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Author Topic: [44.12] Hypans - Primitive civilization mod v0.30[WIP]  (Read 1095 times)


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[44.12] Hypans - Primitive civilization mod v0.30[WIP]
« on: February 20, 2019, 04:17:52 pm »

Hypans is a collective term for various human tribes that splintered from their parent civilizations at some point in time. Living in isolation most of them never developed beyond the hunter/gatherer state and have adopted a nomadic lifestyle, relying on bone or even wooden tools for their everyday needs. Some of them however have chosen to form more permanent settlements. These tribes would often establish trade relations with neardby towns resulting in a flow of goods and technological knowledge.

- "On The Human Species", Urist Alestride, Explorer/Cartographer -

This is still in a "work in progress" state. The basic ideas have been implemented but it still needs some polishing and probably some changes too. Some features might be dropped and new ones might be added. Any suggestions or feedback is welcomed.

1. About the mod:

The goal of this mod is to provide a higher challenge than vanilla Dwarf Fortress, without altering the gameplay too drastically. To that end, I have chosen to limit what resources are available to the Hypan Civ:

  • Metalworking is limited to a few basic items (maces, hatchets, picks, arrows, 2 forms of body armor and helmets) that can only be made out of copper. The forging of metal items and smelting of copper ores will take place in two new workshops and will use Woodcrafting for the weapons, Leatherworking for the armors and Wood burning for the smelting.
  • Most of the hypan specific reactions for weapons and tools will be available at the "primitive tools' category in the craftsman's workshop. Arrows will be made at the bowyer's workshop and both wooden and bone ones are made in stacks of 25 arrows.
  • Wooden spikes, wooden spiked balls and wooden cages are still available as trap components.The rest of the trap components are available through trade.
  • A new item the "Leather Jack" will be their main form of torso protection. It's basicaly the same as the standard Leather Armor but it's worn in the "over" instead of the "armor" layer in order to allow breastplates to be worn over it. Think about it as a gambeson.
  • Farming as a labour has been disabled in order to provide a bigger incentive for hunting, fishing and plant gathering. I don't expect food shortages to be a problem but it should limit the effectiveness of turtling as a defensive tactic. In addition both masonry and engraving has been disabled to reduce the incentive to mine out your fortress in stone and (maybe) force the players to choose between weapon production (ie bone arrows) or trade goods (ie bone crafts). Prepared meals and traps can still be exploited...
  • Trading with other civs is far more important as it's now a major source for higher quality equipment/tools. Raids (assuming they work correctly) and sieges should serve as an interesting alternative.
  • Hypans are considered adults as soon as they reach their 6th year but have a shorter lifespan compared to other creatures in hopes of forcing players to replace their workforce/military more frequently. They are also about the same size as humans (same average but should tend to be shorter) meaning that they should have a slight advantage in combat and they can use two handed weapons BUT they can't use steel armor since dwarves won't produce armor for their size. For now they can also enter in battle trances.
  • Population siege triggers have been lowered from 80 to 50 citizens.
  • There a few premade embark builds for anyone who might be interested in them.
  • There is now the option to play without any priorly domesticated animals meaning you won't be getting any caravans from your parent civ, you will only get the first two migrant waves and those migrants will not bring any pets with them.

2. Installation:

*The mod is intented to be played with DFHack so certain labours can be disabled without having to disable their whole category. Playing without DFHack is possible but players will now have access to farming so try not use it, I guess.*
  • Only use the version that corresponds to the graphics you are using. As of version 0.1 , supported tileset are the vanilla DF's ASCII and Phoebus graphic's set (for now the mod uses the human graphics for the hypans).
  • Place the mod's raw files in their respective folders within your DF folder (raw/objects to raw/objects , raw/graphics to raw/graphics etc). Replace the old ones where necessary. You might want to keep a back up of anyhting that gets replaced.
  • If you don't want to play with already domesticated animals reaplace the entity_hypan.txt inside Dwarf Fortress 0.44.12/raw/objects folder with the one inside the "no trade". This will also mean that you are going to get any caravans from your parent civ or any more migrants after the first two migrant waves that are hardcoded.
3. Credits:
  • Tarn and Zach Adams for creating Dwarf Fortress in the first place.
  • Random_Dragon, his Kobold Kamp mod was an inspiration for me and I often used his work as a template
  • Phoebus and everyone else that has worked/added on "Phoebus's graphics set".

4. Changelog:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

5. Known issues:
  • Picks are NOT selected automatically when selecting "prepare carefully for embark" or when using a saved embark profile. You can still search for them and add them manualy.
  • You need to manually assign ammo for your hunters before they can start hunting.
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Re: [44.12] Hypans - Primitive civilization mod v0.30[WIP]
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2019, 11:08:55 am »

Shameless bump!

Progress has been a bit slow but I think the mod is in good enough state for another release.

My concept for the mod has also changed a bit since the initial release. While I 'm still interested in raising the challenge for the player I also want to give a bit more emphasis on the hypan's background and how it would effect their existance in the game world.

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