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Author Topic: LCM - Dungeonevened - The End  (Read 34604 times)


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Dungeonevened
« Reply #30 on: May 19, 2018, 05:12:05 pm »

I want to be buds with the rat.


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Dungeonevened
« Reply #31 on: May 19, 2018, 05:22:41 pm »

Drow me as a shearer/spinner/weaver/brewer named Schmendrick.
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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Dungeonevened
« Reply #33 on: May 21, 2018, 08:15:00 am »

plz don't ship me with SQ
the only way I would be ok is if someone finds me a cat, in that case i will be happy

I don't really want to ship anyone if it doesn't happen in the game, and for now all drows, trolls, and the rattusite are just friends. I'm going to resolve this subplot very soon, I promise.

I don't know if we'll be able to buy a cat from our allies, but there's always raiding. Pillaging villages in search of a cat is something I never expected to do in Dwarf Fortress.

Market District, two drows stand outside the only lit up building along the street.
"Why are the lights on?" asked SQ " she really should be sleeping at this time".
"She should, but she isn't. You'll understand once you meet her" Scourge said. She knocked on the door, but no one answered. "Oh, right" Scourge pressed the door handle without hesitation. SQ stopped her for a moment.
"Should we be barging in like that? I mean, this is almost like breaking in"
"SQ, how many times have I come into your room uninvited? Kaos is my friend too."
"It's the middle of the night!"
"And you wanted to go as soon as possible, didn't you? Let's get this over with" Scourge pushed the door open. The small workshop was lit up by an oil lamp instead of faerie fire, there were various items scattered around everywhere: disassembled mechanical toys, damaged metal tools, pieces of wood, components of dvargir guns. There was a counter covered in books and scrolls, which served as a pillow for a plump drow woman, who had probably been reading just a few minutes ago, judging by her spectacles still being sat on her nose.
"Kaos, wake up!" Scourge shouted.
The sleeping drow woke up startled "What... what time is it? I have to finish repairing that music box and then...! Scourge? What are you doing here this late?"
"I should be asking you the same, but I'm actually glad we found you. There's one little thing I'd like to ask you.
"Can't this wait? I have a very intricate toy to fix, then I have to finish the rocking chair for old Vado, and I haven't even started making those knives for Iva's restaurant. On top of that I have a lecture in the morning, and a handbook merchant to catch at noon. Then I guess I'll be looking for an excuse why I haven't paid rent this month. The bitch of a landlady almost doubled my rent because she doesn't like me tinkering with guns. ARGH! When did my life get so complicated?!"
"Makes you want to get away from all of this, right?" Scourge said suggestively.
"Yeah, I'm doing my best not to be just another meaningless and forgotten drone, but the harder I work, the more futile it gets. It feels like some invisible force is working against me at all times. I've ranted enough, what exactly did you want to ask me? If it's about the new lock mechanism Icala ordered for her trappers, tell her to come here herself with money."
SQ was eager to explain "I'm SQ, Scourge's friend, and I'm forming an expedition. You could leave all of this behind and start again in a new place. I know it's a big change, and it's out of nowhere, but I see you're a woman of many talents, and you would be a key member of our party. See, Scourge, I told you I didn't need to rehearse this speech any more."
Darkening Kaos hesitated with answering. She's spent most of her life studying smithing, mechanics and woodworking, and just recently she began listening to lectures and buying expensive learning materials. Was she supposed to leave it all for a slight chance of progress?
"Yes, I'll go with you" she said with determination "I had some tools made for miners and woodcutters, but since I haven't received payment for neither of the overseers, we can just take them. Oh, and my best sword! I wanted to present it to the Mercenary Guild, but I changed my mind. I've bought a few bags of raw flarestone for the forge too."
"Wow, thanks Kaos!" Scourge said happiliy. "We'll come here with our wagon to pack all this stuff. You'll get to meet the guys too"

Outside Darkening Kaos's workshop, six drows sit in the loaded wagon discussing what to do.
"I'll go talk to the official in the morning, I doubt they are open this late at night" suggested SQ. "Scourge, can I sleep in your room tonight?"
"Sure, I almost forgot you were evicted. And you're right, there isn't much to do this night, so let's make plans for tomorrow instead? Some of us..." Scourge looked at SQ and Fred the Mitey "...are wearing literal rags. If there's some kind of goodbye parade for us, we should be looking our best. How about a shopping trip?" she smiled mischievously at Lunardog.
"Should I remind you you still have my money?" the nobleman said, looking at the girl sternly. After a few seconds of intense staring, her smile creeped him out, so he agreed "okay, I'll go with you, but give me my pouch back, I need to rent a room in some inn for Fred and myself. Speaking of Fred, Imic, you take the trolls and go wash that guy. I'll write something so you won't have problems with guards"
"I object to that!" Fred the Mitey shouted.
"I don't" replied Imic with a sinister grin.
"Kaos, you can just rest. You've been overworking yourself" Scourge suggested. Darkening Kaos nodded in agreement.
"I guess I'll guard the wagon" said the rattusite.
After that everyone went their own way - SQ and Scourge to Scourge's room, Lunardog and Fred to look for a room to rent, Imic and Darkening Kaos to their own apartments, the slaves stayed in the wagon. Only MottledPetrel was still missing.

Early morning, Slum District, Scourge's room. *KNOCK KNOCK* someone kept wailing on the door. Scourge got up angrily to check out who it was. She was surprised to see MottledPetrel standing in the door.
"Oh, looks like I've got the right address" said the fisherman, but he wasn't looking Scourge in the eyes.
" you have something to say or will you let me get ready for..." Scourge just remembered she was still in her underwear. She slammed the door shut in front of MottledPetrel's face.
"Hey, is SQ in there with you?!" shouted MottledPetrel through the closed door "I gotta tell her something!"

After the women dressed up, they left the room and headed towards the wagon. Scourge was still grumpy about what happened a few minutes ago, but SQ couldn't help but giggle "This might sound wrong, but I like seeing you blushing like that, Scourge. If I was a worse person, I would make fun of you, or making some wild, far-fetched connections"
"I get it! You're still upset about that evening! Sometimes you're just unbearable." Scourge grumbled "Petrel, you had something to say, right? Spit it out!"
"Okay, ma'am. So, I was running after the guys last night, when I saw a merchant packing up his stall."
"And you bought something useful for a good price, right?"
"No, I tried to haggle for a nice glass pitcher, but he didn't like my offers and started throwing bags of sand at me. Then I got lost."
"Did you at least keep the sand?"
"Yeah, I've got it here" MottledPetrel opened up his coat revealing two heavy bags. If someone saw him do it, the city guard would have definitely been alerted.
"Oh... that's what you wanted to tell us?" SQ said disappointed "well, at least we don't have to search for you now. Hey, looks like everyone is ready by the wagon. Everyone knows what to do, we should get right to it."
"I don't know what to do" MottledPetrel reminded.
"Umm... I guess you can stay and keep an eye on the rattusite. He's a thief after all."
"We've got a rattusite? I love those guys, they're great listeners even if you have nothing to say. Not many people have this skill, and I often have nothing to say."

Administration District, Surveying and Settlement Ministry office. SQ was talking to the same official she was talking to the day before.
"I've got six more people, supplies, and a desire to get out of here as soon as possible. Umm... I mean the city, not the office. The office too, but it has nothing to do with you."
"What? It usually takes at least a month..." the man said more to himself than to SQ "Well, if you say you're done, fill those documents. This one is about your friends, this one is about stuff and slaves."

"This is the map, notes about the location, about your neighbors."

"Oh, I see you're stuck on something."
"The name... I haven't thought about it yet"
"This one is my speciality. Let's take this dictionary, mash together two random words... dungeon... evened... Dungeonevened. Wasn't that hard, was it?"
"I'd rather name it something meaningful, maybe... ummm..." SQ was thinking as hard as she could, but nothing came to her mind. She really didn't want to name her colony Dungeonevened "ugh, alright, Dungeonevened it is."

Market district, clothes store, two drows are talkin while looking for new clothes for the expedition members.
"How about this one?" Scourge asked Lunardog, showing him a fancy hat encrusted with rubies.
"No. If you really cared for my opinion, we would have been done long time ago anyway."
"Oh, but I do need your opinion on this" Scourge pulled out an extremely provocative dress "You think SQ would like this?"
"I don't think she would wear something this revealing. You should know better anyway, you've known her since forever.
"I actually wondered if YOU would like to see HER in this dress." Scourge raised her eyebrow waiting for answer.
"What are you talking about? Let's pay and go back to the wagon, you look fine without a hat"
"You're avoiding my question"
"No, I'm ignoring your question"
"Come on, you're no fun at all! I've seen how you look at her, and I've seen how protective you are towards her. Are you telling me that's nothing?"
"Alright, I'll try to explain it to you: she's not my type"
"That explains nothing!"
"I just don't know how to interact with her! She gets upset over the smallest things, cries a lot, I just feel sorry for her. Personally I thought I was a bit too patronizing, but I see you're looking at this situation from a different angle."
"So... you don't really like her?" Scourge felt disappointed, but she wasn't sure why.
"I do like her, but not like that. I know she considers me her friend, but sometimes I feel like her foster father, and this is weird."

Lunardog and Scourge looked at each other in awkward silence for a while.
"You know, I had the same conversation with SQ yesterday" Scourge admitted "I must say you took it much better than she did"
"Go figure"

Lunardog and Scourge rejoined their friends by the wagon. They handed the new clothes to SQ, MottledPetrel and newly-washed Fred the Mitey.
"Let's get changed, guys let's go" Scourge said. The four of rag-clad drows went to look for a place to change
"Do we have to take those trolls and the rat?" Darkening Kaos complained "I don't feel comfortable with those savages around"
"Those trolls are my slaves, I'm not leaving them here because someone can't understand how good it is to have servants" Lunardog answered.
"Well excuse me, your highness, but those monsters eat people down in the caverns. I can't blame you for not knowing that, with you having spent your life surrounded by perfumed monsters that would have ripped you apart if they weren't whipped into submission every morning."
"Cut it out, will you" Imic said from the top of the wagon" If it wasn't for the trolls, Fred would be still crawling with bugs. I tell you, he was struggling like a crundle in a bag"
"That's the point, they're violent, brutish and..."
"Everyone ready? Let's go!" SQ shouted having come back with the rest. "Destination: Dungeonevened!"

Outside of the Great Mithral Gate, the expedition members are rethinking their decision.
"I heard of this whole sun, but I never imagined it would be this horribly bright" SQ complained.
"Remember when you told me I'll be fine without a hat?" Scourge asked Lunardog "Is it too late to go back to get it?"
"Yes it is. Just wrap this scarf of yours around your head, maybe that will help"
"S... stop your whi...ning. It's not that... that" Kaos was obviously bluffing, as she was only half-conscious herself.
Fred the mitey couldn't participate in the conversation, because he was busy projectile vomiting over the side of the wagon.

"You okay there, boy?" MottledPetrel asked Imic, who was sitting next to him.
"Just a little dizzy, I've been through worse"
"Good. Kids these days have such weak stomachs, that's why there's so few fish cleaners in the docks lately"
"What do you mean by kids? How old are you?"
"One hundred ninety four long, hard years"
"I guess it's fair then. I'm only one hundred forty eight"
"Y'all old" the rattusite joined the conversation" I'm thirty two, and I don't feel like a pup"
"You think that's old?" MottledPetrel asked "I don't know if it's true, but the female troll is over four hundred years old"
"Which one is it?"
"Beats me"

The wagon continues its travel through the rolling grassland, one of the troll noticed something out of ordinary
"Hey bwoss! There's a bwuncha rothes fwollowing us!" there really were three extra rothes slowly walking behind the wagon "Should I chase them away?"
"Don't you dare!" Shouted Scourge, but then she realized she got worked up over nothing "I mean, rothe are the noblest of animals, they give us wool, milk, meat. If they followed us from the capital, that may be some kind of sign"
"And those spiders hiding under the wagon?" MottledPetrel asked "I guess they're Lolth's holy animals, but they're giving me the creeps"
"Are there any more animals we don't know about?" exclaimed SQ in surprise.
"I've got fleas" the rattusite added.

As the wagon was moving further south, the surrounding was getting more and more dry. Soon the lush green grass was replaced by dried out weeds in various shades of yellow and brown. Darkening Kaos found her old Mazes & Minotaurs manual and dice. She hasn't played in ages, so she was very excited about this. SQ and Scourge joined eagerly, Imic wanted to try too.
"It was a natural twenty, why was it a failure?" SQ moaned.
"We're playing by the actual rules, not your made up ones" Darkening Kaos scolded the expedition leader "If I let you instantly win at everything just because you rolled high, you could just repeat every roll until you get a twenty"
"Everyone plays by the house rules, Kaos, don't tell me you're really that much of a purist" Scourge complained.
"It's in the manual, so that's how it's supposed to be played!"
"Wasn't it supposed to be fun?" Imic asked "we spent most of the time arguing about the rules, when can my Mind Flayer barbarian chokeslam a dragon?"
"You're lucky I let you play as a Mind Flayer barbarian. It's such a bad combination. You should have chosen a psychic or a sorcerer"
"And you wonder why nobody wants to play M&M with you?" said Scourge snarkily. "Reminds me of someone else who hates fun"
"Don't get me into this!" Lunardog protested, correctly guessing that the remark was directed at him "I'm not interrupting your nerd game, so you don't interrupt my nap! We're done with that topic anyway!"

The wagon stopped suddenly near a narrow river. It was a border between a dusty savanna, and a lush forest of sawwood and mahogany, with an occasional orange tree.
"What happened, why are we stopping?" SQ asked anxiously "Is it bandits? Wild animals?"
"No, we've arrived" MottledPetrel said looking around.
SQ snatched the map out of the fisherman's hand "let me have a look"

"You're right, looks like we're here"
"So... are yo going to say it or..." Fred the Mitey asked with anticipation.
SQ took a deep breath, closed her eyes and said:
"This is the moment we've been waiting for. We won't be any more ready than this. STRIKE THE EARTH!


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Dungeonevened
« Reply #35 on: May 23, 2018, 11:16:11 am »

I've got some more free time today, so how about some supplementary material?

Diary Journal of SQ Hateromanced, the leader of Dungeonevened

It's been some time since I've written anything here. The new overseer of the menagerie had us slaving like never before, forgetting that we are living, breathing creatures. Then it was the whole thing with assembling the expedition, now I'm on a journey, and have little to no privacy during the day. We should be there in a day or two, and I can't sleep, so I take advantage of my ability to see in the dark, and finally write something tonight.
So, the whole ordeal forced me to actually go out and meet people. Well, actually Scourge forced me to meet people, without her I would have probably given up. I wanted to write about those people I've met. Well, maybe I'll start with myself in case someone finds this thing hopefully in several thousand years.

Spoiler: SQ (click to show/hide)
I'm SQ Hateromanced, birth name Weri, 127 years old. I can hardly remember my parents, most memories related to my childhood are rather cloudy in my head. I was lucky enough to find a job in the menagerie in the capital as soon as I reached the working age. That's when I met Scourge and the old overseer, my new family. Those were good couple of decades, I've made a few friends, the work was dirty and not that rewarding, but fun and satisfying.
At some point the old overseer got involved in politics, but she wasn't a matron of a powerful family, so she disappeared without a trace. That's when my evil stepmother the new overseer appeared. She started importing farm animals and sending exotic creatures to the butcher's shop, collecting money for every new addition regardless of what it was. All this while making us, caretakers, work more and paying us less.
One day I just snapped. I couldn't live like this, so I quit and that's why I'm in this wagon tonight.

I'm not the best with people, I never were. I prefer when others reach out to me, when others offer me help, when others ask what's wrong. People had told me many times that I should be less passive, take care of myself, but it's harder than this. Being rejected is a great fear of mine.
The thing is, I don't really feel the need to spend times with others, in fact I find it tiresome more than anything. Scourge thinks that isolating myself from the world isn't good for me, even if it's a good way to avoid stressful confrontations, and I try to follow her advice, even if it's just out of fear of letting her down.

Speaking of Scourge:

Spoiler: Scourge (click to show/hide)

Scourge Profanepoisons, birth name Fere, 141 years old. She's been my best friend since I started working in the menagerie. We've been assigned in the same sector. While I was cleaning and feeding the large grazers, she was also responsible for shearing and milking those creatures that required it. She's very fond of the rothe, but she doesn't like admitting it, not sure why.

Scourge is pretty much my only family, figuratively speaking, and the person who keeps me going forward. She helps me when I struggle in social situations, defends me when I'm not strong enough to defend myself. In exchange I need to endure her making fun of me from time to time, but when she does it it's okay, because I know she doesn't mean it.
She can be short tempered sometimes, and holds grudges forever, but she's a good friend.

Spoiler: MottledPetrel (click to show/hide)

MottledPetrel, 194 years old, or so he says. A fisherman we met while looking for food for our expedition. He's quite a mysterious character - he doesn't like talking about his past, and doesn't drop any hints about it. He seems like an easy going fellow, but there's certain sadness in his eyes. Maybe he lost his wife? Maybe he used to be a powerful nobleman who lost everything? I just don't know. Either way he's probably hiding his true emotions behind a gentle smile.
He grew fond of the rattusite we "adopted" the night before embarking. Sometimes Petrel shares his fishing stories (definitely made up, but still) with the ratman, something they just sit next to each other in silence. Maybe MottledPetrel just feels lonely? I should try spending some time with him.

Spoiler: Lunardog (click to show/hide)

Lunardog, apparently of the House Drilledterror. A nobleman I met in the Blind Drider Pub. He used to come there with his friends often, according to MottledPetrel, which is unusual, because that pub is hardly upper-class.
His family owns a large portion of farms in the Tamed Caverns, and some unused land in the Wild Caverns waiting to be tamed. In addition to that, they run many distilleries and breweries around the capital. He knows a lot about wine, and isn't completely clueless about working on a plantation, but doesn't have too much experience. He's used to having everything done for him by slaves, but he says he's not afraid to get his hand dirty. We'll see about that.

Lunardog, unlike some nobles, treats drows from lower classes as people. At first I expected him to chase me away or throw some coins and tell me to scram, but he was surprisingly approachable. He's not really that different from us, people from the Slum District, he's just cleaner and smells better.

Scourge tried to get me together with him, but while Lunardog seems a great person, I don't really know him that well. In fact, I've noticed that he's rather... cold to Scourge, and doesn't treat Fred the Mitey very well. Maybe he isn't that nice of a man after all?

Spoiler: Fred the Mitey (click to show/hide)

Fred the Mitey, as Lunardog calls him is a former administrator, apparently also a former count. He must have been stripped of nobility by Valsharess herself. He tried to start a new life as a doctor, but his forged medical license has been uncovered and confiscated... several times. He found himself in the mines, but was at risk of losing that job, so he organized a protest and ended up in jail for it.
Despite everything he went through (he asked for it, but that's not the point), he's still full of himself and probably doesn't feel comfortable taking orders from someone like me.
He's apparently somehow connected to Lunardog's family, but I don't want to be the one to ask.

Spoiler: Imic (click to show/hide)

Imic, apparently 148 years old, self proclaimed vigilante and, when there's a bounty on his target, a bounty hunter. We met him when he tried to save me and Scourge from a gang of ratmen, but he got himself beaten up instead. I highly doubt he has any combat experience, and judging by the fact he was trying to fight using a big stick, he's not the most successful bounty hunter.
Apparently he's failed the training course for the city guard. As a member of the middle class, he didn't really see any other chances to make it big, so he agreed to come with us. No idea how helpful he will be, but he's well intentioned, and that's what counts.

Spoiler: Darkening Kaos (click to show/hide)

Darkening Kaos Searedfly, a mechanic, weaponsmith and carpenter, a woman of many talents, although I don't know if I'd call those "talents". Scourge called her her friend, but I'm not sure if the feeling is mutual.
She worked many jobs at the same time, because she wanted to study under great masters abroad to escape the monotonous life of a middle class drow woman. That's a sad story - there are many better than her, more talented people working without passion, getting praise for something that came to them naturally. Kaos believes that she could outshine them all, but she won't get a chance because of who she was born as. To me it looks like she's just mediocre at what she's doing, but I'm not gonna tell her that.

Kaos has been experimenting with guns. Not sure if anything ever came out of it, but her landlady didn't like her bringing gunpowder to the apartment.
She's also a horrible Maze Master in M&M, and I'm pretty sure she hates everything that isn't a drow.

Next time we'll definitely start the game, I promise.


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Dungeonevened
« Reply #37 on: May 27, 2018, 04:04:58 am »

everything is fine
 everything is on fire
I see no difference between these two phrases.
only at modded hell does this make sense

Darkening Kaos

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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Dungeonevened
« Reply #38 on: May 27, 2018, 06:09:50 am »

     You may like Nerd Games, Lunardog, but you don't play them properly.  the rules are there for a reason, you know.  Now roll a saving throw vs. Dexterity.
So! Failed to make peace, war looms, kill the infidels... what are our plans for the weekend?
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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Dungeonevened
« Reply #39 on: May 27, 2018, 11:48:41 am »

I can't believe I managed to survive this week. The worst kinds of people crawled out of their holes to bother me at work, then school the whole weekend. I wanted to update today, but maybe tomorrow? I can't promise anything though

Drow me as a shearer/spinner/weaver/brewer named Schmendrick.

I already have an idea for this character  ;D


You struck me as someone who would prefer Bloodbowl, a TOUGH nerd game.
In all seriousness, I feel kind of bad for going with my vision for your character, and it's not a wacky one. I'm not comfortable enough with my english to pun it up big time, but you have my word I'll search the entire world to steal a cat for you.

     You may like Nerd Games, Lunardog, but you don't play them properly.  the rules are there for a reason, you know.  Now roll a saving throw vs. Dexterity.

It's rulebooks, not suggestionbooks after all.


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Dungeonevened
« Reply #40 on: May 27, 2018, 12:46:32 pm »

Surprised I haven't seen this until now - the list of neighbors looks really promising.

Can I get drowed? Preferably as someone who'd be a decent or good pic for the militia.


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Dungeonevened
« Reply #41 on: May 28, 2018, 09:18:17 pm »

     You may like Nerd Games, Lunardog, but you don't play them properly.  the rules are there for a reason, you know.  Now roll a saving throw vs. Dexterity.
I rolled a 42 ON A D20????
everything is fine
 everything is on fire
I see no difference between these two phrases.
only at modded hell does this make sense


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Dungeonevened
« Reply #42 on: May 28, 2018, 09:23:28 pm »

BTW I can have puns for you all you need to do is dm me
everything is fine
 everything is on fire
I see no difference between these two phrases.
only at modded hell does this make sense


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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Dungeonevened
« Reply #43 on: May 29, 2018, 07:22:14 am »

Could you dorf me? Any soldier would do.
Imic's no longer allowed to vote.
Quote from: smyttysmyth
Well aren't you cheery
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Re: Less Crazy Modpack - Destination: Dungeonevened
« Reply #44 on: May 29, 2018, 12:52:58 pm »

Does M&M use dice with more sides than twenty? Otherwise, why are you letting them roll at all if a natural twenty won't let them succeed?
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