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Author Topic: Historical figure encased in ice during worldgen?  (Read 896 times)


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Historical figure encased in ice during worldgen?
« on: July 05, 2018, 02:45:50 am »

Authorfilled isn't anywhere near the place I was adventuring in.
Don't trust this toaster that much, it could be a villain in disguise.
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Re: Historical figure encased in ice during worldgen?
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2018, 02:51:24 am »

It was a good day for Utes Cursecrossed. They had been homeless, a vagrant in their hometown all alone for year's and years. Parent's missing and begging and living just barely day by day under the oppressive reign of a demon, subjected to the cruelty of other goblin's and having less worth then the troll's that inhabited Authorfilled.

It was a happy day, that on his two hundred and eighty fifth year of life. That he suddenly had a sword pushed into his hands,armor and equipment thrown at him and told he was now a lieutenant. That he now had privilege and worth and status and a smile flickered across his lips.

For several months up until the early spring of the same year, all had been well. He had led troops and gained experience and was looked upon fondly at least he thought. The snickering and what was to come, were unfortunately all to unclear to his ears, to his mind which finally felt like it had purpose for once in his wretched life.

One morning in the early spring, he was asked to come to the Dark Fortress and being a loyal goblin he did! What awaited him was the lord, dark and imposing, and way up here, it was colder, way colder up north on the northern side of town at the top of the dark fortress. Steam filled the room from the fiery nature of the dark lord and the smile on their lip's made Utes wary. A sense of fear struck through him and within a moment?

The source of the steam became clear, the room was flooding and thawing, turning to ice and melting and with a laugh, the demon flickered down the stair's and the throne room filled with ice.

In the Midspring of 550, A statue of Utes Cursecrossed was created in Authorfilled. The statue is made of ice, it is a statue of Utes Cursecrossed frozen in ice and the leader of the Decisions of Evil. Utes is crying in anguish, The leader is pointing and laughing. Engraved on the statue is a memorial, Here lie's Utes Cursecrossed, lover of Cursing, Encased in Ice in the Early spring of 550.

((I just facepalmed so hard I have a concussion))
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