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Author Topic: =]M[= Odkishmomuz, "Ferncrypt," Discontinued due to user error =]M[=  (Read 5819 times)


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Re: =]M[= Odkishmomuz, "Ferncrypt," a story/mod-driven tileset showcase =]M[=
« Reply #30 on: September 26, 2018, 05:24:47 am »

Quick stylistic thing guys - should the bottom-floor barracks be made of bones? Debating on it and it'd be a good use for the bone building set, but dunno if it's appropriate.

If not, what do you guys think should be built from the bone set?

Fleeting Frames

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Re: =]M[= Odkishmomuz, "Ferncrypt," a story/mod-driven tileset showcase =]M[=
« Reply #31 on: September 26, 2018, 01:01:18 pm »

Personally, I found the grates to be quite beautiful. (I think some others were nice as well, but don't have it in front of me rn as I don't play with 32x or even 24x).

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Re: =]M[= Odkishmomuz, "Ferncrypt," a story/mod-driven tileset showcase =]M[=
« Reply #32 on: September 26, 2018, 05:20:49 pm »

     A road of bones for the merchants to drive along as they enter the fortress.
So! Failed to make peace, war looms, kill the infidels... what are our plans for the weekend?
The Giant Moles in the caverns of my current fort breed like crazy, even while regularly being decimated by other beasts entering them...


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Re: =]M[= Odkishmomuz, "Ferncrypt," a story/mod-driven tileset showcase =]M[=
« Reply #33 on: September 27, 2018, 10:54:22 am »

I really like what I see so far. :)

I made a few wood bar sprites that you can put in, should make the fence a bit nicer:

Good suggestions about material-specific roads too... bone roads will look like stone roads, because I only added floors, but not roads... guess I have a few more sprites to make. :)
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Re: =]M[= Odkishmomuz, "Ferncrypt," a story/mod-driven tileset showcase =]M[=
« Reply #34 on: September 27, 2018, 08:12:52 pm »

     Really loving your work, Meph, please keep 'arting'
So! Failed to make peace, war looms, kill the infidels... what are our plans for the weekend?
The Giant Moles in the caverns of my current fort breed like crazy, even while regularly being decimated by other beasts entering them...


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8th Hematite, 281

The caravan has been murdered. Cult dwarves set upon us as we traveled north. I do not know what has befallen the others but elves wielding iron and bronze blades descended upon the bedlam-stricken site. I struck down a cult dwarf while Roko fled with Helio. Once the cult dwarf was run through I fled as well. Other beards scattered in other directions in bedlam.

9th Hematite, 281

Discovered Roko and Helio hiding in an alcove in a hill a day's travel east of the caravan site. There are dwarves to the east not of the cult. We will travel there for safeness. Returned to ransacked caravan and plundered supplies. Buried few dwarves in dirt with Son's help. He does nto appear bothered by corpses and is concerned for any survivors. Helio is the good son and I informed him so.

16th Hematite, 281

Roko suffers nightmares from the ambush. I attempted to comfort her but it was useless. I told her not to accompany me on the caravan, for it is not a place for peacers. She would not listen. But I will continue to attempt to comfort her.

18th Hematite, 281

Traded my shield and mail for three barrels of ale with human traders. A growing dwarf should not subsist on water.

23rd Hematite, 281

Slipped on a log crossing a stream. Sword lost to the river as it was infested with carp.

28th Hematite, 281

Son found an abandoned pendant of a strange red metal. It appears old with no chain or string. I accepted the gift with gratitude, and Roko fashioned a string from vines. She informed me it would have to do until a proper chain could be forged. The metal is warm to touch.

8th Malachite, 281

Found signs of a caravan traveling northeast. Lack of abandoned plump helmet spawn showed them for human traders according to Roko. She is a ranger and so I defer to her wisdom. We will follow the trail

14th Malachite, 281

Ale has run out. A brook provides water, so our son will not suffer thirst. He should not have to suffer water.

16th Malachite, 281

Stumbled upon an outpost by a destroyed bridge following the trader trail. Roko has insisted we go to the dwarves there for safeness. I agreed on the condition I be allowed to make war upon the cult dwarves with honor. She begrudgingly accepted.

17th Malachite, 281

I have been inducted as warrior of the arm. My son asked what this meant, and I informed him: The arm reaches forth from fortresses to slay invaders and bring justice to outsiders. This is why it is called the arm. He expressed a desire to do the same when he came of age. When alone I admit I was filled with pride that he would wish to follow in the steps of his father and not his mother. There are times I wonder what caused her to become a peacer as she was so before the attack.

18th Malachite, 281

Roko has been assigned to process animals into useful things. I have been assigned to assist in the making of bins and to carve bones and to work leather. My son has been assigned to not break furniture in the dwarf Hugo's ranch. I do not know what a ranch is, and I wonder why holes were left in the walls and why we are required to sleep in Hugo's dining hall.

24th Malachite, 281

Leader ordered the hollow of a place for storing and burning refuse, and ordered food commodities be moved further below ground. Roko petitioned for rooms to build food from seeds. Her petition was accepted.

28th Malachite, 281

Have spent days carving bull horns and hooves into commodities for trade. It is difficult and I have broken several objects as I am accustomed to making stone crafts, but leader has mandated dolomite is for building, not trade. I will not contest this.

5th Galena, 281

Have moved on to bones. I desire to train, not make trinkets, but it is mandated trinkets be made.

10th Galena, 281

Hoyt shares my grumbling about lack of excitement. He argued with Roko on this subject, and I countered her claims that excitement endangers our son with excitement being possible from fighting wild beasts, but there are no wild beasts to fight. There are only geese and carp and a dwarf cannot fight animals that fly or swim without bringing them first to land.

11th Galena, 281

Issued a shield and helm of iron and leather armor. Commander and Rakkat were issued shields of iron. They are not well made compared to Hoyt's buckler and questioned him on it. Leader prefers bucklers, and offered it to him for comfort of a lost shield. I informed him I know the pain of losing favored equipment. It is good to know those who suffer similar losses.

15th Galena, 281

Warehouse is expanded underground with two wings. Leader wanders to mark appropriate trees to prevent the ramblings of Meph, who responds poorly to mismatched materials. She has complained endlessly about the mismatched wood leading to the expansion, and I can understand the suffering these dwarves must have suffered for several months.

20th Galena, 281

Horn materials have run out. Making totems from bull skulls.

21st Galena, 281

Out of bull skulls. Pratt has requested I build a work station to make blocks from bone and dolomite dust plaster. I asked what possessed her to make such a request. She informed me "All invaders will look upon Ferncrypt and hear only the screaming dead in our walls." This troubles me. Does she mean the screams of dead bulls? Of dead elves and cult dwarves? Or our own dead? Her statement has left me too disturbed to inquire of this further. I suspect it may be all of these things.

23rd Galena, 281

Militia voted for plaster and bone walls. I am surrounded by mad dwarves who clamor for death. Mad dwarves who do such things make for good war dwarves. The Cult dwarves will know fear, but I will need extra rations of ale to do the labor, as it is a disturbing duty to work bones into walls.

25th Galena, 281

First batch of blocks made. The blocks are made from rendered and shaped animal bone. There is debate on weather to lay flooring or build walls first. I requested triple rations of ale. The petition was denied.

1st Limestone, 281

Autumn comes. I pray no cult dwarves come with it.

Okay, so super sorry for the lack of an update such as it is. been hyper distracted and juggling a bunch of different things, plus getting back into New Vegas after not playing it for almost two years as well as getting geared up for my first D&D campaign, fully cementing my love of nerd shit if all goes well (send halp.)

Gonna try and get back into the swing of things here, and Meph is going to try and figure out what the hell happened with the colors, and now we have proper fence graphics which he provided which will almost assuredly show in the next update.

Militia is bored, construction is slow due to lack of workers and trying to stick to the theme of an deranged perfectionist in the party, and there's literally nothing to hunt because everything's been carp, geese, and ravens, or more geese. I may end up with a crew of marksdwarves just to kill the fuckin' fish.

I've built space for seed stocks, farms, a food prep room and storage, a locals-only tavern underground, dormitory (a proper one, not Hugo's dining room,) extra storage under the warehouse, and I'm sort of drawing up plans for the keep. Dunno what I'm gonna do specifically yet. Would also like to apologize for the lack of screenshots, just nothing really going on to make drawings or take shots of right now, since no new construction is underway in earnest yet.


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I said it before, but I'm really enjoying the writing so far - I think you hit a nice balance between Bravemule's style and a more easy-to-understand one. Can't wait to see some of the structures you put up once you get more workers in migrant waves - I personally rarely do aboveground stuff until after a few waves have already come in.


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Re: =]M[= Odkishmomuz, "Ferncrypt," a story/mod-driven tileset showcase =]M[=
« Reply #37 on: November 12, 2018, 06:57:51 pm »

Righto lads, eyes up. I've started working on this fort again. I figure it's gonna be a while before Meph gets back to me on what might be wrong with my save, but on the upside the new graphics for the fences are looking good.  :)

Was there anyone in need of a dwarf? The fall migrants have arrived. Among them we have a gay couple - a swordsdwarf and his less refined husband who is given to punching people, a ranger with her anti-magic milk secreting goat, and a surgeon who has a fondness for maces, possibly as a result of his job I have dubbed the War Doctor.


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Re: =]M[= Odkishmomuz, "Ferncrypt" =]M[=
« Reply #38 on: January 03, 2019, 01:14:32 am »

7th Limestone, 281

A caravan comes. I met with them and discovered their leader to be a cult dwarf. He claims no loyalty to the cult, but is forever branded the cult dwarf for his betrayal of dwarves. I did not wish to risk an incident with Pratt or Rakkat and informed him so. He agreed that to be known as such among victims of the cult would be undesirable and swore his dwarves to secrecy.

-There appears to be staining consistent with spilled wax or tallow, slight burns through many of the following pages, and several pages appeared to have been torn out haphazardly.-

4th Sandstone, 281

Drunken argument resulted in up-ended candles. Journal damaged. I must inquire about acquiring a new journal from the caravan next year.

17th Sandstone, 281

Wandering dwarves arrive. They claim to be survivors of the caravan ransack that Hans, Roko, Helio escaped. Hans confirmed their identity for merchants. One, Sola, is a clothier of legendary repute. Two, Vett and Hommit, have volunteered to join the arm. Pratt informed them they would be initiated once I have completed weapons and mail for them. It is good to know not all merchant dwarves are cowardly. We now number twenty.

22nd Sandstone, 281

Hommit has been initiated as a warrior of the arm. Sard had purchased a single bar of cryocite, a metal for which he has fondness. I worked it into a sword and gave it to Pratt, who issued it with iron mail and helm. He took up his sword with intent to wield it with honor. Vett informs he would like a mace or hammer of silver if I am creating weapons of favored metals. We will likely need to smelt tetrahedrite and informed him so. I gave iron mail and helm to Pratt and informed her to wait until I could provide Vett with the silver he desired. She has agreed, though it appears to be begrudgingly.

[pratt giving Hommit his stuff]

25th Sandstone, 281

The militia is amusing to observe. Rakkat appears pained by broken old dwarven, which the militia appears to speak exclusively when training. It will confuse the enemies of Ferncrypt and allows us to have chortles at the militia's expense. Hugo appears to be writing letters. perhaps she intends to aquire books of old dwarven for teaching?

27th Sandstone, 281

Meph declared bone doors insufficient. "They are misshapen. We will use heavy oaken doors."

7th Timber, 281

Witnessed creatures cross the river without hindrance or care. Levin and Roko named them capybara. Rakkat named them water rats.

15th Timber 281

Hugo burst from her ranch at mid-day screaming she had need of wood! The noise started Rakkat who threw a dart at the door, but she had already stormed away in haste. Hans inquired if Rakkat did not give her sufficient wood and though she did not care, I reprimanded him for making unwholesome comments in front of the small dwarves.

22nd TImber, 281

Hugo completes her work: A cage of utmost shape and lockability! Though it is plain it is a marvelous sight to behold!

2nd Moonstone, 281

Winter comes. Garnier takes up labor as a potter to occupy himself with no wounded war dwarves to tend nor enemies to murder. Vett is initiated as a warrior of the arm with a silver mace. Fisherdwarves complain of no turtles to murder for shells and meat.

10th Moonstone, 281

Occupied dwarves with constructing a storage room for cages. It is made from oak wood. Ordered more oak wood be cut into planks for more efficient construction of future areas.

24th Moonstone, 281

Rakkat has informed Hugo to inform me of the return of the water rats. Pratt has requested orders to hunt the beasts for meat and bones to finish the barracks room. We require meat or else Stones will know hunger and tantrums. I approved the request and ordered the water rats be slain for Ferncrypt.

4th Opal, 281

A terror stalked from the forest! The militia disengaged from the water rats to do battle with the beast. Pratt is credited with the kill, but Vett has been struck down. Both Vett and the dark beast were slain by blood loss.

2nd Obsidian, 281

Vett is entombed. Pratt, Hans, and Hommit informed at his funeral that he died well. They also informed that had he not succumbed to bleeding, they would have slain him themselves in private afterwards. I did not understand why they declared intent to murder Vett had he survived.

"Vett suffered a bitten leg. Severed skin elicits the curse when inflicted by bites of dark beasts." Hans informed. This terrifies me. Are we to butcher our own warriors if another beast attacks and it is slain, but breaks the skin of war dwarves with teeth?

Pratt also informed a desire to be killed should such an event come to pass.

12th Obsidian, 281

I have ordered the construction of a tower of dolomite. We shall honor Vett and all future Heroes by telling the world Ferncrypt is tall, wealthy, and strong.

1st granite, 282

Spring comes. I pray no dark beasts follow it.

11th Granite, 282

Elves come to barter. Forged spiked copper balls to trade, and entrusted Sard with the task. She lamented lack of bagma. Their beasts are strange and... Unsettling.

The horse appears to stare with ill intent. I do not like these "wind Chargers" as the elves call them. I find the "Blossoming stompers" disturbing to look upon with their eyeless heads.

12th Granite, 282

The bone barracks is completed. Floors of willow and storage racks of pecan adorn it. Meph seems... Content, though not necessarily pleased. Sard is indeed the crafty merchant. For a mere two spiked copper balls she secured a lion, claw, a bow, and several bundles of arrows. I was amaze that Rakkat appeared to not care about the elves. Hugo translated this amazement, and he claims it is because they are not ferric elves. He does not have a quarrel with the forest elves.

15th Granite, 282

Migrants arrive. Pratt went among them on orders to find suitable war dwarves. The migrants Vex, Nidor, and Violet volunteered to join the arm. I have sucpisions of Nidor as he follows the god of peace. Pratt informs that Nidor claims Bisol does not demand his followers be peacers. I will have to discuss how this is possible with Nidor. He takes up the fallen Vett's mace and mail and assures me he will murder the enemies of Ferncrypt.

Zoporo and Beryl brought the baby Bob. They claim Bob was born two weeks ago. Zaporo claims knowledge of a lost technology of dwarfkind. I inquired as to what this is. he informed: "Humans held on to the art for longer. But it is a gift of the dwarves." He then unrolled a scroll from his pack that appeared to be evil glyphs and engravings. I did not understand these pictures and informed him they resembled evil things.

He told me that they were schematics for powerful tools of war. Rifles and cannons.

Okay, so. Here's an update at last! I have dwarfed Kaos, Hommit, Imic, Zaporozhets, and Vettlingr, as well as people who had a history of showing up in past forts (strictly speaking, Hans was actually a dwarf for Hanslanda for instance.) Or just because I felt like it.

Vettlingr sadly died during that weremammoth attack (didn't last one update, lol,) so if you want another one, feel free to gimmie a new name and such.

So, in other news, we got an artifact out of Hugo (which I failed to even properly represent, I managed to cock up reading basic English and left out the oak spikes,) started work on a big-ass dolomite tower, have actually nearly finished the food-prep area, got the graphics kinda-sorta working a bit better - still haven't fixed that color error though - finished the good storage area, andcompleted the trash incinerator room. Can confirm the crematory works flawlessly, as do the build-mat override, though unless I missed something, there doesn't appear to be a boon door override, resulting in a black tile.

The militia now counts Nidor in Vettlingr's place as a macedwarf, Violet (an unclaimed she-dorf) will take a role as an axedwarf, and Vex (given on behalf of  longtime-supporter by the name of Monitor Lisard, who I haven't seen around in a long time,) is gonna be suited up like a traditional hoplite - full bronze armor, shield, and spear, and I'm thinking I might set our next melee dorf with a great-hammer.

And speaking of military matters, killed a weremammoth! The only bites it landed were non-latching body hits that the leather over chain halted, or latching bruisers to the limbs that were forced to release. Seriously, Hans, Pratt, and Hommit saved eachother's asses about a dozen times each by trying to bodycheck the thing or just by blind luck of it jumping away instead of standing and tanking the hits. The beast bled out from the wounds inflicted by three attacking dwarves while Vettlingr valiantly flailed about while getting the shit beaten out of him.

Were it not for his being defiantly mangled - a credit to him, as despite his shield arm and both legs getting broken and one of said legs torn off, he didn't black out and kept swinging until the bitter end, even saving Hommit by doing so from a bruising latch to the chest -  the fort would have almost certainly been lost or at minimum been forced to entomb its own soldiers. So hats off to your dorf Vettlingr.

We also have a number of suitable marksdwarf recruits, one of whom being Zaporozhets bringing his knowledge of guns and cannons. I leave it up to you guys on if we should skip the crossbows and go straight to the thunder pipes.

Also, my apologies if the writing style is inconsistent, and for the sudden change in portrait and art styles. I'm going to make an effort to half-ass things less on an artistic front. I'll likely go back and redo the portraits for Hans and Pratt as well.

Interestingly, our dwarves all consistently have a nondecript shade of brown (I went with a somewhat lighter shade because they all grew up underground or in partially underground hillocks,) and raw umber eyes, but have a dizzying array of normal hair colors ranging from black to basically platinum blonde - Koas' hair is Auburn, Sola (our legendary migrant Clothier,) is essentially platinum blonde (ecru,) Hoyt's is light brown, Beryl, a spring migrant, is a golden blonde, and Hans' hair is straight Black. There's also some older dwarves who have solid white hair.

Just thought it was interesting that we could tell our dwarves are ours by their eye and skin color (literally everyone's eyes are raw umber and their skin is brown,) and wide array of normal hair colors.

Oh, and happy new year.

EDIT: TOlver will be our main dwarf for the next couple updates, as these newer profile pictures are much more involved. Also fixed some errors caused by my own inability to read (like listing Vett being entombed twice because I thought I forgot to include it the first time.  ::) )


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Re: =]M[= Odkishmomuz, "Ferncrypt," Honor to Vett the Hero =]M[=
« Reply #39 on: January 06, 2019, 06:55:40 am »

Atleast that artifact cage has some spikes I guess, and can be used for something. Better than a wooden toy or a gem encrusted with the same type of gem.

Shame about Vett - given what Weremammoths are usually like his death was probably rather painful.


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Re: =]M[= Odkishmomuz, "Ferncrypt," Honor to Vett the Hero =]M[=
« Reply #40 on: January 06, 2019, 08:20:17 am »

Oh it was horrible for him. While it was mostly bruises he ended up with, it joint-locked both his legs and shield arm. I think the only reason he didn't black out is because one of the pain-causing limbs was torn off, but still, his sacrifice saved the rest of the militia.

Still, he got shoved into a nice dolomite tomb, so he can't complain. Not uh, not that he can as a partial skeleton at this point.


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Re: =]M[= Odkishmomuz, "Ferncrypt," Honor to Vett the Hero =]M[=
« Reply #41 on: January 07, 2019, 12:22:22 am »

2nd Slate, 282

The remainder of Granite has passed without incident. Wooden statues carved of peach wood have been placed around the warehouse. This was doen to assuage Meph after requiring channeling and moving of walls to replace the stairs to the lower store rooms. Statues of Polar bear men now stand guard over the front doors and a statue of a dwarf over the hatch to the lower store rooms.

3rd Slate, 282

Dispute over equipment. Making steel war axe to prevent further disputes.

6th Slate, 282

Had to explain war axe was not for executions to Violet. She is a dolt who believed I intended to execute dissenters of iron equipment.

10th Slate, 282

Tower construction continues well. Beryl inquired about a missing socks. Informed her that Helio and Umbra have been using them for sock puppets. I also informed her the performances are terrible.

18th Felsite, 282

Forced to establish temporary food stockpile in hallway. Too much food and barrels are in short supply. I do not understand the lack of barrels.

20th Felsite, 282

Pratt mandates warriors of the arm shall sleep in shared barracks rooms. This is to prevent conflict over living room assignments while the warriors are away on raids. She professed interest in assaulting a tower of death cultists. I pray that is not a mistake.

1st Hematite, 282

Summer comes. mandate halt to fishing. The fisherdwarves protest but I am firm. There is not enough storage room for food. Violet stumbled away muttering in old dwarven.

Violet cannot speak old dwarven well. She forced Hoyt from the work station and seized oaken and ashen lumber, water rat bone, and cut green glass. She will not speak in words other than old Dwarven. Rakkat informs she only mutters Hoisttired, The Tears of Brass. I was also informed of the discovery of a new cluster of magnetite.

5th Hematite, 282

Another masterful buckler. Quite a satisfying piece to forge!

6th Hematite, 282

Rotten fish are unwholesome. The Fisherdwarves question my mandate to halt fishing, and yet we have had to dispose of twenty rotten fish.

11th Hematitie, 282

A truly sublime cup, though Violet has no recollections of making it. only that "Thob told me to create it."

14th Hematite, 282

Humans come from the west. We are prepared. Sard should have little difficulty selling a meager two bins of crafts and old wood shields for needed ale and cloth.

16th Hematite, 282

Saw Lapis shoot a goose from the sky. Quite a satisfying display!

20th Hematite, 282

I discussed with Meph on how to best construct the tower. She was unhelpful and simply said "Up and consistently out of dolomite."

24th Hematite, 282

Wood has become short in supply. I have sought volunteers for woodcutting, and Talvi stepped forward to lumber trees, as Meph is unable to meet demand alone. I issued a freshly forged copper axe which she took up with honor. She has declared no sapling safe from her axe.

1st Malachite, 282

Sola and Amaran have begun harvesting apples and apricots to supplement food storage and provide needed drink. It is good they are proactive herbalists.

3rd Malachite, 282

There is quarrel over Sola and Amaran's produce. Some Stones claim that dwarves gathering elf plants is unacceptable. Others call the first party dolts and that the elf platns are still food and all is edible or distillable. I am unsure which side to join, and so weighed options. I have sided with the latter party for pragmatic concerns.

5th Malachite, 282

I find apples to be palatable and understand Hugo's love of cider and Meph's love of Apricots more. Now I understand the opposition party less.

8th Malachite, 282

I have never seen Meph so ecstatic as when she consumed an apricot this morning at morning food and ale. Had I not known better, I would have believed she were somehow doing unwholesome things at the table.

10th Malachite, 282

Pratt has adopted the war lion trained by Terra. It appears to like its new master.

15th Malachite, 282

Drew up plans with Meph for living rooms. Other Stones seemed pleased by this.

5th Galena, 282

A helm of perfect proportion and shape, suited to any dwarf.  None can question my skill as an armorer.

15th Galena, 282

Drew up plans for a prisoner room. Some expressed concern. Others support. We will have need of Fortress Guards.

17th Limestone, 282

Caravan arrives from the south. Sard is prepared. Construction is slow. I have considered mandating additional masonry workstations to accelerate the rise of our tower.

18th Limestone, 282

There is much demand for large gems, backpacks, armor, bucklers, and shields. I suspect war in the homeland, but Zefon was evasive. I suspect he wishes to avoid spread of panic amongst the stones for loved ones back in the homeland.

20th Limestone, 282

Vex's granddaughter Auroran arrived today at the head of a small group of migrants. Vex informed she had sent a letter with a human courier in the summer caravan in the hopes of attracting additional workers, but had not expected her to arrive herself. She brings with her the legendary weaponsmith Ampers and legendary woodcrafter Vanya. How she convinced such legendary craftsdwarves to travel to a den of exiles and former caravaneers I will never know.

21st Limestone, 282

Buck has been fully initiated as a warrior of the arm over his husband's protests. Buck asserts tha if one weremammoth exists, more must exist. If not them, then the iron elves or cult dwarves are still a threat. Ziem has been made a captain of the militia and has pledged to bring death to Ferncrypt's enemies. Pratt as expressed annoyance that she has been unable to find a willing war dwarf to wield a heavy silver greathammer. As Ampers is more content to fish than forge weapons I have crafted three steel shortswords. They are not as well made as what she could provide, but should prove sufficient.

23rd Limestone, 282

The migrant papermaker Opal has stepped forward to serve as the bookkeeper of Ferncrypt. It is good to have a bookkeeper.

1st Sandstone, 282

The prison room is hollowed and I have dispatched Hans with volunteers looking for labor to occupy them to smooth it.

5th Sandstone, 282

Some have begun moving into unfinished living rooms and already clamor for doors. Why would they move into unfinished rooms?

10th Sandstone, 282

I have been petitioned by Ampers for a private room and wokshop. I have abided this request and Meph has drawn plans for her bedroom. A smith of her caliber is deserving. I have also requested that she draw up plans for a workshop fitting Zaporo. Upon investigation of several manuals he has brought, copper appears to be necessary to plate the traditional gunsmithing workplace.

21st Sandstone, 282

Garneir has become quiet and withdrawn, and retreated to his glass cutting station. What does he plan I wonder? Has has seized a large peice of white opal unearthed recently and nothing else, merely drawing hastily erected curtains for privacy.

25th Sandstone, 282

Pratt and I have lost a wager with Sard. We had wagered ten silver that he would produce a perfect white opal gemstone.

28th Timber, 282

Timber has passed without incident. The prisoner room nears completion with installation of iron bars to separate prisoners from guard dwarves.

3rd Moonstone, 282

Scouts were seen to the east. The cult has discovered us. We must better prepare ourselves for war, but there is debate on the scale of fortifications needed.

5th Moonstone, 282

I have mandated the construction of a tavern from oak and ash. An ashen roof and Oaken walls and floor should prove adequate. We now have an abundance of drink to stock such a place. But we have need of a glassmaker.

15th Moonstone, 282

Future mayor dining room nears completion. Future noble's

28th Moonstone, 282

Two children born in Ferncrypt, born mere days apart. The boy took a liking to a shoveldon and was named Spade after their tusks. The girl attempted theft of Violet's battle axe and was named Hatchet.

9th Opal, 282

Another child born of Ferncrypt. He appears fond of the badgerwolves that shadow Rakkat and so was named Badger.

19th Opal, 282

Another child that Talvi has named Kunz. The future of Ferncrypt has come. I pray they are not taken by the cult for their families sake. No parent should have to war against their children.

6th Obsidian, 282

The Tower's stairs now sit above the treetops. I should consult fellow Stones in what best to cap the structure to display our affluence.

24th Obsidian, 282

The tavern building is complete with shingles, ale, windows, and a peach wood carved statue. We need only a name and can be opened, though we will need a tavern keeper in time.

28th Obsidian, 282

Kaos has deigned to usher the coming year with art. What shall she create? She has assumed control of Ampers' workshop for her labor, and has brough freshly smelted silver ingots into the staton, and now screams for rock blocks.

Okay, so here's another update from Tolver the leader. We got buzzed by the cult, not combat action though. Was just one of those on-map-leave-map deals. It would have been a slaughter anyway as while they had a handful of trained dudes, the force consisted of 15 or so untrained conscripts with only three fighters with weapons (one crossbow, one sword, one hammer.) But we're officially at war with the cult dwarves of the most retarded name ever, The Brass Iron. And being the closest outpost of our civ, that means we'll get all those lovely, lovely sieges.

They are also the most numerous of the little fuckers, with nearly 10000 citizens (8k culti dorfs, 1k ferric elves, around 800 misc. other folks.)

We got a tavern about ready, the tower is rising, and window production has begun. Hugo's ranch will actually be finished soon after what, two years with no windows? Anyway, speaking of that, the militia now has housing, and many of our 44 citizens now have homes to call their own, though lacking in furnishings beyond beds and it's not 100% on that. Also started working on an engineering area, which is going to also include Zaporozhets' quarters, and gotten storage for cloth and leather sorted. After the next update, I'll be doing a full and proper tour of the place so far, show off some of the replacer sets a bit better. Will probably switch to a new dorf for the next one too.

Still haven't gotten that color error fixed though, and for some reason my war lion looks like some kind of angry primate.

Also, what do you guys think for a metal cap on the tower? Silver? Platinum? Glass? Brass?


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Re: =]M[= Odkishmomuz, "Ferncrypt," Honor to Vett the Hero =]M[=
« Reply #42 on: January 09, 2019, 12:08:01 pm »

5th Granite, 283

A son! I will name him Kaniwa. He seemed to enjoy the sampling I gave to him of the last of the imported stock.

6th granite, 283

Kaos begins her strange construction. She battered Meph for blocks and did not even apologize for such a shameful display.

12th Granite, 283

Kaos has finished her great work. There is talk of establishing a museum for admiring such works, but I do not know if such rumors should be heeded.

18th Granite, 283

A bitter argument with Sard in the tavern. She professes to be an expert in the art of commerce, but I still find her trader's ways loathsome. What use is skill in coin when there are cult dwarves laying siege to Ferncrypt?

24th Granite, 283

I wish we were not so busy with labor. But the fortifications that will ensure Kaniwa's safeness will not construct themselves.

1st Hematite, 283

Summer comes. I pray war does not come with it.

7th Hematite, 283

The traveling performers are most welcome in the tavern. The performances are delightful! Even if they are unskilled with our instruments.

10th hematite, 283

Humans come from the east. A return trip no doubt, and I suspect stalked by the cult or iron elves.

16th Hematite, 283

Petitioned leader for the construction of menacing spikes on mechanisms to skewer iron elves and cult dwarves. Petition is backed by other Stones. Petition was accepted, and Kaos professed intent to create the mechanisms. Leader will likely fashion the spikes with which the mechanisms will menace intruders, as Ampers is content to waste her days fishing the stream. If I did not have a son to protect I would not judge her for this.

22nd Hematite, 283

Nemos are such strange instruments.

28th Hematite, 283

Vanya and Ampers give birth to young dwarves of their own! It is good to see youths in Ferncrypt.

6th Malachite, 283

Amaran is such a kind dwarf. I suspect he is envious of those of us in fruitful relationships, as he and Buck cannot have children. I have offered him to be Umbra and Kaniwa's godfather should anything happen to Myself or Garneir.

12th Malachite, 283

A cult dwarf was spotted entering our lands. He fell over and did not get up. I suspect him dead from old age.

18th Malachite, 283

The humans depart. Perhaps they will bring more pikes and spears and spikes for elf mangling traps next summer.

24th Malachite, 283

The first layer of fortifications is nearing completion. The iron bridge is quite pleasant to look upon! It is flanked by cloakhound statues, marking Ferncrypt for a West Helm fortress.

28th Malachite, 283

The "engineer's room" is nearing completion. Only half of a floor remains, and furnishings of copper for Zaporo's room.

5th Galena, 283

There is something sublime about excellent poets. Opal should have become a bard! I informed her so and she thanked me. "It is the results of a misspent youth." She informed. A tavern girl maybe?

11th Galena, 283

I miss the snows of the homeland mountains.

17th Galena, 283

Construction of tombs for Stones and pets is underway. Warriors of the arm will receive better accommodations in death. To have a tomb at all will be good for any Stone. I have heard many tales of dwarves and pets left to rot where they fall or incinerated in magma having only crude memorials to be remembered with. Though I am unsure how to feel about Kaniwa being assigned a tomb when he is not even able to walk.

23rd Galena, 283

A temple to Elcur has been hollowed. It appears to be a precation with the tombs.

1st Limestone, 283

Helio ushers the autumn with a pick of sublime make! He will be legend as an adult, as he is as a boy.

6th Limestone, 283

Geese honk all hours of the day and night as they roost in willows over the river. They are annoying to endure.

12th Limestone, 283

A dwarven caravan arrives from the east. Perhaps they have Fonio Beer?

13th Limestone, 283

No such fortune. I have seen copperwyrms among the merchant wares however. Leader informed she intends to picket them around the gate to deter intruders who would snatch children.

19th Limestone, 283

The first level of fortifications is complete. Or rather, complete enough to funnel unintelligent elves and cult dwarves into the unassuming maw of death.

25th Limestone, 283

Leader mandated enough shoes for the fortress to be constructed from yak leather. It will be good to have unweathered shoes.

5th Sandstone, 283

There is war in the homeland - humans and elves war eachother over treatment of trees, and there is rumor of the cult marching on crevicetin. I do not know if I believe this news.

12th Sandstone, 283

The caravan departs west, and Opal births a girl she has named Boar. Such an adorable child!

15th Sandstone, 283

Ilmeni and Frog's cousin Slime arrived with a traveler by the name of Rice. They profess flight from the cult, and Pratt conscripted Rice to wield a great hammer with honor. She will shatter enemy resolve with a hammer of silver.

21st Sandstone, 283

The militia grows restless from lack of training. Vex especially requires drill, as she always lumbers from place to place clad in heavy bronze.

27th Sandstone, 283

The Gate is set. If needs demand, we can cut the enemy from us, or force them to tire themselves scrambling over walls.

1st Timber, 283

Beryl brings a child into the world. Petitioned for more traps for the child dwarves' safeness.

7th Timber, 283

An elf was granted residency. His wife serves as a warrior of the arm in a dwarven hold in the southeast, and he appeared much too fond of pig tail fabric when he observed it. He was granted residency in the hope he will be a better Nemoist than any of use will be. No Stone is particularly decent with the Nemo. He has been warned that if he remains and petitions for citizenship, he will walk his wife's path and be called upon to war the enemies of Orrun Lam. He accepted this inevitability.

1st Moonstone, 283

Winter comes, and with it more children! Such a bustling home we will have!

6th Moonstone, 283

Construction of traps begins. Ampers will provide spears with which to skewer passing intruders. It is good to see her finally take the safeness of the young dwarves seriously.

12th Moonstone, 283

Sard disrupts construction efforts, babbling in old dwarven with magnetite stones. There is debate over her future creation.

16th Moonstone, 283

Sard produces a floodgate! It is a magnificent work, that some already say will make an excellent portal to the dread caverns should they be struck.

22nd Moonstone, 283

Slime has been made manager of work tasks. I was unaware we had no manager.

23rd Moonstone, 283

Leader has been elected mayor. The mayoral accommodations were not yet complete. No Stone sees this as an issue.

1st Opal, 283

Ampers has set down her rod and net. She has begun forging furniture of copper and spears to fill traps. I do not know what has possessed her to do this, but no Stone complains.

24th Opal, 283

The Mayor is proactive and has mandated no export of spears.

2nd Obsidian, 283

The Temple to Elcur has been established in the catacombs. She has few followers, but the militia is insistent that even if they do not follow her, they are at her mercy.

Okay! So, another update! Obsidian's passed fully, Bolli spent the entire time helping build shit and nothing of note happened in her life there past the temple announcement. No kiddies born, no fancy goodies, nada.

We've officially completed engineering, with a seigeworks made of bronze, copper mechanic workshops, an iron gunsmith, and Zaporozhets' quarters, fully furnished in copper. I may switch out one of the mechanic stations for an alchemy lab, which I think is needed to make gunpowder. We also have a fully working bridge, a full wall encircling us to the south, started working on some perimeter traps at the corners made of bronze and copper spears (which Tolver will mandate shitloads of and Ampers shares a preference for.)

Got our first temple up to Elcur, the goddess of murder, suicide, and death in general. I'm unsure if she counts as our de facto war god or not, or if this role is shared with Kib the god of Order, Law, and Discipline. I've also established enough grave slots for all our citizens, though until construction is complete I can't actually build the coffins and preassign them to folks for max efficiency in tending the dead.

The militia is set up with one full squad now, so if we get everyone trained up, we can go a raiding the ferric elves if we feel like it, I've finished the museum floor of the tower and Hugo's ranch is fully finished, with windows and errything. Now I just need to jam Hugo and Rakkat in a tiny locked room until they agree to fucking get married, food and drink are ncie and plantiful, and shockingly, the population is undergoing a bit of a baby boom, with a fifth of the people in the fort being born into it or arriving very young.

There's also a little error that I hadn't noticed. i don't know how it happened, but somehow we have access to a single type of divine metal, shining metal to be specific, which is associated with light. The ingots are super expensive at 2.5k per ingot, and I dunno what would be the best use of it. I'm thinking of making it our priority import from home from now on and outfit the entire militia in shining metal armor, though I'm also debating on setting up the militia with shining metal weapons instead since it'll be easier to do that than armor (and with ampers, we'll get better results able to shred cultist armor.)

Next up will be a general tour of the fort so far, and discussing our civ's deities.


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Re: =]M[= Odkishmomuz, "Ferncrypt," Honor to Vett the Hero =]M[=
« Reply #43 on: January 10, 2019, 05:05:35 am »

Whatever happened to the first siege? I assume it was just ten untrained dwarven recruits who were too insignificant to bother talking about too much. Or was it one of those disappearing armies I've heard so much about?

Man, your artifacts are really underwhelming. A bone weapon is like the ultimate kick in the nuts from strange mood RNGods.


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Re: =]M[= Odkishmomuz, "Ferncrypt," Honor to Vett the Hero =]M[=
« Reply #44 on: January 10, 2019, 11:34:35 am »

Whatever happened to the first siege? I assume it was just ten untrained dwarven recruits who were too insignificant to bother talking about too much. Or was it one of those disappearing armies I've heard so much about?

It was less "disappearing" and more "I think they buzzed us on their way somewhere else." Happened again in an update I'm working on, but the force composition was about that both times - what looked like a mess of recruits and 3-5 guys with actual weapons. I've stuck some animals at the point of arrival to see if I can entice them into sticking around near the point of arrival (was the same both times,) next time they pay us a visit.

Man, your artifacts are really underwhelming. A bone weapon is like the ultimate kick in the nuts from strange mood RNGods.

Dude you have no idea. The constant  white-on-white color materials also make it hard to do much with (had to fudge it on the war pick,) though at least the cup came out kinda cool looking. I could do with less shit made of silver though. White-on-white details are really fucking hard to work with at my skill level.

The pick though at least in a pinch? It'd probably be fine for fighting poorly/unarmored human-sized enemies and smaller, but it's still not great, and that floodgate will make an excellent portal into the underground when I get around to looking for it.
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