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Author Topic: What's your favorite way to remove a reaction and/or workshop?  (Read 302 times)

Tubercular Ox

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Let's say I want to make an entity that can put together a screw pump but can't make its own mechanisms.  I can leave mechanic enabled as a skill but disable the mechanic's workshop.  I saw DFHack has a script for disabling workshops from the build menu, but when I tried to find an example of how to use it in either Masterwork DF or Kobold Kamp, I can't.  I'm confused by their organization, are they doing something different or am I not looking hard enough?

Either way, I'm throwing it open: How do you disable a workshop?

Once that's answered, the follow up question is how to disable just one reaction from a workshop.  Do you just have to disable the workshop and rebuild it with custom reactions, or is there a better way?