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Author Topic: Wizard Kingdom RTD [Turn 15: Items of Power]  (Read 14508 times)


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Re: Wizard Kingdom RTD [Turn 0: Warm Welcome]
« Reply #75 on: September 16, 2018, 01:33:50 pm »

((Would I be able to draw the sigils if I used my herbalism to find some dye producing plants or berries, or would I need a drawing skill?))
((You'd need enchantment or similar to get the magic to stick. The issue isn't drawing a pretty picture so much as getting the magic in the picture.))

Reminded me about "essence of bark" item from "Sorcery!". More precisely, about hilarious mental image i had before i remembered what else bark is. Actually, an idea: catch a dog, or whatever else is for dog and barking now, and refine into essence of bark. Whatever one would use it for, though...
((Potion of Yapping: Grenade-type weapon, drives enemies in the area of effect mad.))
"Next, you're gonna wanna fuse the soul of a god with the devourer of time and space and cook it into a nice curry, which you'll find the instructions to in our previous video."
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Re: Wizard Kingdom RTD [Turn 0: Warm Welcome]
« Reply #76 on: September 16, 2018, 03:29:10 pm »

((I was gonna ask about magic-infused berries, but then I figured it'd probably easier to use herbalism to find an enhancing herb to refine into my flask. Could I do that, or would I need equipment?))
Because everything is Megaman when you have an arm cannon.


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Re: Wizard Kingdom RTD [Turn 0: Warm Welcome]
« Reply #77 on: September 16, 2018, 04:35:59 pm »

Turn 1: The First Fiasco of Many

From takes a quick glance at the others assembled and rolls her eyes.
"...Geez, what a bore. This is what we're supposed to fight? I thought for a second this was going to be interesting."
She bites her lip, staring at the largest abomination.
"Oh well, gotta push through the boring part before we can get to the fun, right Irstiv? So just d̷̕͢i͘̕͏҉̛e̷̡̡."

DEATH. Rot the big thingie's limbs, clot up its arteries, and make it seriously question its self-worth!
Also perform a totally unnecessary flourish while doing so, just so that everybody knows I'm the one doing it.

[1] To no one's surprise, your own flesh starts sagging and rotting, and you scream about your face, your beautiful face.

[3] You do an okay flourish while falling to the ground and writhing, at least.

-3 HP
+1 Death Passion

"Why does this world hate us so?"

Let's show off the power of Returnamancy. Archimedes weaves a Returnamantic shield around the mage who looks closest to the abomination. The shield should ideally be long-lasting as well as protecting the mage's entire body. When the shield breaks, it should unleash a burst of Returnamancy against the breaker and the breaker's allies.

Aside from that Archimedes will stand by and perform emergency medical treatment if anyone gets hurt.
[4] You wrap a retributive shield around the crazy old lady.

[5] "If", hahaha, oh man. Yeah the raven witch immediately boils herself with death magic so you get to tending that. It's not healing magic, so the effects are rather less immediate, but you ensure the wound won't scar, cause pain, or get infected.

2 damage shield around Auntie, deals 2 damage to attacker when depleted
From gains +1 HP, +1 to next fashion check
+1 Medicine Passion

Use FLESH to make a tentacle sprout out of the abomination creature, use BONE to make bony thorns grow out of the tentacle, use LIFE to make the tentacle act on its own, and use LIFE again to influence it to attack the creature.
[2] You warp the abomination's unnatural flesh, but it just sort of flops and bubbles out in spiky lumps. You think you might have made it slightly tougher.

[2] You try again, with exactly the same results. Huh.

+3 HP to Abomination
+3 HP to Abomination

"Oh this is going to be fun."

Use flesh to make the muscles in the abomination's arms weak and soft. Also throw a fireball at its lower body, one point to make the flames hotter and another to make the fireball larger.
[6] You render the abomination's arm muscles weak and soft and... pliable? It flails them with alarming speed, apparently displeased but adapting well. It now has noodly flail-arms.

[3] Your fireball is a little off, but it does cause some damage to the thing's lower-ish portions of mangled flesh.

Abomination now has arm-flails instead of arms
Abomination takes 2 damage
+1 Flesh Passion

[3] It noodles forward but can't get the traction it had on its old arms. It barely gets within swinging range of Auntie.

[1] It flails itself in the face as a result.

Abomination takes 3 damage

Spoiler: Abomination Group (click to show/hide)

"AYE what the SODDEN OVER-OILED HELL are those two HEAPING PILES OF SHITE? Oh ol' Modre's gonna haev tae teach YOU TWO a lesson in ADEQUATE CRAFTSDWARFSHIP!"


These pillars will ENCIRCLE and ENTRAP the TWO BIRD GOLEMS.

Modre will also use NEROMANCY to determine if they have HARVESTABLE SOUL MATTER.

[5] Your BEAUTIFULLY CARVED stone cage of REINFORCED PILLARS weaves together around those DUMB BIRDS with SHIT TASTE.

[5] You focus your necromantic talents on the birds, and they light up like glowing boiling tar to your unholy eyes. Their soul matter, such as it is, appears to be unclean amalgamations of multiple corrupted horrors.

In short, they do not possess usable soul matter unless you have very generous parameters.

16 Point Barrier around golems
+1 Stone Passion
+1 Necromancy Passion

Ninjaturgy to hide in the shadows! Of my compatriots! I'm sure they won't mind.

Followed by Lightning to lightning the brass golems! A point for each of them sounds good, right? Use the last point to zap, I don't know, whatever seems like it would be funny. A good ninja should always have Shurikens hidden somewhere in that ninja outfit, right? So let's combine that and use shurikens as a lightning delivery device. That sounds like a totally reasonable thing to do.
[5] They can't mind what they can't see! Whether this is because you're hiding in their shadows or standing behind them is up for debate.

[3] You hurl a flurry of lightning shuriken (which you totally have) at the two golems, hitting each with several electrified metal pointy things.

3 damage to each golem
+1 Ninjaturgy Passion


Smith points to one of the Brass golem and crushes his hand into a fist, casting a spell.

Spoiler: Spell at one golem (click to show/hide)
[5] You pull one golem into the other, both stumbling slightly from the impact. This should throw off their next attacks, but they're too sturdy to incapacitate totally.

[3] ((Dummy roll for passion gain. No effect.))

Both golems gain Whiffed Attack
+1 Metal Passion

[4] The golems stumble around in their cage, slightly cracking it with pressure but otherwise unable to mount a proper escape.

Spoiler: Golem Group (click to show/hide)

Whelp, time to start working on an automated defense system.

Autocannon. Metal to make it and it's ammunition, air to propel everything and to help keep the joints running smoothly, artifice for the aiming system, enemy/friend distinction system, imbuement of shrapnel into the ammunition (also adds the third metal point for better shrapnel), and stabilization of the enchantments.
Because it's a good idea to devote some of the power to making sure that your spell doesn't explosively decompose.

Also, start shooting my own rifle at the incoming bastards.

(Hopefully I've understood the skill mechanics correctly?)
Your attempts to produce an automated heavy munitions defense system as a standard action with no materials runs into a few snags. For one, you've nothing to build it out of, unless you want to pop your eyes out of your sockets. Even then, it'd be a rather tiny cannon. Secondly, pure metal magic isn't enough to construct such a complex device all on its own; even for a sword you'd ideally want blacksmithing or similar. For a cannon, let alone a rapid-fire cannon, you'd probably want to build its properties one by one out of a few points in some kind of fancy engineering skill. This is less true the less of a proper cannon it is and the more of a holding tube for air magic, but that shifts the burden of doing complex or powerful things onto your mastery of air magic instead of your mastery of metal magic and cannonsmithing.

Your plans for the enchantment suffers from a similar overabundance of ambition- "autonomous aiming system" is not a feature you can add with a single point of artifice. You'd need to build it up feature by elemental feature- presumably starting with the ability to fire itself with no power source or one you've added to begin with, and ending with a tedious list of simple capabilities achievable by a nonsapient enchantment. This may be why so many mages use souls or summoned horrors for their minion creation needs.

[4] ((Dummy roll for passion gain, no effect))

[6] Shooting a foo' is considerably simpler, however: You take aim with both hands, level it at the wraith horde on a whim, and pull the trigger. The result knocks you to the ground, but also flings the wraiths around in a scattering wave. You notice the shreds of at least one fading away.

Unfortunately, the gun is now smoking slightly and a faint echoing light emanates from inside. You think that means it's overheating? Crystalline energy weapons are notoriously finicky like that.

2 damage to Wraith Swarm
+1 Crystalgun Passion

"Uhhh... I'll take the wraiths. If anyone gets in any trouble, shout for help and I'll come!"

Jeffery uses summoning magic to create a spear; one point of summoning to, well, summon it, then a point of metal to make it steel, another point of metal to give it an especially sharp tip.

He also uses summoning magic to summon a bronze sentinel with two spears; one point of summoning for the sentinel itself, and another to summon the spears at the same time, and a point of metal to make it out of pure bronze. A third point of summoning is added to make the sentinel actively target and destroy the wraiths.

[2] You summon... a melty... thing? It's sort of metallic-ish, but it's more like an oversized noodle than a spear. You give it a few experimental swings and remain unimpressed by its potential as a flail.

[3] Your efforts to summon a bronze sentinel with dual spears goes better. It's a little short, maybe a discount model of valiant bronze guardian, but it does begin advancing towards the wraiths.

+Noodle of Power
+Short Bronze Sentinel

"Good old Sundrop. Always with the warm welcomes."

Anna turns, looking over the targets for a moment, before planting the hilt of her hammer in the ground and extending her other hand palm forward towards the wraiths. "Return to the beyond, foul creatures! Purification!" Anna channels her VITAMANCY along with her DESTRUCTION magic to create a MASSIVE BEAM of UNDEAD VAPORIZING LIGHT, sweeping it over the mass of wraiths before they can scatter.

She then focuses, turning her PROTECTION magic onto herself as she grants herself a BARRIER to protect against PHYSICAL and MAGICAL attacks for future use once the remaining creatures draw close.
[6] You channel your own life force into a giga cannon of white light, evaporating all but a straggler or two from the wraith swarm. Then you fall down from spending your own life force.

[6] You also entomb yourself in protective light. Wait, 'entomb'? That's not right, you meant 'surround'. But the shield's awfully clingy so apparently entomb was right after all.

16 damage to wraith swarm
8 health sacrificed from you
+6 HP shield, blocks own attacks
+1 Vitamancy Passion
+1 Protection Passion

"I am flattered we have a welcome committee, but what they have in enthusiasm they lack in flair. Absolutely dreadful." Devorae pointed out as he rested one of his feet atop his shiny chest of riches. He looked around to try and see where he could provide some assistance, immediately discounting using most of his effort on the golems since they weren't his specialty and focusing on the undead he could control of...

Since most of the wizard gaggle was focusing its attention on the big one, his attention went to the lowly wraiths instead. Not enough flair, but it'd have to do. Maybe he could even generously give their weak forms some much-needed improvement.

1 Necromancy: Take control of a wraith.
+1: Make it attack the other enemies, with a preference for those targeting or heading towards their new master.
+3: Extend the effect to three more wraiths.
1 Enchantment: Make the wraiths suck life force faster.
+1 Specialize them into rapid weakening instead of murdering.

[1] To no one's surprise, you shackle your will to a wraith's instead. It's a vast and improbable leap, going from your normal compassionate self to an unholy urge to feast on your worthless comrades' life force to empower your own designs, but necromancy is a powerful school.

[2] You try to empower your own ability to suck the life force from your allies- odd slip of intentions, that- but as you are not a wraith it mostly just cycles your own life force into yourself. It's kind of tasty but stale, incidentally.

Now Wraithslave: Must feast on delicious comrades until wraiths destroyed
Now Unbalanced Life Stream: +1 damage from next attack
+1 Necromancy Passion

((I regret that I don't have enough fists to punch everything. Guess I'll have to find something else to do until they get into pummeling range.))

See if I can figure out if my mote does anything by thinking at it hard. And for the useful part of my action, if any enemies get close enough, use my Brawling to charge any enemies that get close to our mages, then attempt to transition into a grab and bodily hurl the enemy at the other nearest enemies using my momentum. Basically, I want to charge, grab, and toss anything that gets too close to the casting mages. Don't charge into the horde of nightmares, though.
[6] You lick your mote. You taste something interesting, and before long are vigorously probing and sucking on your mote like an unusually intriguing hard candy. Eventually you withdraw some kind of glowing toothpick, held awkwardly in your tongue.

[2] With the abomination noodling around and the bird-golems constrained, you decide to finish off the wraiths. Unfortunately they're sort of intangible and very very slippery, so you can't properly toss them anywhere.

+1 Seduction Passion

[3][5] The wraiths nibble on Ventaro and Jeffery's golem a bit, and feel a bit stronger for the former. The latter falls apart and returns to the dirt it was conjured from, but they don't get any delicious life force out of it.

Short Bronze Sentinel destroyed
Ventaro takes 3 damage, wraiths heal 1 HP

Spoiler: Wraith Group (click to show/hide)

"Hey, hey, wait! I haven't even gotten around to preparing yet!" BB uses her MARTIAL ARTS to waste anything that gets too close.

She also uses EARTH to tear out the ground for two pillars. Another point to shape them into fists. ANIMATION to make them hover around her. Another point to make them mimic her motions.
[2] You rain dirt on yourself as your earthen pillars sort of... don't quite hold together like you wanted them to.

[2] You try to ULTRAPUNCH the nightmare swarm as it gets close, but you're thrown off by trying to hit the swarm.

((That was a bit unexpected. Why lack of change of average pace is unexpected to me is a mystery.))

    Upon closer inspection, the crowd turned out to mostly consist of crazy dwarves, creepy old ladies, weird little girls and other shady sort.  Maren has a nagging feeling that they will live up to their to their looks in most terrible manner, caused by his magical ring, whatever he has seen so far and his common sense. Indeed, it was so strong and overshadowing, and he was so tired from walking a lenghty way trough all this hot scrubland just a half-hour ago, that attack of the horde of abominations managed to take him by surprise. Well, even in case his colleagues presented more danger to him then local he is able to do with his skills at the moment by himself, not in the small part due to him
Do i have a sword?
If no
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

If yes, simple sword
almost the same thing
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Enchant part Erin's ammmunition (3 clips or so. Or however much that is not "more than a half") with "anti-those-things properties", then, if not in immediate dangercaused by enhanting it with buffing-those-things properties, try to divine if and when there will be more attacks on the village in close future, and what they may consist of.

Before all this, he noted Erin, recognized him as enchanter(or something very simillar  :P ), and spoke to him, although he did find those stone eyes a bit unnerving (although a lot less so, then someone's lack of face to speak of. Or it not giving him any trouble):
"Hello, fellow enchanter. Did you got any ideas on how to better repel attack of those beasts?
For both: carefully avoid being busted by MARTIAL ARTS or anything else. If Erin actually manages to start building his cannon somehow, assist him in building it as an action instead, using 2 ench, if permission granted. DO NOT mess with aiming system or friend\enemy detection system.
((Yeah, immensely long post.  :P I hope what i'm trying to do now is within my abilities and speciality.

randomgenericusername, i'll be seeking for a valid in-character reason to attempt to assasinate yours.  :P ))
You run into two problems enchanting Erin's ammunition. Firstly, he doesn't have any, for a variety of reasons mostly boiling down to "robots are hard." Secondly, "anti-those-things" is not a thing; at a bare minimum, you need to know what they are to target an enchantment at them, and more than likely would need a relevant supporting skill and planned mechanism to actually make that happen.

[5] ((Dummy roll for passion gain. +1 Enchantment Passion.))

[3] Checking to confirm that you do indeed have a sword to use your sword skill with, you attempt to divine whether the village is under near threat. Your expert senses have difficulty seeing past the current turmoil, but you get the premonition of an echo: You suspect the current assault (or some aspect or it) is not unique.

+1 Enchantment Passion

For my first action, I would like to do some tai chi (all wuxia points) in conjunction with life magic (all life points) to prepare myself for future fights by strenghtening my body. The life force is to do the strengthening, the tai chi to focus the life magic into a form that helps with martial arts.

For my second action, I would like to use all of my Chi Magic points to conduct a tea ceremony in order to commune with whatever ancestor or guardian spirits (if any) are around this place. The tea ceremony is the conduit, steeped in tradition, to invite the spirits from the spirit world to here. If succesful, say the following to the spirit:
"Greetings, honorable spirit. My surname is Li, and my personal name is Kao, and there is a slight flaw in my character. I have invited you here to offer you a nice a cup of tea, and to ask you to aid in the defence of this town."
[1] You refine yourself into a state of complete tranquility and oneness with the universe. This is not great for fighting.

[4] It is, however, absolutely fantastic for communing with the spirits. Three appear before you, three speak before departing.

The first is ragged but thin and tall, like a great black stork with eyes of ruby red. It roils with constrained ambition, and acknowledges its tea as an unwanted bargain.

"This is no place for names," it rasps, "for they were young when I was old." With that it blows away into ashes in a wind you do not share.

The second is brilliant and large, like a topheavy golem of blue-white energy. It strains under invisible pressure, and pokes its tea as a strange gift.

"Can a riverbed be defended from a river?" it rumbles, before being sucked inwards on itself to a place you do not understand.

The third is recognizable as a ghostly old man, but his lower half trails away into ragged strips. He sags under unaddressed remorse, and sips his tea as a slight comfort.

"Does it deserve to be defended?" he moans, before vanishing through a doorway you do not recognize.

You are left alone with your thoughts, and some very good tea.

+1 Wuxia Passion

Quote from: Auto-Tiruin
Protect an ally, glow attack
[2] You try to surround the punchy girl with protective magic, but it just sort of gets in her eyes as she's trying to punch nightmare spirits.

[6] You blast the nightmare spirits with glowing light, slightly damaging and moderately disrupting them. And yourself. It was very bright.

Nightmares take 1 damage, you and nightmares take -3 damage to next attack
+1 Glow Passion

[1] The nightmare swarm tries to devour BB's body and mind, but she just revels in the horrific visions of endless battle, and punches a bunch of them in the process.

Nightmare Swarm takes 3 damage

Spoiler: Nightmare Group (click to show/hide)

Important Updates/Clarifications:

-The OP is a filthy liar when it comes to combat, as it implies you can't just use Fire 5 to deal 5 points of fire damage to a target (rolls permitting). This was originally to avoid people making Level 4 Zombies or swords with +3 Fire Enchants on them, which I assumed would be tedious and clunky. However, in combat you often want to put all your strength into accomplishing one thing, so just vomiting raw lightning magic or shackling effects onto foes is acceptable. More generally, you can apply raw skill points anywhere magnitude is dependent on them and relevant. Apologies for the inconvenience.

-Speaking of which, we have a new combat system! There are numbers now, which will hopefully make relative magnitudes clearer without making them boring. Your total HP is equal to your combined skill modifiers, and when you reach 0 HP... you are maimed! Not dead, you take a hefty penalty of some kind that's difficult to get rid of. So don't worry too much about getting taken out in combat, but I wouldn't recommend it if you can avoid it. You may also still maim yourself through poor decisions otherwise.
"Next, you're gonna wanna fuse the soul of a god with the devourer of time and space and cook it into a nice curry, which you'll find the instructions to in our previous video."
2,500+ chapters about slapping faces


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Re: Wizard Kingdom RTD [Turn 1: The First Fiasco of Many]
« Reply #78 on: September 16, 2018, 04:44:49 pm »

((Rolled five... on nothing. Well, will be more specific later. And no one did say that it haves no ammo. Why the hell it should not?  :P

Seduction passion for Beirus for licking things? But he is a male.  :-\
« Last Edit: September 16, 2018, 05:04:20 pm by MCreeper »
Rest of the sigs
Again, we were meant to scout out the place, bribe the right people, get intel, sneak in, sneak out. We are currently somewhere beneath the crater, fumbling for gasmasks


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Re: Wizard Kingdom RTD [Turn 1: The First Fiasco of Many]
« Reply #79 on: September 16, 2018, 05:01:30 pm »

"Oi what absolute GARBAGE amalgam is this? By me gran's HAIRY, PUTRID CHIN."

Use NECROMANCY to DISRUPT the souls inside the golems, and another to draw them OUT OF THEIR SHELLS.

I can do anything I want, as long as I accept the consequences.

"Y'know, my favorite thing about being a hero is that it gives you all kinds of narrative justification to just slay any ol' jerk who gets in the way - Black Mage.
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Re: Wizard Kingdom RTD [Turn 1: The First Fiasco of Many]
« Reply #80 on: September 16, 2018, 05:06:39 pm »

((Items that do not exist don't tend to have ammunition.  It first needs to exist, and then it could have ammo.  ;-p))

Maximum Spin

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Re: Wizard Kingdom RTD [Turn 0: Warm Welcome]
« Reply #81 on: September 16, 2018, 05:17:15 pm »

[5] They can't mind what they can't see! Whether this is because you're hiding in their shadows or standing behind them is up for debate.
The beauty of ninjaturgy is in not having to believe in a distinction!

Feeling that the golems are probably well in hand now, Erik looks around to take in the general state of the battle. And then he notices a chance to apply his unique skillset!
NINJATURGY is the art of misdirection, illusion, and displacement! Among other things! A point of ninjaturgy to make Devorae see the other allies as wraiths while he's wraithslaved! Another point to make him see the foes as normal people to harvest delicious life force or whatever it is wraithslaved people do from!

Then he considers the Abomination. And decides that it is "ew" and "needs to die". Three expertly thrown shurikens, each with its own aura of lightning, fly into the abomination's face from various directions! With an extra point of ninjaturgy on each, Erik leaps through the shadows as he throws the shurikens so that they appear to come from all over and won't give away his position.



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Re: Wizard Kingdom RTD [Turn 1: The First Fiasco of Many]
« Reply #82 on: September 16, 2018, 05:42:14 pm »

Li Kao stand up in a huff, throwing the contents of his teacup on the patch of ground where the spirits appeared.

"Ancestor spirits! By the August Personage of Jade, do I loathe dealing with ancestor spirits! How garbage are their offspring that three ancestor spirits refuse to lift a single spectral finger in their defence?"

Fuming, he squeezes his little stress ball in rapid succession.

"I suppose if you want something done right, you have to beat the crap out of it yourself."

Squeeze my stress ball to calm down from dealing with those asshole ancestor spirits.

Then go and attack the nightmare swarm using the ancient technique: "Nimble Crane Pecks With Spectral Beak". A technique that has the user "dance" around the enemy's attacks, using fast punching strikes whenever an opening presents itself (wuxia 3). The fast strikes are supplemented by the Chi force of user, both increasing the punch's physical power (Chi magic 3) as well as allowing the punch to strike the spiritual core of the target (Chi magic 2).


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Re: Wizard Kingdom RTD [Turn 1: The First Fiasco of Many]
« Reply #83 on: September 16, 2018, 05:58:08 pm »

Mutate the abomination's flesh to be very inflammable and sticky. Use vitamancy to heal anyone that's injured and to make them healthier.


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Re: Wizard Kingdom RTD [Turn 1: The First Fiasco of Many]
« Reply #84 on: September 16, 2018, 06:42:52 pm »

Jeffery summons a shield, like a really big one, using one point of summoning for the base effect and another for the large size of the shield. He also uses a point of metal to make the shield out of cast iron, and another to have it menace with cast iron spikes.

He then summons a tall golem with the strength to world said shield. One point of summoning goes to the base spell, another to slightly increase its power so that it may wield the shield, and a third point so that it makes puns about everything it does. He also adds a point of metal to summon it out of tungsten.
"You are a shameful gaggle of cowards who has made a mockery of the challenge, but you have avoided death. Sit and eat."


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Re: Wizard Kingdom RTD [Turn 1: The First Fiasco of Many]
« Reply #85 on: September 16, 2018, 06:45:30 pm »

Whooops, missed the first turn. Sorry, I was (and still are) busy.

Try to sneak away from the chaos and find the villagers from this town or a place to hide until the fights are over? Otherwise, try to summon deep creatures to protect me.
The dog behind the man behind the beard.
Immortality like that would be even more game breaking than four Aaron's in one place.
You're both so obviously scum that this is a surprisingly difficult decision.

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Re: Wizard Kingdom RTD [Turn 1: The First Fiasco of Many]
« Reply #86 on: September 16, 2018, 06:57:54 pm »

get back away from the abomination. (Does a move action take up an action? If it does, then just do the first action and put all 5 LIFE points on it, instead of just 2.)
Action 1- Put all 3 points of BONE and 2 points of LIFE into making its internal skeleton erupt into lots and lots of bony spikes. Then make those spikes rattle and shake around of their own accord.
Action 2 Use all 3 FLESH and 3 LIFE to divide his muscles into lots of little independent things. Make them fight and push and pull to get away from each other. Try to make each one a unique living thing, with the singular purpose of getting as far away from each other as possible.
I only ate a few vampire hearts. Like, three tops. I'm sure it'll be fine.

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Re: Wizard Kingdom RTD [Turn 1: The First Fiasco of Many]
« Reply #87 on: September 16, 2018, 07:01:13 pm »


Smith moves towards the caged golems, standing only 10 feet away when he casts his second spell.

(1) You start forward with determination and certainty. You carry this determination with you right into the gaping crater that opens under your feet. You fall into a pit. The sounds of combat above dim, along with the light from the suns. In the quiet below, you hear some other noises instead.


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Re: Wizard Kingdom RTD [Turn 1: The First Fiasco of Many]
« Reply #88 on: September 16, 2018, 07:01:18 pm »

"Dangit! I can't golem under pressure!" BB spit out the dirt raining on her while continuing to ora ora ora the hell out of the nightmare swarm, "There's way too many of whatever these things are supposed to be."

BB use EARTH to gather up the dirt she accidentally dug out and more dirt, and use ANIMATION to turn them into some kind of living earth mound. Another point to make it only attack and bury the nightmare swarm, because that's totally healthy for farming. Another point to make it constantly suck up more dirt to increase its mass.

She also uses MARTIAL ART to defensively avoid any attacks.
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Re: Wizard Kingdom RTD [Turn 1: The First Fiasco of Many]
« Reply #89 on: September 16, 2018, 07:28:33 pm »

"...Maybe I got a bit carried away there." Anna would groan a bit on the ground from within her sticky barrier shell. She'd give it a few test pokes, confirming it was rather hard.

Right. Well, first things first. "Spirit of Gaia, grant me the blessing of recovery! Restoration!" Anna will channel her VITAMANCY to restore her own LIFE FORCE as best she can.

Following that, since breaking a barrier from a prone state will be rather difficult, Anna casts a PROTECTIVE BARRIER between herself and the head of the GRAVITY HAMMER, then ACTIVATES the hammer's rocket - "Mana Charge!" - EMPOWERING the destructive force of the hammer's rocket with DESTRUCTION MAGIC to SMASH the STICKY BARRIER - "Gravity Hammer!" - and free herself from the ground, hopefully letting her return to the fight without killing herself in the process.
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