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Author Topic: Mod Brainstorm Thread (Or the spot to share ideas for mods you may want to see)  (Read 210 times)


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Basically, this is a thread for the sole purpose of sharing ideas for mods and discussing them. Who knows? Maybe some inspiration could flow from all of this.

Anywho, let's kick off this thread with a bit of a mod idea I've had floating about in my head for a while.

Dwarf Fortress: The Eternal Winter

Basically three races all trying to survive a possibly supernatural ice age.

Humanity will be split into a couple civ types. These civ types will be known as Survivors and Tribals.

Survivors live in typical villages and act kinda similar to vanilla humans. Able to make steel and what not.

Tribals are cave-dwelling dudes with a taste for flesh and they lack metallurgy at all, just using base metals and no alloys whatsoever.

The most technologically advanced race here, they're fortress dwelling yeti looking mutants who are trying to save their former kin... by kidnapping their kids.
Uses steel and what not and can make firearm like weapons.

Interdimensional freaks who are colonizing the planet (and may have started the apocalypse) in order to cultivate a new homeworld because their old home is heating up and becoming uninhabitable.

Uses the basic alloys, along with dangerous otherworldly weapons and strange alien alloys.