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Lighting and oxygen, or architectural freedom vs botanical realism

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Since we had that discussion going on in the social lives thread, let's put it here instead

In part to PTW, in part to bump this up in the hope it'll start to be used for its intended purpose,  I thought I'd link this, which is another approach to Dorfs that sort of shows a possible approach to what might be real. (Almost describes our guys, if you power them down so that they need picks (presumably then breathing and gassifying the stone dust) instead, and are still only fishing (perhaps spear-fishing?) with their beard strands.

Solves the light problem, anyway. :P

Weaponized flatulence!
Deserves a thread of its own, surely.  :)

Well, if you're worried about not enough oxygen in some excavations, you could already be worried about firedamp and other methane seeps.  (Plus, radon accumulation, breaking into oil-cap layers, the dangers/opportunities of flooding ancient salt-beds, etc...)

I'm ever hopeful that the magma sea will one day be properly pressurised by all that rock sitting on it, and carbon dioxide (chokedamp) dissolved in it, and the first !!dorf!! to open it is rewarded with a free trip to the !!surface!!. Magma should really be much more FUN than it already is. I mean, I'm sure there'd be a safe way to do it, right?

Did you know, basaltic magmas (also, really, should make basalt, not evaporate) get much hotter when first exposed to air? They undergo vigorous reactions with oxygen! Woo! Thought to raise their temperature from a mild 800C up to 1100C, which helps with that whole expansion game.

And yes, Coalgas (methane) at 1/7 with air, that'd be firedamp and !!FUN!!. Likes to rise up fortunately so not too hard to vent, or uh, capture, for uh, well, to "trade" with the elves? Could have layers of coal to open, imagine it.
Chokedamp (CO2) at 4/7 with air, becomes lethally sleepy, likes to concentrate at the bottom of shafts, made every time you burn something, oh dear. Might have to run the forges on the surface, maybe up a bit.
Whitedamp (CO) at 2/7 with air, also lethally sleepy, and explodes! A thing that forms from explosions and explodes! How good is that. Also lighter than air, so you know, handled.

Maybe get some ventilation rules first. Airflow, if the water flow code is ever up to doing a whole lot more work. I already build double stairwells, there's plenty of heat down there to power it all, just need some code support, and a tower over one of the stair cases. :D

Be cool if everything flowed, really. Avalanche? Flowing snow 5/7. Digging tunnels in sand, lol, slump, 7/7 in your tunnel. Arbitrary mixes of two things in a square with the denser one at the bottom and get flows working on them, Magma 6/7 plus obsidian. Air 6/7 plus Coalgas. Chokedamp 4/7 plus Air.

And then mists too. Some of them should rise, at least until they contact something and thereby cool off enough to be merely !!liquid!!.

I mean, you can always live on the surface, until you get the hang of it, but yeah, as the military and orders systems are getting better developed, the dorfs more things to keep them happy, and the base code is gradually improving in speed if anything even with more going on, we may need a few more dangers in our forts in time, and looking to real life for things that are difficult in mines would be one place to have a think about modelling, no doubt.


Map re-write scheduled sort of after the first go at magic, that'd be a time that new things could be tried on damps or salt flows or even just giving us proper collapses again, like the old 2d days. I'm sure that flow code could be simplified with a few tricks, stop it perpetually oscillating, settle out to a random preferred map tile corner where it has ponds, run the rivers along the downhill trends, so most stuff flows "downhill" with less checking and calculations, and reaches equilibrium states of stasis or flow quicker that are then hardly even processed.

Unless the scheduled re-write is for the world map the fort lives in, instead of the fort-scale one the game's in. But I know I've seen collapses on the to do list.


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