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Author Topic: The Bay 12 Games Report, November 1st, 2018  (Read 19472 times)

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The Bay 12 Games Report, November 1st, 2018
« on: November 01, 2018, 04:15:40 pm »

The Bay 12 Games Report, November 1st, 2018

Mission Status

The web of power and social hierarchy is nothing more than a means for a villainous spider to climb toward his helpless victims.  We are hard at work creating the net of traps for the social predators to use for their selfish and wicked ends.  Can your dwarves unravel the sticky mess before they are taken advantage of?  That's up to you.

"Congratulations to the generous!" -- ThreeToe

Fun with Numbers

Thanks for all the help!  The goal is to finally arrive at villainous plots this month after all the featureful delay, though there are still more pre-villain features to be added.  With the additional stress/etc. fixes that we wanted to do as well, before the Big Wait, I'm pretty sure this will be spilling into next year now, as much as I wanted to get started on magic with the beginning of 2019.  Should be cool, though, as we'll be leaving you with something that should be quite entertaining and hopefully relatively stable as well.
The final speaking engagement of the year is next week...  in Zurich!  I'll be talking at gameZfestival about emergent narrative design decisions and so forth in Dwarf Fortress.

October:   $7847.96
September: $7595.17
August:    $7741.22
July:      $8019.09
June:      $7485.99

Reward reminder:  If you support us, you can pick either a Story Reward or a Crayon Art Reward.  A Story Reward is basically a mini-Threetoe story (examples) and a Crayon Art Reward is a crudely drawn scene which we sketch, color in, and mail to you, anywhere in the world (assuming your contribution covers postage, which is about a dollar almost wherever you are).  We take personal requests for either reward as well, he he he.  You can also be listed among the Bay 12 Champions.  You can choose any kind of reward no matter which contribution method you choose.
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