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Author Topic: A question about Nist Akath  (Read 726 times)


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A question about Nist Akath
« on: December 21, 2018, 05:41:19 pm »

"But what of Olon? Retaining the powers of a God, he had found himself growing bored. When the last of his children had fully grown, he had left riding the dragon that had been imprisoned in the fortress for so many years. The last dragon in the world, it was said. True to his style, Olon had forced it to walk everywhere.
Kodor had not heard much since then. The purging of goblin armies, and the destruction of megabeasts were the occassional rumours that drifted back to him, as well as the appearance of new religions based around a dragon-riding dwarf.
He strongly suspected that his brother was attempting to take the fight to a whole new level. He wondered if Armok was at all worried."

Am I correct in inferring that Ironblood is attempting to defeat ... Armok himself?
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