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Author Topic: Suggestion: Senator Mansion  (Read 5314 times)


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Suggestion: Senator Mansion
« on: December 07, 2021, 10:36:17 pm »

Suggestion for new location: The Senator's Mansion.  A seedy place filled with prostitutes, with every drug imaginable, where The Senator is armed to the teeth with Elite Security.  If you kill said Senator, they are replaced 2/3 chance with an Arch-Conservative dedicated to the destruction of the LCS and 1/3 with a sufficiently cowed Elite Liberal that respects the power of the LCS.  So it is generally something to be done when the Country is nearing Arch-Conservative and such violent action can't really make things worse.

After success, maybe the Elite Liberal instead lives in The Senator's Hovel, a small house with no security and filled with College Student volunteers.