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Author Topic: Complete Dwarf Fortress Wiki-Html - Offline (Download)  (Read 7880 times)


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Complete Dwarf Fortress Wiki-Html - Offline (Download)
« on: May 28, 2018, 12:54:46 pm »

Since I play on my laptop from time to time, and I don't have internet access when on the road I decided to download the latest Wiki so I can get the help I need if, and when I need it. Also this will help those if the wiki decides to go offline for a short time, and this normally occurs when you need it the most in some cases.

 Here is the link to the offline version (Latest Wiki as of May 28th/2018):

Note: If you receive a download limit for Google drive has been reached, there is a way to copy it too your own Google Drive Account. If you have a Google account you are then given a free 15gb Google drive, highlight the file (above link), right click, and choose make a copy. Then go to your Google drive, and download it from there.

Cheers, and take care.
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