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Swap Out Old Clothing Instead of Dropping on the Ground

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Dwarves dropping their worn and damaged equipment all over the fort is annoying, and leaves them vulnerable if something attacks them while they're going to grab the new equipment. They should wait until they reach the new items to drop their current ones. This also avoids a pointless hauling task of the old equipment.

In conjunction with this, it would be beneficial to include 'wear' under the stockpile quality settings. This would prevent clothing stockpiles from filling up with junk.

There's an additional consideration where two soldiers each want the other's item. I suppose they should probably need to be able to find each other and trade equipment. This can be done either by dropping the items when they meet, or like in adventure mode trading.

How about when a dorfs has replaced their worn out clothes they are automatically given a work-order to take their old clothes to a refuse stockpile(assuming hauling multiple small/light items at the same time will be possible).

As long as that doesn't include metal armor.

A shirt, pair of pants, set of socks, and a set of gloves shouldn't logically result in 6 different hauling jobs to the refuse stockpile, it should just take 1.
Metal armor on the other hand would be both gauntlets in one trip, both boots in another, and each of the larger pieces in their individual hauling job.

Dwarves multi-haul nearby items already, don't they? The issue is that worn items currently aren't stored in the refuse stockpile.


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