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Author Topic: Puresoils: Death of a Hero  (Read 1062 times)


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Puresoils: Death of a Hero
« on: September 20, 2019, 10:33:37 pm »

Long ago there stood a fort, in the Steppe of Reason on the Sweet Continents resided the fortress, Puresoils. Puresoils was a small, modest community, one only 5 years old. One defended by an ace team of axedwarf defenders, the first 5 had known each other since the early days of Puresoils. They had become friends over the years, together they spared, they fought, they became friends. Brothers even, yes, brothers in arms who would die for one another. Together they defended the fort from the rise of the undead cheesemen, and together did they defend the fortress from Imi Flowerleap, the towering plains titan who had taken on the shape of a 3 tailed crow. Yes, brothers they were. All until the year of 129... By now they were senior axe-lords training the next generation of axe-dwarves. Despite the hard work necessitated to survive in these dire lands. Things were good in Puresoils, however that did not always keep bad things from occurring and as of late, and for no particular reason; quite a few dwarves had gotten upset, and started fighting, probably due to the opening of the new tavern, and the introduction of new drinks.

That aside it was an unfortunate turn of events when Stukos Nelasudil, one of the band of brothers who had stood so valiantly in the days of old.. Began to drink-- and drink- and drink. It wasn't long before the cycle of drinking and sparing and sleeping began to wear on his psyche and he soon felt the negativity of being unable to have the normal civilian life, free of the role he had so valiantly filled all these years. He eventually began to fall into regular bouts of anger which was usually kept at bay by training. But eventually, slowly, occasionally, he would lash out, at anyone walking by. This became a pattern for Stukos, to the dismay of many of his brothers-in-arms, and the mayor. The leading council of Puresoils had planned on assaulting a nearby kobold camp to see what artifacts could be recovered and preserved. So clearly it was not an opportune time to lose one of the most senior members their military had, and it was a everlasting hope in the minds of the rest of his squad, The Tactical Guilds, that the chance at hacking up filthy Kobolds would sate Stukos' appetite for violence. However his transgressions could no longer be ignored by the mayor during the Autumn of 130. After assaulting 11 other citizens of Puresoils, including a dog, a peaceful Naga visitor, and his own squadmate - Fath Gusilonul. Under the pressure of dozens of witnesses and the safety of the fortress Stukos was condemned to a (albeit unsuccessful) beating and a 79 day prison sentence.

This was the beginning of the end of Axe Lord Stukos Nelasudil Azuzrinmol Sebir ((No idea why his name was so long)). The mayor, after reluctantly attempting to administer a beating, began to drag him to the cell. There he sat, rotting, mulling over the events he had partook in. How he had risked his own life to defend the people that now imprisoned him. No one to this day knows if it was the guilt, or the fury that turned his tantrums into insanity. But so it was. He sat there, alone, for the almost 80 days of solitude. After which no mortal dared to enter to free him for everyone was scared of what he had become during his sentence. Eventually the mayor refused to allow the valuable warrior to be keeping the mission from departing any later and ordered the chain that held Stukos-- To be dismantled. The milker, Aban, was chosen to be the one to free Stukos from his prison. Slowly he opened the iron door and approached Stukos, who had taken up residence in the far corner of the room, sitting, arms around his legs tucked into his body, head down. The milker began to unshakle the chain from the floor as well as the chain from the axe lords wrists, as soon as the chain dropped the Axe Lord let go of his legs and kicked the milker to the floor, the force was such that the milker tore a ligament bending backwards and falling. Aban began to crawl to the safety of the hallway as Stukos rose over him, madness in his eyes and raised the steel axe over his head before hacking into the Milker 4 times... He was dead. Stukos then made his way into the hallway with all the fury of an enraged bull. He slaughters 4 more dwarves that stood in his path before ending up face to face and axe to axe with those he formally fought with. Pain surged through Stukos' body as he was outnumbered and struck down, and pain surged through the collective hearts of the Tactical Guild... and so Stukos' body was laid to rest, in an iron coffin, within the tombs of Plainsoils, and a fresh faced peasent. Took his place in the ranks.

So ends the story, of Stukos Nelasudil.
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