seems 1-wide magma pipe dries up fast, so the miners will need to widen the magma pipe.

The outpost liaison Avuz Dumategen from Kadanadil has arrived along with the merchant.

The Vault Overseer Nomal meets with the outpost liaison Avuz.
The mountain home offers to elevate Vault-128 as a barony.
The Vault Overseer Nomal recommends herself.

Mid-Autumn 262.
Morul Sunsoars withdraws from society, claims a magma forge, and creates “Whisperweathered the Suisidal Pain”, a steel short sword. 

Magma Tap flow is too slow for 1 pipe even after expanding to 3 wide because the source tap is still 1 tile.  Plans to expand the volcano magma tap begins.

Early Winter 262.

The second magma tap is still under construction.
The obsidianizing of the aquifer layer is slowed on the SE area of the moat.

The obsidianizing of the aquifer layer completes, and continuing to fill the moat with at least 2/7 levels of magma is underway.

Temporary constructed walls began around perimeter of the vault.  This wall will be needed so the flooding of the moat stays in the moat instead of over the entire red sand area on z136.

Mid-Winter 262.

The first birth in Vault-128, albeit, not officially an active vault yet.
Nevertheless, Tun, The Fish Cutter has given birth to a girl named Iden.

The wall construction on z136 completes, and commencing to fill water into the moat to obsidianize parts of z135.

Spoiler: Steps 3 and 4 (click to show/hide)

Late-Winter 262.

The level of water on z136 as it obsidianizes z135 rises to a considerable amount before reaching farther.  Therefore, the water filling is halted to let the water settle or evaporate. 

Two area are floored to construct a raising bridge to help atom smash the excess water on z136. 

Domas, The Milker has been possessed and claims a magma forge.
He creates “Burystar the incenses of Webbing”, a steel spear.

The Atom smashers in the moat are being linked to a lever. 

End of chapter 10.

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