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Author Topic: My first attempt with dealing with a Vampire  (Read 347 times)


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My first attempt with dealing with a Vampire
« on: June 06, 2019, 01:12:37 am »

While asking around the local hearthpeople about surrounding troubles during a session of modded Dwarf Fortess as a Barbarian in Adventure Mode, a hearthperson utterd a most troubling sentence.
Out of their gaping maw came, "The VAMPIRE Ezeedgel Akyllaflar would most likely have the answers you seek. "

The name reverberated maddingly in my now silent mind, for a disconnect formed bewteen it and what I attached it to.
It just couldn't be true for the Miltia Commander to be a vampire and more baffiling is that her own commarde would unearth the mind-shattering truth in the crowded keep.
In shock and confusion I asked again if they were sure that she was a vampire, and again he responded that yes, she was indeed a creature of the night. Walking out the now suffocating keep, I knew what must be done. Even though I was a peasant, a nobody, today I was going to be a hero.

Searching the moutain lodged hamlet, I found her in a tiny house on the outskirts of the center hamlet. Even blinded by my own hubris I knew that I could not fight her alone, so instead of enlisting the hearthpeople who were in on the secret and liable to stab me in the back, I foolishly hoped that the hut she occupied would be crowded enough that she could be distracted enogh for me to get a lethal swing in with my iron battle axe. Alas it was not so as the only other occuptent in the cramped housing was a feeble looking Herbalist. Knowing that even though this room was only occupied with one other resident I concocted a last ditch effort that would involve me leading her on a chase through town that would hopfully getting the attention of the local town folk. Embraved by my lack-luster plan I confronted her and let loose that I knew she a was a child of the night and that on this day I would slay her.

Enraged she spat out "FOOL, I have defeated many fearsome opponets," and before she could even move a muscle I was out the door. It was only when my boots touched solid earth that I had made a deadly mistake, for the weakly herbalist would surly get carved up by Ezeedgel. Charging back in I saw was perhaps the off putting sight I have ever seen, far past my meager imagnation, for she had not torn him limb to limb, bitten of chunks of his flesh, nor had she even cut him in two. No what I saw shook me to the core, for she was doing nothing.

Her title of Miltia commander was revoked, but she was not hostile to the herblist nor even to I. She simply stood in the corner back turned against me. To get her attention I yelled back that yes I did know that she was a creature of the night and that I would slay her. She repeated herself saying that she had deafeated many fearsome opponents. Looking to the sickly herbalist I saw that unlike me when I learned the sinister truth, he was not shaken to the very core of his existence nor frightend nor angry. Insteed he was continuing a conversation he had with her before I barged so rudefully in. Not knowing what to do as I couldn't slay the vampire before me for my culture looked down upon killing netural entities, I walked out of the hut, and contemplated what the fuck just happened.