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Author Topic: WarBiz Arms Race // Victory Services Thread (Prewar 4 Design Phase)  (Read 1790 times)


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Re: WarBiz Arms Race // Victory Services Thread (Prewar 4 Design Phase)
« Reply #105 on: June 23, 2019, 01:10:08 pm »

High caliber pistols are not used in militaries, either. It's always 9mm handguns with extremely high magazine capacity. We logically don't want to try that, so we go for a different means of surviving close combat.

Yes, there are lots of variables, and it's distinctly possible that we'll need all three shots to kill heavier soldiers. But we can absolutely make this thing powerful enough to kill a regular light assault or medic in one hit, since I'm making a tradeoff or two for it. Three shots is sufficient if in three accurate shots you do as much damage or maybe even more damage than an entire magazine of substantially lighter shots.

We have MORE POWER in this magazine than a regular handgun would, since we're trading off recharge rate for increased capacity. I choose to dump it in about three shots because I want this to follow our side's mantra---one good shot to kill anything.

If you're using a handgun for suppressive fire you are terminally stupid. If you are double-tapping with a gun specifically designed to put people down in one hit and built around the idea of hitting the right spot the first time, you're terminally stupid. Heck, if you're double-tapping on a gun with no recoil, you're terminally stupid. If you're firing with your sidearm at somebody shielded and armored then you fire as many times as needed to kill him, and pray that there's not two or three or fifteen guys in that room. Not that anybody would ever enter a room, alone, with multiple hostile soldiers inside, in a war zone, with a handgun of all things, and expect to survive, anyway.
We shall make the highest quality of quality quantities of soldiers with quantities of quality.
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