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I am aware that there once was an android port (a few years ago?) for LCS. I'm pretty sure it was abandoned and buggy. Now, the Google Play page is completely nonexistent.

Is there any chance of the creation of an updated android port? I would be happy to embark on this endeavor myself, but my programming experience is mostly limited to C++, visual studio, and a tiny bit of Java and the android developer IDE. I would be glad to learn more, though.

Could anybody with actual knowledge give some advice to make this dream a reality?

I'd be willing to help, but I have no experience with making Android apps and my programming knowledge is insufficient. Maybe get into contact with the creator of the Android port for help?

I've thought about it, and I think the most viable idea is to actually port the concept into some existing engine that supports Android, e.g. Game Maker or Unity. This is one reason I was supportive of IsaacG's efforts to move more of the stuff into data files. A ported engine can then just support the data files, so that it can be updated more easily along with the PC game.

It's fairly likely the old Android port won't actually be that much help in making a new, updatable one.

I've built stuff in Unity for Android before and I'd be willing to have a stab at getting something running, however the current project structure is an absolute mess and would be just horrible to replicate in C#. There are way too many hard-coded object hierarchies and virtual functions and hard-coded strings in the whole object/weapon/armor system. Just that one sub-system is a goddamn nightmare from any rational design perspective.

So yeah, I would not be willing to port any of it unless it was in the context of completely redesigning the inventory system and god know's what else needs fixing. Reconstructing the current horrible design of the inventory system into a different language would just suck, then you'd be locked into supporting that, which is a no-go. Fix it first, then port it.

There are also interface issues with properly supporting the thing on something like a smartphone. Currently, you have keyboard letters and those allow you to do different things. Pulling up a keyboard on a smartphone for something like that is a deal-breaker in terms of interface design, but you really don't want to redesign the whole thing for phones. So it would make sense to regularize the interface of LCS on PC to have highlight letters to show what's clickable at all times. This would have the side-benefit of ensuring that the entire game was playable with mouse. Then, the android port would make the highlight letters into touch-screen buttons, unifying the interface for both classes of device, rather than having a completely re-envisioned interface such as the current Android version had. So, make the game entirely mouse-playable (by having clickable highlighted letters on screen), then a touch-screen port makes a lot more sense and can be ported in a 1:1 interface fashion.

I do have a bit of experience with Unity and c#, but overall, my object oriented program design is preeeetty awful. Basically, we would have to rewrite the entire structure from ground up again, right? Perhaps you could help with design, idk. This also includes having the current unofficial maintainers of the game to migrate to using the unity engine, which I'm not sure what their reaction would be.

Another point is that if we wanted to publish it to the play store, don't you think it would have to be more... kid friendly? Im not sure of the exact regulations google puts on published apps, but satarizing certain acts of terrorism, (which the game surely does) is almost certainly a no-go.

Ill make a github project some time today...

It can be just a .pkg file and could be hosted on itch.io or somewhere like that. Most people who want to play it would probably be ok with self-install.

However, Google doesn't really require you to be "kid friendly". Especially since the game will be 100% text, nobody is going to care. The previous version was on the Play store, nobody cared. It's way too fringe to get that sort of attention.

If you start anything, definitely coordinate it with IssacG rather than going at it alone.


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