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Author Topic: Let's Play Fire Emblem Fates: Royal Revelations  (Read 4798 times)


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Let's Play Fire Emblem Fates: Royal Revelations
« on: December 29, 2018, 03:18:13 pm »

Spoiler: Royal Revelations (click to show/hide)

Fun Fact, I was running it, and lost the first 2 bits.

I also can't trade for meatshielding, so these first parts, before the branch of Fate, aren't going to fit.. I wonder why thats a thing..

Well, this game has us with a ton of characters, but we can only use those of dragon blood.
 In other words, we are limited to.. 10, I think. We also get 6 Children units. No prizes for guessing who.


Rule 1: Royals only.
Rule 2: No deaths. Deaths mean a reset.
 Rule 2a: This only applies to the royals, the others get meatshield duty.
Rule 2b: Only applies after the Branch of Fate. Mostly cause the game does not want me to be able to trade. I'll still do my best to only kill with royals though.

Now, on whit the First.{I lost the training segments, sadly.}

Spoiler: Start Chapter 2 (click to show/hide)