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Author Topic: Steal all the fighting styles currently statted out in Cataclysm DDA - and by us  (Read 29 times)

Novel Scoops

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Here's the list.

Please share either:

1. The special bonus of an unmentioned style

2. A breakdown of any moves you know, in which style, and how they should be represented in game.

Keep it neat guys!

Let's be real, if we don't do it it will take years for Toady too. I'll edit everything into this post, and if i don't, somebody else please take up the torch.
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I don't agree to right-out "stealing" these, but not primarily due to moral reasons, but rather because I am fond of the current plan of sometime implementing procedural combat styles/schools of martial art ("Combat styles" in the devplan page, I think it has been discussed in some FotF posts as well). Looking at how these are mapped out could be useful when designing that system though, so linking it here was a good idea.