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Author Topic: The Eternal Halls - An Endless Succession Game  (Read 134643 times)


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Re: The Eternal Halls - An Endless Succession Game
« Reply #1380 on: February 10, 2018, 05:58:25 am »

Right, but on the other hand, you're not going to attract a lot of new people if you keep using an older version that is significantly harder to navigate the interface with. And looking at the existing interface now, that's really saying something.


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Re: The Eternal Halls - An Endless Succession Game
« Reply #1381 on: February 10, 2018, 10:01:43 am »

All valid points, but there's nothing stopping anyone from making their own succession game with the latest version, rather than hijacking an ancient thread for it.


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Re: The Eternal Halls - An Endless Succession Game
« Reply #1382 on: February 10, 2018, 11:40:28 am »

No time to play this week end afterall.
Sorry  :-X


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Re: The Eternal Halls - An Endless Succession Game
« Reply #1383 on: February 10, 2018, 12:26:33 pm »

Alright. Am I basically free to do anything ? I guess so. I'll try today.

EDIT : Loaded the save.
What the hell. This is flat dwarf fortress !! I have no idea what I can and can't do. Brings back memories.
Ohhw, the old UI was s***** !!
You can't resize the window.
'+'  and '-' don't work in menus.
'u' shows you aaaaall the units (dead, dorfs, animals, ...)

I hope I won't screw up everything. But...

* puts on glasses *


No, it's still 3d with z-levels. You can't resize the window on the fly, but you can change the window size in data/init/init.txt, or go fullscreen with F11.
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Re: The Eternal Halls - An Endless Succession Game
« Reply #1384 on: April 30, 2019, 10:40:41 pm »

It's been more than a year, how goes it?
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Re: The Eternal Halls - An Endless Succession Game
« Reply #1385 on: May 07, 2019, 09:05:28 am »

It's been more than a year, how goes it?

Every time I bother logging in to DF's forums instead of just lurking, I'm amazed that this thread still exists, let alone gets occasional posts.


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Re: The Eternal Halls - An Endless Succession Game
« Reply #1386 on: December 23, 2019, 04:32:05 pm »

1st granite, 124

A whole bunch of fiddling around with graphics settings to get it to work properly with the resolution on my laptop screen. Also, alt-tabbing away from the window makes it permanently unresponsive to keyboard input, but clicking away from it seems to be fine. I'm probably going to lose progress due to that at some point, I alt-tab a lot.

Also, since I'm away from my desktop for the holidays, I'm playing on my laptop. My laptop was manufactured in 2010, so I'm getting a butter-smooth 5 to 7 fps. This may take a while.

The fortress can run for a long time off of inertia, but what fun is that? What I need is a goal.
Unfortunately, I have no idea what the fortress needs, if anything, or how to tell.

I'll just look around a bit and see if anything jumps out.

Update: several real-life minutes have passed. It is still 1st granite. This may be a problem. How many frames are in a year?

403200 ticks per year (assuming it hasn't changed since this version). Assuming a consistent 8 fps (it's sped up a bit as I left it run) that'd be 14 hours. That's manageable, but I forsee a lot of time spent letting it run while not actually looking at it. Hopefully nothing happens that would require a timely response.

4th Granite, 124

Praise Armok, many things are labeled (Capital N to view notes). If I build anything new, I'll make sure to label it accordingly to carry this on.

The cancellation spam continues from my previous turn, still have no idea what's causing that.

7th Granite, 124

We appear to be lacking a bookkeeper, and there are some manager tasks which have remained unconfirmed for who-knows-how-long, so that might also not be working.

I assigned Marineking to the position of bookkeeper

While looking at the nobles, I noticed that the mayor is lacking rather a lot of stuff

I'll see if I can do something about that.

Also, good news, it turns out that the controls can be unstuck after alt-tabbing by just pressing alt repeatedly.

I've named the Philosopher after myself. It seems like a pretty low-risk position.

Sir Willy has been dorfed as the captain of the guard, as per their request.

10th Granite, 124
The elven diplomat has arrived. They requested that we fell no more than one hundred trees this year, and I see no reason not to agree.

Also, I'm getting reports of brewing cancellation due to lack of barrels. We have more than enough booze, so I'm not going to manufacture more barrels, but turning off the brewing order seems likely to cause trouble down the line. I'll just ignore the reports, a bit more job cancellation spam doesn't change anything.

12th Granite, 124
I followed the sewers, and apparently we're draining our wastewater into the depths of hell itself.

I'll grant that it's an innovative waste-management strategy, but it seems like it might be somehow unwise.

15th Granite, 124
I've ordered some random stockpile rooms smoothed, mostly just to give some of our idlers something to do

17th Granite, 124
There's an open pit directly off a main hallway which leads straight down into a pool of lava in the forgeroom.

Lots of interesting design decisions around these here parts.

And once again, I'm waffling on tremendously in the first month. A consequence of the rather brutal real-time-to-game-time ratio, there's a lot of looking around the place compressed into very little in-game time.

26th Granite, 124
Traded with the elven caravan, gave them some stone and bone crafts, plus a few iron crafts they requested in a counteroffer, in exchange for two bears, all their booze, a bunch of berries, and some arrows. Do we need arrows? Eh, no such thing as too many arrows. There's also no such thing as too many bears.

I've also started carving out quarters for the mayor. And the philosopher. The philosopher apparently already has quite excellent quarters, but I can't find them so I'm making new ones.

14th Slate, 124
Migrants! Four in total, a Miner, Engineer, Peasant, and Mason. Not very skilled ones, though

19th Slate, 124
A fey mood! Their skills are masonry and Siege operating, don't think either of those are moodable.

Correction, masonry is moodable

26th Slate, 124
King Kingler is demanding an item in their throne room or office. Sure. But where are either of those things?

27th Slate, 124
Found the throne room!

I've ordered two statues to be installed, hopefully that fulfills the requirements.

Also, Zon has begun his construction!

Doesn't look like any particularly great materials, though

1st Felsite, 124

Apparently statues arent "items" as far as the king is concerned, the demand is still active.

Oh, from the wiki "It can happen that the demand will read 'item in room' - this is due to a bug and the demand then cannot be fulfilled."
Ah well.

Zon has completed their construction!

Worthless. Worthless! WORTHLESS!

1st Hematite, 124

Alright, that's it for this update. This season took about a week (what with holiday stuff and 8 fps), but I'm hoping to have a bit more time in the next few days to get the next season out faster than that.

Status as of the end of spring:

EDIT: oh, hey Dadamh. I'm sorry to say that your dorf died in my last turn, would you like a new one?
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Re: The Eternal Halls - An Endless Succession Game
« Reply #1387 on: December 25, 2019, 03:15:06 pm »

It's a Christmas miracle!
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Re: The Eternal Halls - An Endless Succession Game
« Reply #1388 on: December 26, 2019, 01:39:45 am »

Oh my.... this is a happy necro
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Re: The Eternal Halls - An Endless Succession Game
« Reply #1389 on: December 29, 2019, 07:41:05 pm »

13th Hematite, 124

A human caravan came by, I traded them a bunch more rock crafts for all their booze and meat and a big chunk of their cheese. I also determined that merchants do in fact want all this useless incorrectly-sized clothing we've gotten off of invaders, I suggest trading off all the non-metal wrong-size clothing to the next however many caravans. The metal stuff can be melted down, but I don't think the rest of it has any value except as a trade good.

17th Hematite, 124

"r" opens up a screen with all room assignments, and lets you zoom to specific rooms! This would've been useful for finding the throne room. Also, found the Philosopher's quarters.

Nice window, but that bedroom is far too small.

A new mayor was elected. That makes the mayor lacking quarters make more sense, presumably there were mayoral quarters at some point and whoever was mayor at the time is still assigned to them. (I did know that mayors got elected periodically, I just hadn't made the connection to the lack of quarters)

13th Malachite, 124

Speaking of the incorrectly-sized clothing, I've designated all narrow iron chain mail and narrow iron helms to be melted, and set a few smelters to take care of them.

5th Galena, 124

As we have an excess of iron, and no flux with which to convert it to steel, I've comissioned various pieces of iron furniture for my quarters.

8th Galena, 124

Many of the stockpiles had some seemingly-arbitrary setting for max bins, I've set every stockpile that looks like it could benefit from more bins to the maximum number that will fit, and I'll be manufacturing some more bins accordingly.

11th Limestone, 124

A dwarven caravan arrived, I've ordered a billion (approximately) pieces of narrow clothing moved to the trade depot.

12th Limestone, 124

One dwarf is immediately endangered

no others appear to be in the immediate vicinity. This is on the opposite side of the map from the trade caravan, so they are in no immediate danger.
I've ordered all squads to report to the location of the incursion ASAP.

But they are not quite fast enough.

The invaders have reached the entrance hallways, and are streaming in. The champions are coming to meet them...

and goblins start flying.

Despite wading through the invading force like a particularly screamy lawnmower, morul is completely uninjured.

The very last invader has a particularly impressive death

The siege is broken.

No injuries, and only the one death on our side. The attackers did not fare nearly so well.

Though it appears that our lone casualty was a relative of Solon, the manager.

Hopefully this does not further delay their work, I'm already becoming rather impatient.

More to come relatively shortly, I've already played through to mid-winter, just haven't gotten the images cropped and uploaded.


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Re: The Eternal Halls - An Endless Succession Game
« Reply #1390 on: December 30, 2019, 02:51:29 am »

Amazing ! ;D

The fortress that never dies lives on ;D


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Re: The Eternal Halls - An Endless Succession Game
« Reply #1391 on: December 30, 2019, 08:32:32 am »

I think that People will likely continue to necro this until the save files all become corrupted beyond repair, the Forums die, or Humanity reaches extinction, whichever one comes first.
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Re: The Eternal Halls - An Endless Succession Game
« Reply #1392 on: January 01, 2020, 10:09:28 pm »

14th Limestone, 124 do I un-station the military? They're just kinda hanging out, and "delete patrol route" doesn't have any effect.

20th Limestone, 124

I traded the dwarven caravan several cartloads of goblin clothing for much of their stock. Food and booze, of course, but also some nice steel armor and weapons since I noticed that much of our military is in lesser materials, and some of the cheaper steel crafts for melting.

22nd Sandstone, 124

it's been many months since I placed the orders for furniture, but Solon (despite having all labors turned off and spending most of their time with no job) is still refusing to verify them. I'm probably not going to be able to finish my quarters this turn, unfortunately. They're dug and engraved, at least.

On closer inspection, while Solon shows as having no job in dwarf therapist, they're actually on "attend meeting" and I think they've been on attend meeting this whole time. Who are they trying to meet with?

24th Sandstone, 124

Solon has changed from "unhappy" to "very unhappy." Looking at their thoughts, they were recently forced to endure the decay of a sibling. Dangit, why didn't Urist get buried? We've got available graves, has everyone just been too busy hauling?

I've temporarily assigned Marineking as manager, as well as their existing role of bookkeeper. I'll put Solon back in that position later, but I really want these work orders taken care of and Solon just isn't doing it.

14th Moonstone, 124

The job orders got confirmed and completed, and I've ordered the furniture installed (aside from the bed, which we appear to be out of, so I've ordered some of those made as well)

15th Moonstone, 124

Another one? I thought there was only one of these per year.

once again, a single dwarf is really threatened

They're not nearly so close as last time, hopefully we can avoid any deaths this time around, I've sent out the military.

Ah, but a second squad arrived far closer to the entrance

I've directed one squad towards the closer group, and two towards the further one, to try and save Dastot.
I've also ordered all non-soldiers to stay indoors.

Oh, there's a third squad I entirely missed

Well, we've got three active squads of military and three groups of invaders, so... one apiece, I suppose.

I don't know where they were.

A lone goblin pursues a child and a fisherdwarf. Where are the champions??

...Oh, I had them all standing down since I couldn't figure out how the cancel the station orders from last time. Oops.

A different lone goblin chases a different set of two dwarves down into the lava area, where the previous group are fleeing in circles on top of the tomb.

The champions are on their way, led by sir willy

and, eventually, the rest of them.

Oh dear, that's not a good direction to be running in.

Never mind, the goblins on the edge stayed put long enough for the champions to arrive and rescue them. Also, the dwarves in the statue area escaped into the tunnels. Their pursuer decided to come back upstairs and was promply slain by Sir Willy.

Logem leads the charge

and all the goblins died instantly. I've sent one squad to clean up some stragglers while keeping the other two close at hand in case rapid response is needed.

One recruit is lost in the mop-up

23rd Moonstone, 124

The siege is broken. We lost a child and a recruit. Unfortunate, but it could have been much worse. I've also enabled the burial labor on everyone it can be enabled on, can we please not have any dwarves decay unburied this time?

We've got coffins, really.

1st Opal, 124

The philosopher's quarters are now furnished and assigned

As such, Solon has been re-assigned as manager.

8th Opal, 124

Conveniently, it left immediately upon being discovered, and the cat was unharmed.

22nd Opal, 124

Since the break didn't seem to help Solon any, and MarineKing has already proven themseleves a competent manager, I've decided to assign MarineKing to the position of manager on a more permanent basis.

24th Opal, 124

The boneyard's full again, so I've assigned work orders for more skull totems and bone decorations. Also, more wooden bins.

1st Granite, 125

And that's yer lot!

Notes to next overseer:
The most important thing to do at the moment seems to be reducing clutter.

Bins. We need hundreds of them, there's a huge amount of stockpile space being wasted due to not having enough bins (especially in the cloth stockpile). I've increased bin limits on all the stockpiles that can use them that I noticed, but I probably missed some.

We've got tons of goblin junk, crafts, ludicrous amounts of cloth, and assorted other clutter. You could just atom-smash it, but I'm generally not a fan of that, I prefer to use it for something or trade for higher-value items. Accordingly, I'd suggest continuing to melt metal goblin junk and trade the non-metal stuff, and doing something with the cloth. I don't think even most of our dorfs have non-tattered clothing atm, so that's something to do. Anything made of steel would be good to buy, see if you can get our military fully-equipped in it.

Also, due to melting the goblinite, we've got a bunch of iron, and we seem to have no flux so we can't turn it into steel. I dunno what to do with it, build a tower out of it or somesuch? I just used it for furniture, but we've got 659 iron bars at this time (and still melting) so that's not going to be enough to use it all.

Notes on next overseer:

I'd say that this is pretty much first-come-first-serve, if you want to play a turn and nobody else has called dibs (or if it's been a long time since they did so) then go for it. That said, iirc Tack and Imic expressed interest and haven't played yet, it could also be worth a try PMing people on the old turn list and seeing if any of them are up for it. I'm about to be AFK for a while so I'm not going to be doing any of that soon.


Dwarf therapist version:
The place I got it from previously seems to have gone down, so here it is
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