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Author Topic: Dungeon Samurai: come help kickstart my friend's project!  (Read 916 times)


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Dungeon Samurai: come help kickstart my friend's project!
« on: March 01, 2019, 04:34:50 pm »

My friend wrote an isekai1 trilogy that deconstructs nearly every isekai trope. It's awesome. It's on Kickstarter. It's close to funded, but could use a little more.

Let me just quote the opening page of the kickstarter:

Yamada Yuuki is an ordinary Japanese college student with an extraordinary hobby: the classical martial art of Kukishin-ryu. One evening, a demon rips through the fabric of space-time, abducts everyone in his dojo, and transports them to another world. To return home, Yamada and his friends must join forces with other abductees to conquer the dungeon that runs through the heart of the world.

Standing in their way are endless hordes of bloodthirsty monsters, treacherous traps, invisible clouds of poison gas, and unfathomable horrors lurking in the lightless depths. Armed only with steel, faith and sheer guts, they must battle their way through the winding catacombs and confront the demon waiting at the bottom floor.

Yamada was once a student. Now he must become a samurai.

Dungeon Samurai is a trilogy of military fantasy novels running to about 65,000 words per book. It is the story of a harrowing campaign into the unlighted depths of a monster-filled dungeon. No pity, no mercy, no room for error.

If you ever wondered what old-school Dungeons & Dragons would look like if it were run like a military campaign, Dungeon Samurai is for you.

I can personally vouch for the story as a beta reader, and you'll see my gushing quote on the kickstarter page where I compare it to as if Tom Clancy wrote an isekai.

Here's the link again. Check it out!

1: The Japanese name for the portal fantasy genre. You might have seen some and not known the same. In any case, this trilogy is a deconstruction of the typical trope, and contains no invincible protagonist, no harems, no fanservice, none of the weirder anime tropes. I believe we're mostly anime fans here, but if you don't mind the occasional -san and the like, it shouldn't bother you.
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Re: Dungeon Samurai: come help kickstart my friend's project!
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2019, 12:23:32 pm »

Not something I'd back but I liked the writing sample, I hope his project pans out!