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Author Topic: [50.xx] Dwarven Tea Party  (Read 2806 times)


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[50.xx] Dwarven Tea Party
« on: January 17, 2023, 12:03:54 am »

Dwarven Tea Party!

Brewable coffees and teas for your dwarves to enjoy!

Steam Workshop:

This mod adds harvestable tea and coffee (two cultivars, arabica and robusta), and three more harvestable caffeinated plants: the yaupon and yerba mate hollys, and the guarana. All of them can be brewed into delicious caffeinated drinks for your dwarves to enjoy!

Arabica trees grow in tropical broadleaf forests and wetlands; robusta and yerba mate trees grow in any tropical forest; tea grows in tropical forests and shrublands; yaupon grow in temperate and tropical wetlands; and guarana is a ground plant that grows in tropical forests.

Coffee trees produce coffee cherries for harvest; these can be brewed into coffee cherry wine to recover the beans for grinding at mill and quern, and brewing in the kitchen or still. Or you can simply grind the cherries directly, discarding the fruit. Similarly, the guarana plant produces inedible fruit that you can grind immediately, or process in a Farmer workshop to recover seeds to either grind or plant in your farm plots.

Tea, yaupon, and yerba mate trees produce leaf buds at certain times of the year; these can be harvested and then directly brewed into teas.

NOTE: Due to issues with how DF handles items stored in bags, do not allow barrels in the stockpiles where your caffeinated beans/seeds, grounds, or leaf buds are stored. Caffeinated dwarves are apparently too jittery to fish things out of barrels.

-- Compatibility --

This mod supersedes my previous mod, Hot Coffee; they are not compatible with each other.

It also removes the vanilla Coffee and Tea plants and replaces them. No other major changes from vanilla.

Artwork graciously provided by jossujb at DeviantArt!


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Re: [50.xx] Dwarven Tea Party
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2023, 04:52:38 pm »


v1.1 Corrected tag preventing coffee beans from being ground; allowed use of large pots in addition to barrels; changed MRP tags to be more immersive (thanks Phreman!)