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Author Topic: What Happens when you retire a fort in the versions we have?  (Read 178 times)


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I have a simple question because I kinda dont get what happens to my fort after I retire my control over it, I ask this because the civilization I am playing is has died to a nasty goblin invasion and funny enough they won that fight, the only draw back was that the capital was at a terrifying biom and the zombies runned them over.
so now I have a king and quite a bit of wealth, 5 squads of military dwarf 3 of them being master squads now which are master speardwarfs,hammerdwarfs and axe dwarf, currently working on the crossbow and mace dwarfs but they only started a few months ago in game.
so at this point lets say I am confidant that if I retire the fort to make another settlement of my civilization that they would hold jest fine if I close the underground, I mean I already made it so that they have positions every month on watch but only problem is that the fortresses I made dont seem to be active at all when you retire them,meaning that if I retire and if I manage to expand my territory my civilization will still be dead and I will get the same dwarfs every time, so will I be able to revive a civilization or you cant do it in the current versions?


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Re: What Happens when you retire a fort in the versions we have?
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2018, 07:57:12 pm »

There's no "closing" the underground once you've opened it, as far as retired forts are concerned. All that matters is that you have military dwarves on site to repel invaders.

I'd be worried that the military dwarves would migrate to the new fort. (Or is that abandoned forts only?) I don't think you can bring a dead civ back to life yet.
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