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Author Topic: LCM - Dungeonevened - The End  (Read 31657 times)


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Deepgleam
« Reply #15 on: May 13, 2018, 11:17:41 am »

SQ came out of the ministry building still confused. Six more drows and enough resources to last for the road and building a settlement? How is one unemployed young woman from the slum district supposed to get it all in such short time? Short time? The man in the office hasn't specified that, or anything else for that matter, but SQ just assumed she was supposed to hurry. All she really knew was that she needed to pack what little personal belongings she had. "Off to my room then" she thought to herself "I think I still had some coal hidden away"

Slum district dorms, SQ was standing in front of the door to her room. Somebody had recently plastered a piece of parchment to it. It was an eviction notice, but not the usual one - this notice stated that SQ's possession had already been disposed of, and she had no right to appeal.
SQ couldn't process what she just read, she just stood there breathing heavily. "No, no, NO! This can't... no, this really was my room... All my things!"
While SQ was wrestling with her thoughts, another young woman appeared seemingly out of nowhere. "SQ! I heard what happened! I can't believe they did that to you!"
"S... Scourge? I don't understand! They know I'm leaving! Why wouldn't they let me get my stuff?"
Scourge, like SQ, was a caretaker in the menagerie, and like SQ she was raised among cavern creatures
"I thing I recognized some of the new menagerie overseer's goons accompanying the guards and... Wait, you are leaving? Don't tell me you of all people..."
"Yes, I'm leading an expedition to... I don't really know where to. Looks like someone doesn't want me to get out of here. I have no resources, no people willing to join me, maybe fifteen copper on me, what should I do now?"
"You know what? I'll come with you. I know it's really sudden, but I can't just wait for them to go after me next. I'm sure I can be of some use."
"Thank you, Scourge! Thank you thank you thank you!. What should we do first?"
"Uhh... SQ? You know you're in charge, right? I suggest we go get some food for the road. So what is your first order?"
"Let's go get some food for the road!"

Market district, two young drow women walked around looking for affordable food for their expedition.
"Hey, Scourge, how about those cave celery biscuits? They're nutritious and won't spoil. They're only... WHAT? One billon a biscuit? That's ridiculous!"
"Yeah, that's not happening. Look, there's a mushroom stall there. Maybe they have cheap plump helmets. And... nope, I wouldn't eat those."

"Ugh, at this rate we'll never get this food. Let's... OW, WATCH IT!" Scourge shouted as a male drow carrying two large baskets of fish bumped into her, knocking her down on the hard paved road.
"Sorry, ma'am, if you want to punish me accordingly, do it now. I have fish to deliver, and I'm pretty sure I'm late by several hours. I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter at this point, hmm..."
SQ helped Scourge get up, but instead of letting her go, she held her by the arm for a little longer just in case she tried to get her revenge on the fish delivery man.
"No, mister, everything is fine" SQ interrupted "I see you have some freshly cought fish, are you selling by any chance?"
"Huh? No, not really, I'm just taking them to the store. If you want to buy them, come with me. If you don't, you don't have to follow me anywhere. Well, I won't be mad if you don't come even if you do want to buy, do whatever you want."
The women looked at each other with mixed feelings, then followed the man to the store.

"I'm back my mistress" said the fish delivery man "and I've got..."
"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN THIS WHOLE TIME!?" yelled the drow woman behind the counter "The High Priestess came for her lampreys two hours ago! This could end in a disaster! Hey, who are those girls? Have you been trying to get your tunnel tube wet instead of fishing? That does it, you're fired!"
"Actually, we..." SQ started.
"Don't worry about it, it's all his fault." the clerk said reassuringly, but the stern look returned to her face as soon as she looked at the male again "Hand over those fish and get out of here"
"Sorry mis... ma'am, I don't work for you anymore, those fish are mine"
"Alright, whatever. One copper each!"
"Two copper each and you work for us!" SQ blurted out.
"Sure, why not, better than being unemployed, I guess.
The clerk shook her head disapprovingly but didn't say a word. The three drows went out on the street to talk about their plans.

"So it's a big expedition, huh?" the fisherman said "I think we haven't even introduced each other. I'm MottledPetrel, I fish.
"Yeah, I figured out you fished" said Scourge sarcastically, still holding a grudge for her dirty dress.
"I'm SQ and this is Scourge, we're kind of running away. I'm glad you agreed to come with us"
"Yeah, me too. She didn't even let me have a drink, just work, work, work. Hey, did you get some good wine? We may have trouble finding water on the road"
"That's the next point, let's go!" said SQ before walking out into the depth of the market district.

Market district, outside of the Blind Drider Pub, three drows talk about their plan.
"It really was him, I tell you" said MottledPetrel "the whole bunch of them nobles keep coming here to drink in a real pub. They probably have enough of those stiff upper-class bars in the palace district. Who can blame them, seriously?"
"So what? Are we gonna beg? We sure do look like beggars" growled Scourge tugging on SQ's tattered lichen-fiber skirt "I'm telling you, he won't believe us."
"Hey, giving up without even trying is my job, you're supposed to be encouraging me!" exclaimed SQ with a serious face "so what if they laugh at you, it's not like you have anything to lose at this point."
"Laugh at ME? You're like a sister to me, and I will support you in everything you do, but you started this whole thing, and it's your job to get this guy on our side."
As soon as Scourge stopped talking, she shoved SQ into the pub. It was a cozy place, if a bit run-down. It was the middle of working hours, so there weren't many patrons. Two men, ancient even by drow standards, were sitting in the corner sipping rum and talking about old days. They were not who SQ was looking for. On the other side of the pub was a priestess, apparently waiting for someone, sipping her gin impatiently. She was not who SQ was looking for.

There was a small gathering around one table, six drows in luxurious robed huddled together around a row of unmarked bottles.
"This definitely has some surface grapes in it, the color makes it hard to mistake, let's see..." said one of the nobles after someone poured him a glass of wine, then he took a small sip "Oh, it's Blood Pink year 99. Good wine, but not my favorite half-surface"
The drows cheered and poured him a glass of a much darker beverage "I think it's underberry, yes I'm sure of it, a subtle fungal accent, but that's probably tower cap barrel, could it be Bomrek's Finest? Probably year 95, I doubt you got your hands on a 94, and after 95 they started using fungiwood barrels, which have slightly different smell *sip* I was right. People laugh at dwarven brewers, calling their craft soulless and bland, but I'm sure you will all agree that drinking Bomrek's wine is a wonderful experience, next!"
The drows were happy to oblige. The next drink was a clear liquid with a greenish tinge. An amateur would have mistook it for white wine, but the nobleman knew better "come on! sewer brew? That's good for trolls, quaggoths, and maybe a certain someone peeping over Ipivi's shoulder..."

All heads turned towards SQ who really was peeping over someone's shoulder. Suddenly all drows burst into hearty laughter. The girl became purple from embarrassment as the laughing continues. The sommelier noticed that instead of scurrying out of the pub, SQ stood there with a pitiful look on her face, so as a de-facto leader of the noble bunch he quickly restrained his laughter, forced a straight face and asked: "did you want something?"
"Oh, she probably came to ask for money, scram, serf!" someone shouted "Lunardog, come on, just chase her away!"
"Shut up Mafina, you never earned a copper in your entire life, if it wasn't for your mother's money you would look just like her"
"She's a commoner, Lunardog, it's not about how she looks"
"Then maybe the four of us guys should never talk to Ipivi and Vafice ever again because we are lowly males. Argh, we'll discuss this later, for now...
"You're... You're Lunardog, aren't you" SQ gathered all her courage to ask that question, and she was convinced the noblemen will ignore her but...
"Huh? Guys, could you wait for me outside?" asked Lunardog
Mafina didn't want to accept defeat "You want to be alone with your new peasant girlfriend? Don't get any filth disease when you..."
"If you finish this sentence I'll kick your ass personally, or do you want my trolls to do it for me?"

The five nobles left the pub leaving SQ and Lunardog alone at the table.
"You can sit down now" said Lunardog gently, seeing the girl at the verge of crying. "I'm sorry for my friend, he's one of those people, you know, a rich kid with his head lodged deeply in his ass."
SQ forced a smile despite still shaking "it's nothing, really" actually it wasn't nothing, SQ never felt so embarrassed in her entire life, and even now she didn't really know how to talk to a nobleman.
"Umm... did you want something from me? You kinda got me into an argument with Mafina... No, please don't cry, it wasn't your fault!"
"You... you own the f...farms in the... the Clay Cavern, right? My friend, a...actually my subordinate told me"
"What? Someone works under YOU? I mean, who are you really?"
"I'm SQ, an expedition leader, believe it or not" SQ told Lunardog about her banishment, about Scourge and MottledPetrel. The nobleman could hardly believe his long pointy ears, but SQ got emotional calling the story, and Lunardog couldn't stand it when a girl cried.
"So you really do need money, don't you?" said Lunardog disapointed that Mafina was right after all.
"It's not about money at all! Well, maybe it's a little bit about money. It's really hard for me to ask, but we need drinks and seeds, I know you have a lot of both stockpiled on your farm. I know that it sounds like begging, but...*sigh*"
"If my mother heard that I gave barrels of booze, bags of spores, and her favorite troll slaves to a homeless girl I met in the pub, she would kick me out for good" said Lunardog half-joking "that's why I'll kick myself out first. I can't stand those fake friends, having everything done for me by slaves, this horrid Bomrek's Finest underwine! I ACTUALLY LIKE SEWER BREW! I'm getting my stuff from home and we can go whenever you want."
"What? That wasn't part of the plan, but thank you so much for not making me do anything embarrassing. Welcome aboard. Can I say this to a nobleman?"

WOOOO, PROGRESS! Not actually, but I've introduced 3 out of 5 volounteers, so next time I decide to write something, I'll be able to show you the embark at last. I've actually had to gen a new world because that one was actually garbaggio - all savage areas (in a very high savagery world) were oceans, rocky wastelands, and glaciers, and the evil area I considered embarking in had zombies, and I'm not about that.


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Deepgleam
« Reply #16 on: May 13, 2018, 11:38:59 am »

can you have mine tell a bunch of dad level puns :D and like cats
« Last Edit: May 13, 2018, 01:35:15 pm by Lunardog15 »
everything is fine
 everything is on fire
I see no difference between these two phrases.
only at modded hell does this make sense


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Deepgleam
« Reply #17 on: May 13, 2018, 01:17:03 pm »

Interesting.... (If we're suggesting character traits, can mine be obsessed with some random animal or another


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Deepgleam
« Reply #18 on: May 13, 2018, 01:29:10 pm »

"Huh? No, not really, I'm just taking them to the store. If you want to buy them, come with me. If you don't, you don't have to follow me anywhere. Well, I won't be mad if you don't come even if you do want to buy, do whatever you want."
This is basically every conversation I've ever had that involves having someone do something.

Also, it's always nice seeing what the mountain home is like before you set out (I'd suggest buying some of my more useful mushrooms, it will save you some effort down the line).

Darkening Kaos

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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Deepgleam
« Reply #19 on: May 13, 2018, 04:38:44 pm »

     Loving the start, augers well for the start of a new fortress.

     My drow, without knowing how much you have already determined, might well be found doing whatever his/her third job is, trying to earn enough money to continue paying for lessons as mechanic/weapon-smith, I would think that mechanics might be considered heretical in a drow setting and weapon-smithing a noble job, both of which might see a mobile young drow banished/exiled-for-life.  If s/he gets caught.
So! Failed to make peace, war looms, kill the infidels... what are our plans for the weekend?
The Giant Moles in the caverns of my current fort breed like crazy, even while regularly being decimated by other beasts entering them...


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Deepgleam
« Reply #20 on: May 13, 2018, 05:05:23 pm »

Also, I just released a content update to my mod. It might be too late considering you already have the world, but I'm just letting you know in case you want it.


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Deepgleam
« Reply #21 on: May 14, 2018, 06:09:21 am »

I realized how easy it is to add new book titles:

(octocheires are Kalkir, forgs are silanifs, both from Fantastic races)
Also, Pinkwet, hehe

Now we have a book written by aliens

I've decided against giving any civilization access to enchanted metals and the magic smelter, but I've left the metals in. We can still raid for  artifact +5 steel swords, but we can't make them ourselves. inb4 someone demands +5 silver cabinet in their room

As a matter of fact, neither animals nor climate did nothing wrong. I hoped they would write a book about some warlord or necromancer and use this name. This one was written by skeletons BTW.

The Enjoyable Treasury is a frog demon civ, and they are getting pounded from all directions.

Some forgotten beasts are made of pretty exotic materials. Snowdust is what frost imps throw at people, dark matter is a "metal" used by some eldritch civs, ancient horn is renamed blackened keratin stone from World of Flesh


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Deepgleam
« Reply #22 on: May 14, 2018, 06:26:35 am »

Drow me as a male sworddrow named Imic.
But first of all... What are drows, anyway?
Imic's no longer allowed to vote.
Quote from: smyttysmyth
Well aren't you cheery
Quote cabinet
Regrets every choice he made and makes, including writing this here.


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Deepgleam
« Reply #23 on: May 14, 2018, 12:04:38 pm »

Drows are black-skinned white-haired dark elves from D&D. They live underground in matriarchal society, herd spiders, enslave other subterranean races, hate surface elves more than anything for some reason.

And looks like we have full party for the embark. We did need a warrior of some kind, and swordsmen are my favorite.

Somehow I managed to notice that rothe gave sheep milk. Changed to rothe milk, as it should be.


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Deepgleam
« Reply #24 on: May 14, 2018, 04:05:07 pm »

So how well do dwarves and drows get along? I'm just imaging the akwardness between df dwarves and drows, and/or them working together to murder surface elves


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Deepgleam
« Reply #25 on: May 14, 2018, 04:26:45 pm »

Drow enslave/genocide dwarves with extreme prejudice. Often times the dwarves will ally with surface elves just to hold back the drow.


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Dungeonevened
« Reply #27 on: May 19, 2018, 01:30:28 pm »

can you have mine tell a bunch of dad level puns :D and like cats

If I hadn't included your character already, I'd definitely have him say dad jokes left, right, center, but now it doesn't really fit what I already wrote. But sure, he can be a cat lover, if we ever get a cat, that is. Our civ doesn't have cats.

Market district, near the gates to the Palace district, three drows were sitting on a bench waiting, slowly getting impatient.
"What if Lunardog doesn't come back?" inquired Scourge "What if he just abandoned us and went home?"
"He didn't seem like that kind of person" SQ began, but then she realized: "well, actually how would I know? Maybe we should ask someone else for help? MottledPetrel, do you know any more rich but eager plantation owners?"
"Can't say I do"

Suddenly a wagon pulled by a rothe and a huge spider rolled through the Palace district gate. It was loaded with sacks and barrels, and some other things. Behind the wagon walked two huge trolls in slave collars. Behind the trolls walked Lunardog himself.
"I'm sorry I kept you waiting" he said "I had to figure out how to get this stuff from the storehouse and avoid having to answer questions"
"Glad you made it, Scourge was already considering looking for someone else to help us" said SQ smiling slightly.
"Hey!" exclaimed Scourge visibly offended "I know you want to make yourself look good in front of a well-dressed man, but stop dragging me to your level!" SQ's face became purple, but she didn't get to say a word.
"I'm not walking around the city with this pile of barrels" interrupted MottledPetrel.
"We'll leave it by the Ministy building" replied Lunardog "and since we'll be going through the Administration district, we should visit one of my... acquaintances."

Administration district, probably the only place outside of the Palace district where four drows could safely stray off the main road with only two trolls and a wagon full of goods. Lunardog was the only one who knew where they were going, but even he wasn't sure if they would meet the person he was looking for. Finally the drows stopped in front of a sturdy iron gate.
"Wait a moment, isn't that the Blackhollow Detention Center?" asked SQ somewhat shocked" Please tell me you're friends with the warden, and not one of the inmates" Lunardog didn't reply.

The drows reluctantly entered through the gate. They were immediately welcomed by a rhinotroll in an ill-fitting guard uniform.
"You want see prisoner? Or you city guard? Who you arrest? This pup thief?" the monster pointed at SQ.
"I swear to Lolth, Lunardog! What's going on?" barked SQ looking sternly at the nobleman.
"No, no! We need to talk to the warden, umm... your master" Lunardog talked very slowly, expecting the rhinotroll to not understand the first time. He was relieved to see that the monstrous guard gestured at them to follow him.

Lunardog was the only one to enter the warden's office. The rest had to wait for him again, but this time Scourge kept her mouth shut just in case SQ came up with another idea to impress Lunardog by dragging her best friend through the mud. Being friends with SQ was exhausting, required a lot of patience, and was not rewarding in any way, shape or form, and Scourge sometimes wondered if SQ was actually capable of experiencing positive feelings.
The door to the warden's office opened, and Lunardog rejoined his companions. "He's free to go, we should wait for him outside" he said.

Shortly after the four drows left the prison, the rhinotroll guard tossed something after them. This something was an exceptionally filthy drow, still in prisoner's rags. The drow stood up, looked at Lunardog, and smiled insincerely. "My dear friend, how nice of you to finally come here and get me out of this hole"
"Pleasure is all mine, Fred" said Lunardog coldly "you're crawling with lice, when was the last time you bathed?"
"You should adress me by my proper title, Count Fred the Mighty. And the last time I bathed was when I still lived in my mansion. I may be a bum now, but'd rather make out with a beholder than use a public bath house."
"Fred the Mitey, you mean, M-I-T-E-Y, because at this point you're more bugs than man. And you're not a count anymore. Why have they thrown you into jail anyway? You can't falsify documents from the mines."
"It was just a peaceful protest. They were firing paid workers to replace them with newly captured slaves, and as you can imagine, none of us was very happy about that. Turns out the new slaves were really obedient and did not hesitate to beat up some protesters. Most people got whipping, but somehow they figured out I was the one who instigated it, and they gave me two years. I've been through three months already. Anyway, what have you been up to?"

"Looks like they've got a lot catching up to do" grumbled MottledPetrel "I'm going for a smoke, if you need something I'll be just around the corner."
I'm starving, let's get something to eat, SQ" suggested Scourge "Lunardog left his money pouch in the wagon, and saw a neat looking place along the way". SQ nodded in agreement.

"So... about this Lunar guy..." said Scourge looking from over her undercoffee cup "What exactly are you feeling towards him?"
"What do you mean?" asked back SQ suspiciously "You're not trying to suggest that...?"
"That you have a crush on him? That's exactly what I'm trying to suggest."
"Why would you think that? I mean, I barely know him! Do you think I would just fall for a man just because he's not covered in manure? Wait, no, Mottled Petrel wasn't covered in manure either... Do you think I would just fall for a man just because he's not covered in manure and he doesn't stink like fish?"
"Well, he's a nobleman, he's been quite patient with you, and he's not bad looking. Honestly, I could imagine you catching a feeling for him"
"S...Scourge...." SQ whimpered, lighting up with faerie fire "w...why would you say that?"
"Well, you're not a bad match for him. Maybe if you brushed your hair, used some make-up, ditched this disgusting vest..."
"I'm just trying to be friends with him, okay? I'm not the best at these things. You've known me since we were children and you haven't noticed I've never talked to anyone else much? I'm about to start a new life, and I'm not gonna be an outcast in my own colony!"
"I'm... I'm sorry SQ... I didn't want to make you uncomfortable, I just wanted to know what's going on in your head. Now, could you turn down your faerie fire? People are staring."
"now I feel like casting darkness instead"

"So what you're saying is that you wouldn't even come visit me if I wasn't vital to your plans?" Fred the Mitey asked with disbelief.
"This is where you're wrong - it's not my plan, and you're not vital to it" answered Lunardog " I just think we would benefit from your familiarity with administration, your strong pick arm, and your medical licence that I'm certain that has been revoked at least seven times already."
"I have nowhere to go anyway, so I'll come with you, but I'll do it begrudgingly. Now introduce me to your friends."
"Glad you've finally agreed. Fred, those are my... trolls? Where's the rest?"
"Bwoss, the fish smellin' one went fwor a cig in the alley" explained one of the trolls "dunno what he's doin' out there fwor so long. Them dames took youse cash out to the town, if youse know wh'am sayin'."
"Argh! You two keep an eye on the wagon. Fred, let's get MottledPetrel and go search for the girls"

Market district, magical light of the street lamps was already going dim. Two young drow women were completely lost, stumbling around illuminated by their own faerie fire.
"Damn, I think we've been going the wrong way the whole time" Scourge thought out loud. They were, in fact, in a completely different district, and it was not a good place to be at this time of the day.
Suddenly the girls heard a rythmical snapping sound. Neither of them had any idea what it could be, but they knew it wasn't something you would like to meet in a dark alley.

Suddenly a pack of five rattusites came out from an alley. The ratmen walked menacingly towards SQ and Scourge, aggressively snapping their fingers in perfect synchronicity. Out of nowhere the rat-gangers began singing a bizarre song:
"Rats, we're rats, we're The Rats.
We prey at night, we stalk at night, we're The Rats."
"I'm the Giant Rat that makes all of the rules!"
"Let's see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into?!"

SQ was absolutely terrified, Scourge looked at the unusual scene with disbelief whispering to herself "What the fuck? What is this?"
"Give us all your bling, will ya, honies?" asked one of The Rats, raising his eyebrow suggestively. "we need it more than you do, I'm sure"
"Yeah, we're gonna spend it all on smokes and booze, right my dudes?"
"You weren't supposed to tell 'em that, fool!"
"We're already nicking their cheddar, why does it matter if they know what we're up to? Chill out dude, you'll pop a vein."
"I'm the Giant Rat, I tell you what to do, get it?"
"When is it gonna be my turn to be the Giant Rat?"

The Rats were about to start fighting among each other, when something hit one of them on the head with a great force. The rat fell on the ground unconscious. The remaining four rattusites turned around to see a young drow man holding a broken wooden pole.

"Get 'im boys!" yelled the Giant Rat before jumping at the drow and savagely beating him with bare hands. Other ratmen joined right after.
"Should we help him, or...?" Scourge suggested, but she knew SQ wouldn't answer, and she didn't actually want to have anything to do with the rat gang.
Suddenly the Giant Rat started glowing "I've been cursed, my dudes! That's wack, let's get the hell outta dodge!" that was enough to scare away The Rats, leaving the beaten up drow man and his rattusite vicltim on the scene.

"Are you okay?!" shouted someone to the girls from behind. It was Lunardog who was runningas fast as he could, closely followed by Fred the Mitey. "Whew, talk about luck."
"Told you they would end up in The Rats territory" said Fred proudly "I've dealt with rattusites before, and I know they are more cunning than they seem. You would think they would get used to faerie fire after living in a drow city though."
"Just... I... I want to forget about this" muttered Scourge. Meanwhile SQ walked up to the drow lying on the ground.
"Can you hear me? Please say something, If you die I'll never forgive myself. "
"Ugh... I'm alive... I kinda wish I wasn't..." the young man grunted in pain.
"Oh, good, let's go then, guys" SQ smiled nervously and turned around. Scourge stopped her, and spun her around towards the battered man.
"What my friend wanted to say was: thank you for coming to our rescue, if we can somehow repay you, Lunardog out there has..." Scourge wanted to continue, but she felt Lunardog's cold glare on the back of her head.
"T...thanks ma'am. I'm already feeling better" the young man got up with great difficulty, but if it wasn't for Scourge's and Lunardog's help, he would have fallen over again. "Ow...I'm Imic, by the way, I'm what you could call a vigilante, maybe a bounty hunter. No, wait, there's no bounty on The Rats, I'm just a vigilante."
"Taking justice into your own hands, eh?" Fred the Mitey, who remained silent to this moment, said "We're made from the same stuff, boy. How about you hang out with us from now on? You see, we're forming a kind of an expedition"
"Fred, first of all, you're a forger, scammer, and a tax evader; second, we just met this kid, and he requires medical attention" Lunardog scorned his old acquaintance "I really don't think..."
"Sure! Anything to get away from this place!" Imic became more lively, completely forgetting about heavy bruising he got from The Rats "Where are we going, and who are you anyway?"
"I'm Count Fred the Mighty, the de facto leader, this is my secretary, Lunardog, and OOOWWWW! WHAT THE HELL!" Lunardog yanked Fred's filthy hair, shaking off a small cloud of critters.
"SQ, please take over from here" said the nobleman.
"Thank you, Lunardog. I'm SQ, not a countess, probably not mighty, the de facto and de jure leader. Those are my friends - Scourge and Lunardog, my secretary - Fred the Mitey (M-I-T-E-Y), and this is... where is MottledPetrel?"
"We must have lost him along the way" said Lunardog "He's probably lost his breath and needed to have a rest. I really doubt someone like him would be a good target for muggers. No offense, girls"
"Oh, and before I forget: we... don't really know where we're going" SQ returned to the main topic "I won't blame you if you change your mind. I actually would if someone told me that... and if I had a choice."
"Oh no, no, no! It actually makes it better!" said excited Imic "The thrill of adventure, the call of the unknown! I wouldn't experience that in the city guard if they accepted me. Umm... forget about that last part."

"That kid's got a good arm, but I should be a goner, his swing is poor at best. No wonder the pigs don't want him on board" screeched someone. It was the rattusite. Despite having been hit on the head with a wooden pole and bleeding from his head, the rodent man got up and didn't seem too bothered.
"You want one more, huh vermin?" threatened Imic "If I had a sword, you'd be long dead!"
"You would be too, my friends would have shanked you. You're lucky The Rats don't harm pathetic runts like you"
"Your rats did beat me up!"
"Self defense"
"You did try to rob SQ" Scourge added.
"HEY!" SQ squeaked.
"We were just asking you to hand over your cheese, if you catch my drift, if you didn't comply, we would have left you two alone.
"That's the stupidest way to rob people" said Fred the Mitey "Although, it's not actually stealing, is it? Maybe you're on to something"
"You don't believe rattusites can be decent people? I can show you if you take me on your expedition. Pretty please?"
Imic was appaled by this suggestion. The plague of the Market District wanted to spread outside of the city? "That's out of the..."
"Sure, we could always use more hands" SQ interrupted. She actually believed the rat creature, and felt bad for him, even though he was a monstrous gangster. "Wait, there's seven of us now. We have a full party!"
"Not quite" Fred the Miey said "the rattusite isn't a drow, so he can only come with us as property, a slave. We need one more person, and we still don't have tools for mining and chopping wood. Imic may want to have a sword too."
"Kaos" Scourge remembered "Darkening Kaos can help us with the tools, and the way her life has been going lately, she may just want to come with us. Also, where the hell is MottledPetrel?"

Next time (tomorrow? monday?) we'll introduce Darkening Kaos, and officially start the fort. I've actually embarked already, but I wish I hadn't because we'll be missing ZM5's Lands of Duality, and that mod looks amazing. Well, the embark is neither good or evil anyway.

One more problem - I forgot to change the name of the fort, so it's Dungeonevened instead of Deepgleam. Not as cool sounding but what can you do? There's no utility that can change fort names, is it?

Turns out female drows are natural doctors, while males are natural mechanics/hunters. MottledPetrel, Lunardog, Fred and Imic are actually better mechanics than Darkening Kaos, while SQ, Scourge and Kaos are better doctors than Fred. Let's pretend it's not like this.


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Dungeonevened
« Reply #28 on: May 19, 2018, 04:30:37 pm »

plz don't ship me with SQ
the only way I would be ok is if someone finds me a cat, in that case i will be happy
everything is fine
 everything is on fire
I see no difference between these two phrases.
only at modded hell does this make sense

Darkening Kaos

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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Dungeonevened
« Reply #29 on: May 19, 2018, 05:06:57 pm »

     Just another reason for me to try to be a mechanic, rebelling against the 'natural' order, and angry about the enforcement of rigid caste roles.
     Also, no pets - absolutely, (psychologically?), allergic to anything that isn't Drow, and possibly troll.
So! Failed to make peace, war looms, kill the infidels... what are our plans for the weekend?
The Giant Moles in the caverns of my current fort breed like crazy, even while regularly being decimated by other beasts entering them...
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