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Author Topic: Unhappy Dwarfs  (Read 563 times)


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Unhappy Dwarfs
« on: June 05, 2018, 12:23:37 pm »

Ok, can anyone tell me whats the deal with the dwarfs in my fort?

I decided to try the newer version 44.10.r3, generated a world and everything was fine for the first year when I got a king, the king did some mandates that I had to ignore because we didnt have metals at the fort to create breastplates and than we got under siege that forced me to lock them inside the fort for 2 years until we finally managed to get some armor, anyway dwarfs died and right after that the shitstorm happened, dwarfs wont do tasks, dwarfs will throw a tantrum every 5 min on the clock sometimes 2 at once, they have a place to pray a big one, they have a tavern that is one of the first things I did, they have food and engraved rooms, only the king does not have a room because unfortunately the value of the room would be too on the same level as everyone else because I cant make good glass items or metal items for him.
so everyone are under stress throwing tantrums left and right, killed my legendary +5 armor smith cause of it who was working on armor none stop for 3 years in a row!
anyway I really dont know how to fix this shit storm nothing I do seems to help, even the prison does not cool them off, Maybe if I arrange a happy incident to the king their stress might drop, but I did not confirm his mandates are the cause of it but every now and than he conducts meetings with the dwarfs.. if he is the problem I swear to god I am throwing him and the rest of hes shit into a magma pool!
is this a bug by the way because I am sure dwarfs dont usually throw that many tantrums when they have good rooms good goblets and basically stuff to do?
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Reading his name would trigger it. Thinking of him would trigger it. No other circumstances would trigger it- it was strictly related to the concept of Bill Clinton entering the conscious mind.

THE xTROLL FUR SOCKx RUSE WAS A........... DISTACTION        the carp HAVE the wagon

A wizard has turned you into a wagon. Was this inevitable (Y/y)?