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Author Topic: New interactions on diplomacy screen  (Read 387 times)


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New interactions on diplomacy screen
« on: June 15, 2018, 06:30:29 pm »

Some things I wish we had and couldn't find any suggestion or prevision on are :

-Being able to broker peace with a civ we're at war with.
Obviously only possible once you've become the capital and have a king/queen.
Would send out the outpost liaison with an escort. As for the chances of the peace happening it would depend on how the war goes on a military level plus the skill of your liaison. Add to that some options like offerings (release prisoners, tribute and so on) or demands (same).
The size of the escort you're sending could also count maybe , as an intimidation factor ?

-Being able to make peaceful contact with a civ.
At the moment the only options I have with any "no contact" civilization is to raid, at best I can do it discretely and not start a war but that won't create a diplomatic relationship either.
I don't know if that should require a certain government level or not, after all maybe your outpost was  specifically requested to be created for that purpose so even at the expedition leader you should have the option ? But maybe you don't represent your civilization well enough until you have a dignitary of high enough level to impress ? Maybe you can do it at any level but then you can only talk to a group of the same level ?
So if you have just an expedition leader you could send an envoy to small hamlets and such without any government on site only etc ?

-Being able to send a diplomat (outpost liaison if you're the capital otherwise another title should be created probably) and collect news from the civilizations you have contacts with and of course are at peace with.
Would Send out that diplomat with a small escort and in the details you could specify if it's just ask for any news, ask news on a specific topic like say detail on the goblin civ you plan to raid, maybe they know detailed numbers or some information that could help you have an advantage or maybe you want to ask about artifacts they know of but it could be as detailed as asking about a specific artifact you know exists but don't know where it is.

-Being able to send out a spy that will pretend being someone else and infiltrate a civ you're at war with to gather intel.Here is a good use for the liar skill

-Being able to broker trade exchanges with other civilizations.

1-Say you're trading with human civ A at the moment but make contact with CIV B that is bigger and/or has some goods you need, you could send a  guild representative with a small escort to broker an agreement with that civilization. Either you stop trading with A to trade with B instead or you can have A and B trade with you at the same time ? Would have to be balanced and might depend on the fort wealth ?
But it could also be used in other circumstances.
2-You're now the capital and want to request certain items from other cities in your own civilization to be sent in the next caravan. A price could be determined in advance.
3-You made a trade agreement with the elves or humans and asked for say tons of wood because you had none in your map or didn't want to anger the elves (you fool !) but circumstances have changed, you've broken into a cavern and have a source of wood or you came to your senses and killed all the elves so you can cut down your trees in peace so wood is not needed anymore.
Or you just have a mood that requires something or need now tons of later for some new project.
So you need to modify the existing agreement. Of course it requires your representative arriving say 1 month or more before the caravan leaves and you need to promise a compensation and/or promise to buy a certain amount agreed in advance but the change can be made.
4-You angered the elves you're trading with by trying to sell them some food in a wood barrel and they don't want to trade anymore, unfortunately you just learned they have some giant grizzly bears that would be hugely useful in your army as war animals and only they can provide them, you could send a guild representative with an apology and a promise for a tree cutting agreement and/or some offerings (would require some sort of animals to carry it and if dealing with humans you could even use a wagon).
But if this is too complicated the offering would be something they would pick up themselves next time they come to trade with you.

-Being able to send a scholar/crafstdwarf/singer/poet to be an apprentice in another civ (I know it's been requested) but also send a scribe make copies of some books to add to your library. Might require them to bring some copies of your own books in exchange (haven't seen that one).
It might require also a diplomat to be sent beforehand to broker the agreement before sending the apprentice and might require some offering to be made, copy of books being just an example.


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Re: New interactions on diplomacy screen
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2018, 02:58:39 am »

Seconded I've been thinking about this since the last devlog update. The really tricky part is estimating the balance of power and who is supposed to settle for peace, and who is supposed to impose it; with the resulting trades, gifts, exchanges or agrements. The being a capital requirement is a nice touch.