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Author Topic: Dharma: A Karmic Godgame - Definitely Won't Die at Turn 4 Edition- IC - Dashing!  (Read 2605 times)


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Anzerkime will appear in the world as a towering being of mirrors, reflecting the nature of those who look upon him back onto themselves revealing them as they are and forcing the onlooker to come to terms with themselves and the world as Anzer sees it. Further, it reflects all attempts at foresight and abolishment.

Anzerkime will establish, construct and fill the Order of Anzer between the Remains of Zigan and Zigos. This is a martial order of theistic disciples dedicated to causing fear across the world. They have a rigorous and unshakable deontological philosophy and are not swayed by pleas or bribes, for the consequences of their actions do not matter.  Monks are trained far beyond the normal mortal in the ways of combat as well as the traditions of Anzerkime. Each one will periodically go on mission trips into the world to cause fear. Each monk is solitary and they do not engage in missionary trips in groups. The Order of Anzer is divided into two sections, Duhu and Haske. Duhu monks are dedicated to causing fear within good hearts, those with mundane or even noble pursuits. Haske monks are dedicated to causing fear within those of evil hearts. If with both Duhu and Haske missionaries become involved in the same conflict, the two will set the conflict into motion, and then abandon it and return to the Order, letting the individuals involved deal with their own problems. The division creates a balance in the world based upon fear.

Anzerkime creates the Dualistic Orb and Places it within the Order's monastery. This powerful object grants opposite powers to Anzer Monks once they have come to hold nothing but Anzer's deontology in their hearts. If a Haske Monk uses it, they will gain power to rise to the occasion and defend those in need, drawing strength from them and prevailing. This can take the form of insight into the situation, immense strength or speed, and gives them a magical glow while they use this power. Duhu monks will gain lesser but permanent powers of insight, transmogrification and subterfuge. This allows them to set into motion long chains of events which will cause widespread fear across the lands. After a Duhu monk uses the orb, only a Haske monk may use it next. This process repeats, never allowing to monks of the same order to use it twice in a row. 

-3 Cthonic Acs

As always, Anzerkime will defend themselves upon being attacked. And in the case Anzerkime dies this turn, his claimed places of powers, belongings, and other effects and affects are transfered automatically to क्षितिगर्भ. (If this takes an act, I'll do this instead of the magic mirror body thing.)
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As always, Anzerkime will defend themselves upon being attacked. And in the case Anzerkime dies this turn, his claimed places of powers, belongings, and other effects and affects are transfered automatically to क्षितिगर्भ. (If this takes an act, I'll do this instead of the magic mirror body thing.)
"We thank you most kindly for these alms Donor Anzerkime. We shall sow the seeds of positive karma for you so that you may gain eternal escape from suffering and attain buddhahood."


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Turn 2: Boiling Stones

The First Turning...

Ksitigarbha did thus incarnate in the manner of mortals with this passing of the stars, choosing to be a member of Aadi-Duhalion's lineage. Conceived under auspicious stars and birthed under the boughs of great trees, the boy would be named Ved. As it was, Ved grew up in a life of decadence and did receive luxuries available to those of royal blood. And yet, things troubled him in the world and he did seek knowledge from sage and seer throughout the land. Absconding from palatial grounds, he sought out masters of the ways in order to learn to think beyond. To his sadness, he learnt only of the ways of thought that looked inward and did not stray from tamed paths. Eventually, Ved did make rest underneath one of the remaining bodhi trees, meditating under its leaves. Looking into himself and outwards, Ved learnt of his true nature and did become himself and of himself; Ved-Ksitigarbha. [Ksitigarbha has gained Negative Karma] [-1 CtA used; incarnating in itself is free.]

Knowing of his truth, Ved-Ksitigarbha travelled the land, seeking to teach others of his Truth. As the Great One - Korhan - had done before, he did teach and make enlightenment amongst the many villages and cities of Herat. Righteously were many enlightened of the Dharma, though only handfuls took to treading the paths that Ved-Ksitigarbha had walked. The new idea - of reincarnation and its senselessness - was new and novel to many and had many detractors. Even so, the general idea - of the endless cycle of rebirth - took root and now many in Herat now acknowledge this believe. The priests and customs of Korhan have too been affected by this. Whilst previously many had taken the belief that death was final, now many saw it as merely a phase in one's own cycle. Whilst previously the practice of inhumation was common, Ved-Ksitigarbha's teachings have pushed many to seek cremation or even being fed upon by beasts or others. [Ksitigarbha has gained Positive Karma]

Whilst it is in its infancy, the coalescing of Korhanic beliefs on the dead, traditional spirit worship and Lord Ved's teachings of the endless cycle has resulted in a loosely connected philosophy called Vedicism. It acknowledges the existence of gods and spirits, of the heavens and the hells, the perpetual samsara and the code of dharma. Whilst foisting a basic code of living for its adherents, the full code - the noble eightfold path and monastic oaths - is forced only upon those who choose to live the life of monastics. The Korhanite priests, who preside over the end of a soul's day and hastens it to the rest of its journey, do not necessarily partake of the same oaths or restrictions as a monk, but are similarly respected.

High above, Archea did make plans to strengthen her hold over the land. She thus cast her powers of strength upon her people and did break their bones and break their skins, only to empower them beyond the manner of loka [10.10; 1h r]. Becoming arch-loka, they were granted elephantine skin and deer's endurance. Though their soul minds withered, their instincts were made sharp, like the beasts they emulated in form.

So as to feed her bestial people, Archea did likewise strengthen the vitalities and skins of all life that lived around the arch-loka [9.10; 1h r]. Great were the trees, ants, butterflies, elephants, serpents, slime molds, mole and rat (and many others). Whilst these more readily fed the people who lived around the area, so too did it become harder to live off the land. Fearsome deer and cunning dragonfly were hard to catch, let alone kill. Some starved or died from injuries, but those who survived became stronger and more cunning. Trees, tough as stone, became impossible to cut, forcing many to create their homes now of mudbrick or resources beyond Uitijah. Others lived simply, putting up tents or sleeping in the open, between the boughs and roots of great trees.

As a final addition to the environment, Archea enriched the souls of the pangolins that lurked in the lands and did change their bodies in a manner more likewise to loka and vanaha. Whilst greater than a mere animal, their appearance is seen as merely another enchantment of Uitijah by the arch-loka. They are hunted like other animals but usually left alone, for they are better able to defend themselves. Granted no boon of advancement, these pango-lok live in small familial bands, creating tunnelhomes in the plains and forests of Uitijah. They make do with their claws and conveniently sized stones and sticks, sometimes being kept as pets by archo-loka or others.

Foreigners of the land now call Uitijah the Elephant Country, for those that live in it are like elephants in strength and statue.

Finally, Archea draws on the souls of the Ziggurat to make it so that every blade enshrined therein will enable her to conjure ghostly versions of such blades upon her celestial person.

Awakened perhaps by the racket of Archea's brutalising the ecosystem, Mata opened their eyes and saw what the world was and is. With a thought, they descended down into the world into Elephant Country. Deliberately taking on the form of a pango-lok, they are incarnated as a boy who is named Usith. Growing up a normal life, young Usuth suckled and then forage with his mother. Being in close communication with the greater clan, Usith is acquainted with the history (albeit a short one) of their existence and their way of life. As Usith grew up, he took on a knack for picking herbs which were good for the body. Perhaps because of this did he eventually awaken to his true self, opening his third eye and becoming Usith-Mata. With newfound knowledge did he instil his people with the knowledge of the divine. Giving thanks of this knowledge to the divine Mata, Usith-Mata declared Mata to be a great teacher who sought unity and civilisation amongst the people. To symbolise the new belief, the circle was adopted as most holy, as all things were cycle in the end. [Mata has gained Positive Karma]

Usith-Mata also emphasised the value of organisation amongst the pango-lok, including with their taller neighbours. These lessons were quickly assimilated by many of Usith-Mata's followers, who formed councils and began to regularly communicate with those outside of the clan. Even so, there were conflicts about territory and usage of resources, sometimes settled with bloodshed. Still, Usith-Mata did try to prevent such occurrences and lead them towards civil argument. The problem of the arch-loka was profoundly more difficult due to the common belief amongst them that pango-loka were merely animals. Even with rudimentary tool use, they were still seen as little more than crafty animals akin to the tiger or wolf. That they could not communicate with each other was likely a major factor in this belief.

Finally, Usith-Mata attempted to speak with tribes of arch-loka herself. Many tribal leaders were shocked or surprised by a talking pango-lok and whilst some did first go and strike it, others bade it to speak. Usith-Mata tried to convince those that would speak to him to make the pango-lok their advisors, or otherwise. Some were bemused by the prospect, others afeared, yet others angered or stupefied. It became the common belief amongst the arch-loka tribes that Usith-Mata was a spirit of sorts of the pango-lok, something which he would deny at times. Regardless, some tribes refused, whilst others (more afraid of the threat a spirit could pose) agreed to the prospect in a way. Not being able to communicate with them (and with arch-loka not being famed for their intellect or patience), they became little more than pets or prestige items. A few took on the prospect with some more seriousness, developing a body language to communicate with the small creatures. Greatly limited by the communication barriers, these advisers oft had little input. [Mata has gained Positive Karma]

With this done, Usith-Mata retired to a quiet life of teaching and preaching, before dying in his old age.

Whilst this did occur, the forlorn soul of Noc Vulock Knock descended from the heavens and did choose to inhabit the mortal canvas of a vanaha child. No auspicious stars shone brightly, though blessed greatly was the occasion. The boy would be named Sushok. A boy of the plain tribes, he lived a nomadic life, herding cattle and goats. It was a modest life with little luxury or poverty. At the tender age of eight however, a rival clan raided the livestock and did make off not only with goat, but the shepherd that dared to protect them. Made a slave, Sushok did much as he did before; caring for the livestock of his captors, but bereft of family and clan. In time however, after a sufficiently harsh beating for a loose word made by a youthful adolescent, Sushok awoke with his third eye opened. Now Sushok-Noc Vuluck Knock, he left in the middle of the night with the stealth of the divine. In the years since, he grew his own band from the ground up. Raiding and stealing and herding, he took on outcasts and orphans and slaves. These he moulded not into yet another clan, but a sect of warrior monks  [21.06]. Recognising Three Truths, the monks cultivate honesty, leisure and endurance. Becoming known as the Three-Virtue Society, they become a power in the plains, teaching their philosophy to those who would listen - and selling their services as warriors. Establishing themselves as a commodity of wisdom and of war, the Threefold Path becomes popular in the local area, even being preached in the distant cities of the river cities. [Noc Vulock Knock has gained Negative Karma]

As part of their philosophy, Noc Vulock Knock preaches that it is holy to take cattle mates [21.06]. Against all reasonable belief, the couplings of these unions result in offspring. Called Guys, for the word for cattle was gaay* in that tongue, these cow-vanaha/loka crossbreeds were bipeds but with cattle features. Horns of bulls and breasts of cows, they oft possessed a gentle temperament that gave to fiery anger once brought to outspoken hate.

Finally, with the last of his vitality, Sushok-Noc Vuluck Knock built a pyramid to act as as a place of power [21.06; 1h r]. Supposedly, it did guarantee the fertility of any couple married upon its top, guaranteeing children regardless of biology, sex, and health. With its completion, the Great One disappeared from the world.

Within his vault of the heavens, Duhalion watched over his descendants and former subjects, gushed with the pride of a divine. He saw the division of loka and vanaha, which existed not only physically but also mentally, and saw that this was not good. Duhalion thus thought to make them one people under one king and one skin. From celestial realms, he did declare the Serpent Kingdom to be Haal and its people Haalites. To make this bond corporeal, he did make all of those in the central area into one people. With a click, the people in the realm's sacral centre [5.09; 1h r] were turned into beautiful humanoids with eyes and tongues of reptiles. They knew, innately, the song of hissing and did become ally and friend of dragon and serpent. Of course, those Haalites outside the sacral centre at the time, were not affected by Duhalion's grace. Unlucky and unfortunate, some came to the belief that these people were inherently cursed, filthy and foreigners. Thee people were declared the Dirty Ones, though they held the same customs as other Haalites.

To further aid the Haalites, Duhalion cleared away the forests of the surrounding realm, granting the Haalites space to build and expand further. Where once existed jungle now lies gentle shrublands that yield and aid the expansion of civilisation.

In another section of the high heavens, Hanavad did dance the way of the celestial kind and did try and obtain an abolishment staff. Unfortunately, there were none on offer. From his perch however, he did look upon the world and decree changes to it. In between the already existent oases of the desert, he did place many small ponds.

to satisfy the thirsts of desert travellers [21.02; 1h r]. Upon the plains down south, he did carve many a tunnel of small size in which those who sought shelter could hide in [18.06; 1h r]. [Hanavad has gained Positive Karma**]

Farther west, in Haal, he unleashed many a plague and many a fire, burning and killing many [5.09; 1h r]. In response, many of the people pray for aid, whilst some of the more Vedic outlook calmly accept their suffering. Questions are aimed at the kingdom's aristocracy and sure enough, revolt and war do occur in the realm. Some blame the Dirty Ones for the disaster, forcing some to flee elsewhere. Others, more fed-up with the situation, war against their fellow brethren and organise their own polities. [Hanavad has gained Negative Karma]

Above, Korhan was delighted at the beauty of the Fertile Star and did decree that in its bounds would rise the dead [15.04; 1h r]. Whilst given tasks to guide and guard each other, they were mainly given no goal in their unlife and allowed to do as they wish. To give them meaning, Korhan did bade them to build in the land a necropolis [15.04; 1h r], one that would dwarf all creations of mortals. And so, they began. In time of course it would assimilate the lands of the living. But for now, it was purely the work of the dead.

Upon the world, Mein Badel Gaya incarnated. The life of his mortal self is unimportant, having spent most of it living a forager's life. Indeed, were it not for a few brief days in the Tower of Communion, there would be no memory of him at all. There he did learn many things of Herat...[Mein Badel Gaya has gained Negative Karma] [Secrets PM'd]

Above, Kwaab made use of the Orrery to spy upon Mein Badel Gaya's cultivated knowledge...[Secret PM'd]. She also looked into the past of the Council, to see what advantages it could confer. [Kwaab has gained Negative Karma.][Secret PM'd]

Below, Anzerkime did attempt to incarnate as a tower of mirrors. Due to the mistthought laws of Herat, he did not succeed in this endeavour. Instead, he incarnated as a loka born to a chief's clan. Named Tashu, he  was found to have a talent for martial pursuits. Indeed he showed great skill at both raid and battle. It was to no surprise that he opened his third eye whilst out goat raiding a neighbouring clan. Returning home, he came with new words and secrets that awed many a clanmate. Due to his newfound mind, it became common knowledge amongst the clans of the land that no longer was he a  man of a single clan, but a wandering wiseman who was not to be harmed. Through his teachings did he gather allies and disciples who did welcome his philosophy of the balance. Around the base of a great tree, roughly equidistant between the ruins of Zigan and Zigos, did Tashu-Anzerkime eventually build a monastery. Here were his disciples and acolytes housed and taught in proper fashion, to be champions and instigators of fear and to seek the precise equilibrium of the world. [Aznerkime has gained Positive Karma] [-1 CtA used; incarnating in itself is free.]

To be the centrepiece of their power, Anzerkime did also create from his being the Dualistic Orb, a figment of power. With this were the monks of Anzer truly empowered in the balance. With that, Anzerkime retired to a life of administration and teaching, spreading his beliefs far and wide.

Elsewhere in the world, Angin Buk reincarnated upon the world [14.04]. Born under the starlight of the Fertile Star [15.04], Angin Buk was born as part of a octuplet; his mother did not survive. Named Sasha, he was born to a loka family known for pottery. Angin Buk's early life was spent in the city of Iskaha wherein in he practised the trade of his father and his forefathers. It was a few days before his arranged marriage to a girl three blocks away that he slipped on a misplaced peel of citrus, opening his third eye. Immediately, he confessed knowledge of the gods and divine, and whilst initially taken for a madman,  the words that came out of the youth's mouth convinced the leaders of the city of his divine knowledge. His knowledge espoused the current social order, brutal honesty without a hint of lie, a scholarly lifestyle and charity. These teachings were remembered and memorised in the Iskahan chant Thousand-and-Four Teachings of the Iskahan Lawgiver. [Angin Buk has gained Positive Karma]

Not content with just teaching his philosophical viewpoints, Sasha-Angin Buk also introduced the knowledge of clean, renewable energy in the form of the wind. This has had massive repercussions, leading to the rise of many windmills in the land of Iskahan. Indeed, agricultural production has increased to unheard of levels, due to the relative ease of producing flour and the increased irrigation that resulted. Indeed, innovative farmers have even created water-powered variants. These they call waterwindmills. The knowledge of renewable energy, though associated still with Iskahan, is slowly spreading throughout the land. Sasha-Angin Buk personally ensures that a monastery is constructed with a very special prayer wheel as well, with a prophecy of doom attached should it ever stop spinning.

Doom, of course, comes one day. On one windless day, the prayer wheel comes to a stop, resulting in shock and anguish amongst those in the know. While the caretakers are able to keep the news contained for a time, no good secret is hidden forever. [Angin Buk has gained Negative Karma]

It was then that Zargothrax was incarnated in the world. Not as a mortal, but as a beast of the land; a tiger, one of the female disposition. It grew up in the manner of the wilds, and not more than that. At the tender age of three, the tiger opened its third eye, becoming Zargothrax in full. Adorning itself with the powers of a divine, it terrorised the peoples and settlements of the Shiva River headwaters. For whatever reason, the beast felt a punishing power empower it, allowing it to wreck destruction in a manner its own energies should not have allowed. Soon after however, Sasha-Angin Buk did meet it wielding a magic blade, and did do battle with it... [Zargothrax has gained Negative Karma]

The Second Turning...

Sacral places once more contested, divine squabbles mask no foes...

In defence of the sinful people who did allow the prayermill to cease, Sasha-Angin Buk did face the terrible tiger (who was Zargothrax in-flesh) with a knife of exotic energies. The two fought in the manner of monk and creature, with tooth and blade gnashing and slashing. With open palm Sasha-Angin Buk did dodge and parry the creature's blows. After three days of combat (and two dead canines of a foreign nature), Sasha-Angin Buk did use the closed fist: sucker's punch style and did stun the beast. With that, he rushed forward and did open the creature's belly, pulling at its lungs. With a primal scream, Zargothrax was slain. But at a cost: Sasha-Angin Buk fell soon after in exhaustion and awoke weeks later, lacking feeling in his legs. From that day forward was the prophet of Iskahan bound to his monastery, being unable to move to a great degree. He died much later of a disease, although his memory was greatly respected. Tales of his slaying of the "Devil Tiger" as it became known entered into local stories, and them legend, and then myth.

Sometime later, Ved-Ksitigarbha did venture into Elephant Country with the idea of releasing the souls from the Ziggurat from their suffering. Opposed by native tribe and the fearsome wildlife, the avatar was aided in his travels by a trio of friendly pango-lok who did lead the holyman through the country and by the lands of the arch-loka. At the base of the grand edifice he did make a prayer and attempt to obtain liberation for the entrapped souls. Above however, Archea felt the attack on her own possessions and did oppose this. Mustering her brutal strength, she did crush Ved-Ksitigarbha's efforts to steal her belongings. Soon enough, Ved-Ksitigarbha was slain by arch-loka priests, who did reside in the Ziggurat itself. His body was burnt and his ashes left to the winds - as was the tradition amongst the Uiitijah.

The Third Turning...

Other things happened of course, not performed directly by the gods.

The lands under the auspice of the stars [24.01, 15.04] become known as places of great beauty. The magics of the stars have come into fruition and those who walk under their watch now learn of the fertile and fiery arts. The cities and towns at the Place Where the River Spirits Dance [14.04] grow to extraordinary amounts, becoming one of the first places in Herat to have a population greater than half a million. Of course, the great congestion in the land allows for much disease to spread and the limited levels of land (no matter how fertile) soon requires many to move away. Most choose to colonise the lands within the auspices of the Fertile Star, although a few head elsewhere. In time, the city of Iskahan attains a cultural prominence due to the presence of the Lawgiver, an incarnation of the Great One Angin-Buk. The Honest Philosophy, as the lawgiver's way came to bee known, now dominates the philosophies of many cities in the land. A rampage by the Devil Tiger (an incarnation of Zargothrax) led to a great depopulating of the land and did ruin many a city - ultimately leading to the fortification of some cities and their elevation of status. In time, the Scorned City of Battatu [14.05] made use of the chaos in Where the River Spirits Dance [14.04] to conquer the region. Now, the various cities are tributaries and territories to the king of Battatu.

Under the direct auspice of the star, the risen dead continue to build the great necropolise of Korhan [15.04]. Living migrants from downstream have also settled the region in greater numbers over the years. First due to overpopulation, then fleeing the Battatuian armies. Whilst there is sufficient land to house the living for now, there is much debate over what will happen when the necropolis expands enough to cover the current farmlands.

Farther east at the Star Oasis [24.01], a council of fire-wielding warrior princes have come together and declared cooperative ownership of the oasis. They have gathered their people and declared peace between them. They worship the Benevolent Sun (for that is what they call it) as a god of fire. One issue that has forced their the various princes to unify is the growing desertification of the desert. Even now, what greenery and prairie that exists in the desert is being swallowed whole. The princes have so far sought to irrigate the remaining waters and store it well so that future generations may eek out a life in the way of the ancestors...but some have thought about bringing their tribes south, into the green and gentle lands where sand is rare and the heat is not so fierce. Wielding spear and flame, they believe they could easily take the land from the locals.

The lands at the Headwaters of the Great River continue to grow and develop. Those seeking answers and divination oft request information from the Khanut.

Haal faces both blessing and curse. Though the land is giving and the jungle receding, the Bad Year (caused by the Great One Hanavad) decimated the population and lead to anarchy and turmoil. It is only in recent years that Haal has experienced some stability, and only after the loss of a few monarchs to kinstrife and rebellion. Dragons and lizards of the land are now used to Haalites, and perhaps due to the blessing of Duhalion, they fear them not. Great lizards and snakes now wander the homes and townships of Haal without a trouble, sunbathing in plazas or caressing babies as if they were domesticated wolves. Some have even been trained as pets or work animals.

Dirty Ones often live on the outskirts of a settlement, being relegated to jobs and tasks considered unworthy of true Haalites. Most Dirty Ones however, have left Haal and assimilated into the greater populace of Herat. Some groups live in the jungle, away from the oppression of Haal.

Valajastini [09.14] has attained preemience amongst the coastal states and polities of southern Hanavad. It has established colonies along the coasts in surrounding territories, all united by a common culture. Each colony maintains a civic chest full of soil from the island, showing their unity. Not great warriors, surrounding tribes and ethnicities are usually paid to handle security matters.

Elephant Country [10.10 and surrounding environs] continues to be as it is, although there is a decreasing number of independent tribes. More and more tribes and realms are unified or made to kowtow to stronger or more cunning tribes. The pango-loka, perhaps because of growing ties, are usually left alone besides the rare pango-lok hunt. In response to the dangers of the surface world, Pango-loka usually live high up in trees or dig out homes underground.

The knowledge of cattle domestication is now common in Herat. Goat populations across Herat plummet.

Societies continue to develop and grow, developing complex hierarchies and discovering new technologies. Kings and high priests, rarer before, are now well-understood concepts in the more urbanised lands. The wild lands where hunter-gatherer or basic agricultural lifestyles still hold sway, remain as they have since time immemorial.

A few hundred smooth marble statues of various personages in various states of disrepair have appeared at [23.14]. The locals are unsure of what they are.

Bleeding Reeds have been domesticated.

Spoiler: Action Order (click to show/hide)

*this is literally what a cow is called in Hindi.
**the reasoning for Hanavad acquiring Positive Karma for creating new water features whilst Duhalion did not gain any karma for clearing away forests is that Hanavad did so to aid strangers. Duhalion on the other hand, aided those of his estate.
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Discordian Link Communications

Halthier Institute

The Institute approve of the use of the Theurgic Entity Cancellation Knives for righteous combat. Their opinion of Angin Buk has increased accordingly.

The Halthier Institute's studies into CORE: Life is nearing a point at which they shall be requiring field tests. Most likely, next turn.

To further their studies, the Institute is requesting the creation of new life upon Herat. The Institute will be thankful for participation of any Great Ones.

Code: [Select]
HI Reputation
Ksitigarbha: 1
Anzerkime: 1
Angin Buk: 2

Your Friendly Wayfarer's

Welcome, welcome to Your Friendly Wayfarer's! Come now, see our ethically sourced wares for the goodly souls amongst us! We might not be the cheapest in town, but we're willing to haggle!

Code: [Select]
Sigil of Empowerment: "a way of makin' your dreams come true. Puts in a jolt of essence into somethin' to make em a place of power. Remember though, it only works once." (4 Acts or Two Turn's Toil)
Sigil of Ordered Fate: " away of giving your lovely friends a little more oomph. Makes a mortal into a prophet of sorts, with immortality and powers. Its a one-use item though." [2 Acts or a Turn's Toil]
Cross-Existence Trade Terminal: "this little thing lets you access the greater aethernet. Its a walled garden model tho, so you can only use it to trade things with other worlds." [8 Acts, or a Life's Toil]

Hi Kyrie here, just letting you all know that we've been cleared to give out loans in this plane of existence! Please enquire through the Discordian Link for terms and conditions.

Awakening Planes

The Heavens and Hells are rousing.

Spoiler: Places of Power (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: Great ones (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: Map (click to show/hide)
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CEA 1, 2211: Noc Vulock Knock creates new life: Disastrapillars, Gargantuan Caterpillars that slowly grow from 4 inches long and 1 inch wide, to a miraculous 12 feet long and 3 feet wide over the course of their ten year lifespan- before constructing a truly massive cocoon and developing into its flying reproductive stage during its final months, when it attempts to find a mate to fertilize and be fertilized by. the vivid patterns on the egg, developing stage, and reproductive stage- as well as many physical features are dependent upon environment, being changed by even slight differences in location, temperature, humidity, and diet (both personal and parental). Disastrapillars are Omnivorous, but will always prioritize eating similar foods to their first meal. Disastrapillars may extend their developmental stage by upto an extra ten years in particularly stressful environments through extended hibernation- conversely in a particularly good environment they may reach their reproductive stage upto five years early.

CEA 2, 2302: Noc Vulock Knock looks back upon that life and saw it was good, before deciding to make some more: Sandwhales, massive Tortoises 20 feet long and wide- near blind but with great senses for humidity and scent, given great claws not to slay or protect but to dig and swim through the sands as if it were rather thick water, given great lungs such that they would need come up for air only once each day, given an shell thick enough to stop tooth, claw, and the suns deadly light, and given a body that would take many centuries to fully develop. these creatures are opportunists, feeding upon carrion and bone, leaf and branch- whatever does not move as they slowly advance in search of places with water for them to expose to the surface.

Demonic Spoon

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Even the gods grow old and die, as the positive karma that placed them within the heavens is gnawed away into karmic debt. क्षितिगर्भ is aged now, wrinkled and hunched, as they idly repose upon opulent luxury that is omnipresent within the celestial realm.

A thin and papery voice whispers from their dried peach of a mouth, sluggishly fluttering to the ears of their sibling deities.

"I greet you Benefactors. The offer of a Garden Market of Worlds from the Wayfarers intrigues me. However, none of us can on our own afford this potential chink in the cage of Samsara-Herat. I invite the benefactors to lavish your acts upon purchasing the World-Market together, pooling our acts into a less onerous individual cost. We would need eight divine acts in total. This humble one, will of course contribute at least 1 act, and hope this proposal is found to be pleasant."

Cross-Existence Trade Terminal: "this little thing lets you access the greater aethernet. Its a walled garden model tho, so you can only use it to trade things with other worlds." [8 Acts, or a Life's Toil]

Spending 1 Cthonic Act on buying the World Market

Quote from: Mata
Contributing one of mine but I'm doing non cthonic
Quote from: ख्वाब
I would be willing to contribute 1, for balancing reasons.

[3/8 Pool]

Celestial Act 1: Commune with the Turtle Titan!

Celestial Act 2: TBA

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[Archea, Goddess of Strength]
(Celestial Acts: 1, Cthonic Acts: 0, Karma: -2)

Archea notices how her Loka are unable to cut down the trees. Bunch of wimps.
But she did make them very tough, on par with the axeheads they try to use on them. Perhaps a new material is needed, one capable of cutting the Arch-trees' bark.
The ritual stars give her an idea, but why go for a star when you can go for the moon? Also, they don't quite appreciate the Pango-lok yet, perhaps some incentive will do.

Celestial Act 1 [10,09]: Blessed scale, Archea's blade, scarlet bronze, ever warm.
Around the flooded chasm that made the minor river, the moon turns a scarlet red, and in the people's slumber, a vision is imparted upon them. The Ritual of Petal Skel.
A Pango-lok scale, adorning a copper plate and draped in a fresh and bloody hide which is then inscribed with mantras. "Archea's strength, bless this scale. Archea's might, forge this blade."
This package, once prepared, shall be submerged in the crimson waters of the flooded chasm during a full moon's night, and the mantras chanted until the water around it starts to boil.
Once it has stopped boiling, the package can be removed, the hide is char, but inside the plate lies pristine, aside from a scale-shaped indentation, within which lies the Petal Skel.

The Petal Skel is a vibrant scarlet, akin to the ritual moon, it is hard enough to cut Arch-trees, but forever a pleasant warm, it cannot be cooled or heated further, thus it cannot be reforged. It is therefore impossible to  forge a blade out of these, so you'll instead have to work with it's shape, attaching several to a rod to make a sword.
The scales are naturally sharp, but a grindstone can be used to sharpen or dull it further, for use in tools, weapons or armor.

(Celestial Acts: 0, Cthonic Acts: 0, Karma: -2)

Archea, now having spent every last one of her acts, feels... calm. Her heart doesn't impatiently beat like before. She can think of things to do, but she knows she cannot do them. Her time is coming to an end, she knows it, but her time among the mortals have given her a restlessness. She wants to keep going, to disregard the cycle and continue to live her current life. It is slight for now, but may become an issue as she continues to reincarnate. Then again, living's pretty dope and dying's kinda lame.
Maybe she should do something about those staves, they're dangerous but also lame, people shouldn't be killed with staves, they should be killed with swords.
"Wonder if the staves make good coke. Maybe make magic swords."
But now, it's time to rest.
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Buy a Sigil of Ordered Fate
Damnit people, this is why I said to keep the truce. Because now everyone's ganging up on the cats.
Also, don't forget to contact your local Eldritch Being(s), so that they can help with our mission to destroy the universe.


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Contribute my remaining two Cthonic acts to the world market pool
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Buy a Sigil of Empowerment for 4 Celestial Acts.
Buy a Sigil of Ordered Fate by performing a Turn's Toil.
Contribute 1 Act(Celestial) to pay for the World's Market.

(Karma: 0)
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Purchase Sigil of Ordered Fate for 2 Celestial Acts

Celestial Act 1 (15.04): In reaction to the living near claimed land, Korhan brings forth stones from the land to demarcate the borders of his grand necropolis, and the area under it's protection. The first, inner border is immutable; the outright limit of where the necropolis can and will expand to. Beyond which not a single stone more shall be expanded on the city.

The second, and more mutable, is the outer border; encompassing the lands of mortals living under the necropolis's aegis. Those who seek to harm those living in these lands had best beware the wroth of the soulless dead, who shall brook no trespassers and invaders onto holy soil, and even the bodies of the recently felled will be compelled into defending the land from invaders. However, the dead are not bound to this by generosity; those so living in the land of the dead are required to pay tithes to the necropolis for this protection, and failure to do so shall lead to the revocation of such protection.
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((I feel very bad that this was left in an unsent tab))
Mata/Justice (Tiruin)
CeA: 5 CtA: 0
K: 2
Now away from the world, and with the passing of age and time, Mata noticed they only had Celestial Acts to dispense, and so they acted.

1 act into influencing a safe, measured curiosity and understanding of the world among the Pango-Lok, focusing on the sense of self and the world around them, but also on utilizing my sphere in their context. (hopefully to balance out my K)

Contribute my remaining two Cthonic acts to the world market pool
2 acts into the world market pool

2 acts into influencing the Pango-Lok in adapting their senses--to sense beyond the physical, in a safe manner for themselves, but also in the sense of (my own sphere) having a measure of balance--of self-preservation but also of preservation of their being, not limited to their physical and concurrent existence, but to their legacy, and the ability to pass this down to others.
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