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Author Topic: [SG] The Hollow Throne [16th of Early Parch, Afternoon]  (Read 2583 times)


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Re: [SG] The Hollow Throne [16th of Early Parch, Afternoon]
« Reply #30 on: November 26, 2018, 03:57:10 pm »

I just now noticed this updated, guess I could break the tie...


... or maybe not entirely. (I'm suggesting leaving out the spear as a signal that we don't want to be a front line warrior, and with luck Mr. Akar will interpret that to mean his offer of protection will be taken up. Meanwhile, dress in power to remind everyone that we have resources to call upon without needing to personally charge in.)

We kind of rolled up a character who might make a decent front line warrior though. Also, if we appear interested in fighting and adventuring, we might be able to use that as an excuse to conduct business away from the Vizier's watchful eye should the need arise. It might be to our benefit to have others underestimate our ability and desire to actually run the realm.

Quote from: Character Description
You are fairly athletic, which should give you some familiarity with physical endeavors and good-natured competition. You hear Sultans have to be fearless in battle and inspire their soldiers and generals, so maybe you'll have an edge (or less of a disadvantage) there.

You were good friends with a pudgy cousin named Mor, giving you a bit of insight into hard work and nurturing things. You hear Sultans have to deal with lazy flatterers all the time, so maybe knowing one earnest worker will let you recognize others.

You were also good friends with two people who didn't like each other much: Galmuz the Brazen and Tsur the Black. The two were as different as different could be; Galmuz was gigantic and muscular, Tsur lean and lithe. Galmuz laughed and joked, Tsur brooded and sneered. Galmuz wanted for little, Tsur wanted everything. Watching and contrasting your good friends has given you further insight into conflict, which you understand Sultans must deal with on a constant basis.

You indulged heavily in the fine arts of preening, brawling, and collecting, making you more artistic, tough, and perceptive. It also gives others the sense that you are regal, intimidating, and knowledgeable. You're not sure how those traits and perceptions will play out, but it's something to keep in mind.

A: Galmuz (After our Martial friend)

CDGH: Only the things of potential martial use, which may contribute to our attire for the evening...

L: If we want to rule the realm from inside the palace, we will likely but-heads with the vizier and other officials. Best we present ourselves as a man of action, stay out of the bureaucrats way, and build a following through adventure and heroism that we may capitalize on later.


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Re: [SG] The Hollow Throne [16th of Early Parch, Afternoon]
« Reply #31 on: November 26, 2018, 05:06:20 pm »

Well, if you ask me, throwing ourselves into pitched battle sounds like it might, you know, possibly, hurt. I'm stubbornly refusing to give up on my preference for shadowy intrigue no matter what "we" kind of rolled up.  :D
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