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Author Topic: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=  (Read 2813 times)


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=]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« on: March 20, 2019, 02:46:58 am »

+++ Lolokgatin +++
The Grand Builders

-Excerpt from the journal of Tirist Standardclaw.-

1st Opal, 351

The time to depart has come. Meph has grand designs that are against traditions due to surface living. Most call him a mad dwarf. Some believe him to have become stark raving mad. But we are his friends, and we must be there for him. Ablel and Deler believe his ideals to be worthy. Momuz and myself have little to do as warriors of the arm in the homeland, and they will have need of warriors. It is also alleged Meph spat on a baron.

I do not know if I believe this allegation.

3rd Opal, 351

We have loaded a wagon with commodities and joined a caravan traveling west. Meph alleges he has hired prospectors to find a worthy site for us to claim. They will meet us at the Confederate town of Relicheated.

9th Opal, 351

Relicheated is a modest town. Ruins surround it, teeming with untended livestock and feral dogs. Many bandits reside here, this much is certain. Momuz does not travel while we rest here without her sword in quick grasp. Some blame the tomb to the northeast for the ill fortunes of the area. The local Lord blames intermittent war with a neighbor to the west. I did not inquire who these neighbors are, as humans are prone to warring among themselves moreso than beardkin.

13th Opal, 351

The prospectors have given Meph a map to our supposed home. I hope is it up to date.


Hello all! Shitty prologue aside, welcome! After the abject disaster from last time, Meph is finally slowing down on updates so I can do a mulligan on the tileset showcase, and I can get around to a new Masterwork fort as well to avenge Riverrun and Paintedskin's loss to HDD failure. However, to keep things interesting, I decided to make use of the DF Scenario Generator. It's given us a general "rebels and outcasts" background, with the challenge to not use deadly traps, not farm plump helmets, settle in a savage biome, and do so within range of a necromancer tower.

We also need to base another goal off a randomly generated name. We got "Granitepanther, as the name above says. So I reflected that in a goal further down. I'm open to other suggestions as well. our group is known as "The Knives of War," per random gen. On top of this, I'm going to make every effort to manage the stress of the population without my usual tweak to stress resistance. Weather is a big threat in that regard.

So. onto business.

Now, unfortunately there were literally no necromancers in this world, despite ample secret types available. So that stipulation had to be dropped after three gens (one of which sucked for anything, and the first of which lacked what I needed in the temperature range.) We also appear to have a bit of overlap with a non-savage biome. We are the dwarves of The Excavated Figure, outcasted for our belief that the great outdoors are not poisonous, but something to be conquered, just like any cavern.

Turns out this is a rather unpopular opinion among the dwarves. Who woulda thought.


A good mixture of shit is on-site according to prospector, though obvious where it is I couldn't tell you yet. Should be able to do most overrides without imports, though without an obsidian farm, I'm going to need to import the shiny black rock. Clay, sand, marble, copper, iron, gold, and silver are all present (allegedly anyway.) Only downside is the lack of a mundane metal like zinc or lead, so I'll need to import metals for building stuff with until everyone is properly equipped (since iron and steel will still be at a premium.)

Our supplies. I've brought some pre-made weapons just in case there's giant animals or overly curious river monsters, and a spare pick and axe. I've also brought along leather to make body armor out of, since I plan to armor the militia lightly, and that's the minimum to prevent grapple-related accidents I've found. Anyway, this fort's honestly going to be painfully boring because of both where I settled, and the primary purpose. I may even go back and axe the current writing style, but eh.

Now let's get stuck in, shall we?


Revised -  Because it includes a bunch of bugfixes and whatnot.
No Nerves - Never liked it from a gameplay standpoint.
Slower Farming - Why not?
All decorations are on.
Ferric Elves - Additional Enemy (I wanted something besides goblins to fight.)
Dwarves have access to more weapons. Because I like variety in my murder implements.

I am not allowed to utilize weapon or airlock traps.
I am not allowed to farm plump helmets (I am however free to buy and cook them and their seeds.)
I must utilize all overrides in some capacity if able.
I must manage the stress of the population effectively.
I must build all citizen housing with stone walls above ground.
I must seize all artifacts carried by visitors if possible.
I must have at least one squad of non-dwarves.
I must build windows into most things.
I must dye all thread to be used in clothing.
I must provide favored animals as pets if possible.
I must reach the 400 year centennial of the world.

Royal Museum - Must have at least 40 artifacts.
Royal Archive - Must have at least 200 books and two full-time scholars/scribes.
Bank of Granitepanther - Must be built from marble, gold, and/or silver, and have at least 50000 coins of each type stored inside.
Engineering Academy - Must be built from copper. Must train at least  four legendary engineers.
Central Park - must have at least one central tree and one or more ponds.
Trade Warehouse - Must be large enough to utilize decorative structures to simulate a stocked warehouse.
Mural of a black panther - Open to suggestions on what material to use, considering the demand for obsidian already in my museum plan.
Great Temple of Alron Etur, The god of mountains.

I've limited the size of sieges, but also the population. Once all citizens have been tended to, and we're able to satisfy most needs, I'll increase both in increments of 10.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2019, 02:49:20 am »

-0- Casualty List -0-
Casualties as usual, color coded by cause: Violence/Accidents, Insanity, Old Age, and Abduction.

Atir Channeltail, Child - Suffocated, Killed by the werelizard Vicira Lathivole
Lor Soundsteel, Child - Bled to death, Killed by the weretortoise Mudi Castottaksmo Ushniloce
Sarvesh Windcurled, Planter/Bowdwarf - Drowned, fell into a pond when it thawed.
Thekut Coastalrough, Child - Drowned, found dead in river.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2019, 02:51:12 am »

++Update Archive++
While redundant this soon, I'm sure it'll be needed eventually.

Update 1
Update 2
Update 3
Update 4
Update 5

==Community Contributions==
Journal entries and art mostly, if anyone cares enough to do them.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #3 on: March 20, 2019, 02:52:42 am »

Journal of Tirist Standardclaw

10th Granite, 352

The air is cold when it moves, but not intolerably so. It is a reminder we are far from the homeland, far from the warm holds of the south. The map we journey by indicates we near The Silky Hills. I have heard tales of that place. A land untamed, and untamable. It is perhaps for this reason Meph has chosen this place. To tame the untamable would make a fine point in our beliefs.

14th Granite, 352

We've arrived, somewhere in The Silky Hills. We can go no further, as according to the map, this small river runs the length of the territory and to stop to build a bridge would take days that would be better spent erecting shelter.

15th Granite, 352

Was shaken awake by Ablel. Inquired to the meaning of her intrusion on my snooze, and she expressed concerns over the local creatures. She claims they are unfriendly and disreputable looking.

Badgers are a feared beast. Some are alleged to grow the size of wagons, but I do not know if I believe such tall tales. When angered, the beast is ferocious, and unafraid to use dwarven children to paint walls with. Alligators are likewise of dangerous repute. Elf merchants that frequented our old home likened them to logs, but murderous. One even simply called one sold to a baron as a "murderlog." I do not know if this is true, but i would prefer the murderlogs remain distant from us.

17th Granite, 352

As the only dwarves with martial training, Momuz and I played boulder, paper, shears to determine leadership of the militia. I was victorious three of five times as was agreed, and so assumed the rank of colonel. Safeness will come under our watchful eyes.

19th Granite, 352

Days have been spent with the unenviable task of carving planks from wood to build with. Maple is readily available and provides no useful fruits according to Meph's ledgers, and so is an ideal material to construct a tavern from. Ablel suggested rooms for visitors and a storage room for food below it, and it was agreed by all who were awake to vote. Vutok snoozed in the mines and so could not vote, but she was outnumbered if she dissents regardless.

There is however greater news! Iron ore was found beneath copious amounts of dirt and disreputable chert! Meph declared joy at this mood, as it means the prospectors were honroable and worthy of the sovereigns paid. Deler has also shown great skill in carpentry, and she seems quite satisfied with her work.

21st granite, 352

I dislike chert. While it can appear pleasant to behold when well shaped and polished, none will find our homes envious if built from such a foul colored stone. I suggested we have Vutok continue mining for more pleasant rock and it was agreed upon by all present.

22nd Granite, 352

Vutok struck lignite, in the chart near the iron. This is well, as we may use more wood for building and barrels and bins, rather than fuel. The badgers also accosted Delerm who was sent fleeing in terror from a ginko tree she intended to fell to construct cabinet frames. Momuz and I drew blades with intent to murder. We have been without excitement for too long regardless.


The badgers are dead, and Deler has volunteered to use her axe to butcher the carcasses. Momuz will tan the leather. Meph suggests the use of kindling to burn away the many teeth and paws that are of no use to us for ash, which can be constructed into windows. I do not know how you would construct windows from ash.

25th Granite, 352

A bridge of ginko wood was constructed to ford the river. We do not yet know if the chills in this place will herald frozen water.

28th Granite, 352

Vutok reports finding more lignite seams, as well as a seam of iron. She also reports slate, a fine gray stone, down below! None may mistake our homes for wood at a distance now! We have also decided upon a name and heraldry for our home. Deler had carved a symbol into the wall of our future tavern. It depicts a panther, six large daggers, and a circle. The panther is striking a menacing pose. The panther is surrounded by the daggers, and are in turn surrounded by the circle. In honor of the stone of our homeland and this idle artwork, we have chosen the name Granitepanther.

May our home stand strong. Hail Granitepanther.

And there's the first update. Nothing exciting of course, as first updates (and seconds, or thirds) seldom are. But I wanted to have an update to hand to start with. And I'll only occasionally switch dwarves, unlike last time, so we'll mainly be following things from Tirist's perspective.

Note, that everyone who claims a dwarf will get a portrait made of that dwarf.

Now, as to resources. Prospector didn't lie it seems, but the overwhelming presence of chert is annoying to have to dig through, though we can unearth it as needed to let people practice stone crafting or masonry. I'm also highly doubtful I'll be able to make use of the ice overrides. And if the area decides to double-dip me and snow and rain in the winter, I'm going to disable the weather. Most dwarves with private homes, spouses, and pets can handle the constant re-exposure to rain fairly handily, and even those without can handle rain or snow on their own, but any of the more fragile sorts regardless of other niceties can't handle getting hit with both constantly very well (though the married ones have births to mitigate it.)

Construction is obviously slow, due to a lack of workers. I've only managed the frame of our tavern, the start of a stone quarry, and a storage room for food and drink, and jammed some beds in the mouth of the mine as a temporary measure. There's a few other things too, but nothing to really write home about.

This is by far the most boring fort I've done though to post here. Also fairly certain the area is too warm to use the ice set at all based on a far colder tester fort, so that's already off the table. And believe it or not, I really have nothing to show so far. Big shock, right?


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #4 on: March 20, 2019, 02:55:52 am »

Journal of Tirist Standardclaw, Continued

2nd Slate, 352

A great beast prowls the land! We huddled in fear of a great owl not unlike the mighty Alron Etur, lest it swoop down and consume oblivious dwarves.

5th Slate, 352

Vutok hollowed a food storage room. Meph suggested it be given a willow wood shell to provide support. All Panthers present were in agreement, and Deler went to lumber the needed trees.

8th Slate, 352

The badger meat is surprisingly good when seared and stuffed with goat meat.

10th Slate, 352

Vutok carved several riras from badger bone. One of them is quite a finely crafted item!

15th Slate, 352

Food commodities moved underground. Our prosperity depends on the food's safeness.

18th Slate, 352

Meph carved a statue from chert to sell. It depicts Sidos Onil.

20th Slate, 352

Cutting logs into planks is tiresome and unfulfilling.

22nd Slate, 352

Meph has carved another statue. I do not understand what it depicts, but he alleges it is a human who stalks great beasts he learned of in Relicheated.

26th Slate, 352

Spent day laying singles. Boring work.

3rd Felsite, 352

The River carp are unsettling. Momuz alleges that they were vicious in ancient times and prone to attempting to drown dwarves. Drown dwarves! What unscrupulous creatures would dare do such a horrific act?

8th Felsite, 352

Watched Meph carve statues of dwarves. They were somewhat pleasant to behold!

10th Felsite, 352

Meph ordered the construction of a depot. He alleges that traders frequent The Silky Hills, and our simple bridge shall prove invaluable to them.

12th Felsite, 352

I wish there was not so much to do. I have gone without an argument or time to simply sit and talk with my friends for too long.

14th Felsite, 352

A swan this time. Meph claims a fascination with the creatures.

28th Felsite, 352

I grow weary of shingles.

1st Hematite, 352

8th Hematite, 352

The humans have arrived to trade, just as Meph predicted them to. While great beasts stalk this land, it is unsurprising traders pass through for swiftness.

Okay! That's two. Okay, so due to the nature of the fort, I'm going to have to switch gears to a current Battlejudge style of things. There's literally too much going on in terms of workload and too little of real note to do things in character, because the sheer workload prevents the dwarves from interacting much and there's been nothing but fish and ravens around for months. Dear Toady, fliers were a mistake.

We're basically looking at years of just straight fucking building (which is why I had heavily modded things before.) It's gonna be boooooooooooooooring, and I hate to ask, but if other people could please try to fill in the holes that this project is going to leave, that'd be appreciated. Because it's giving me very little to work with for a story.

And this is why the next for I'm doing is waiting for ZM5 to finish his Horror Pack update. There's gonna be knights, space men, and cannibal hillbillies with chainsaws, and all kinds of other crazy shit. That'll make up for this, even if it doesn't have any pretty graphics.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #5 on: March 20, 2019, 05:55:19 am »

Oooo, another fort - I'm looking forward to seeing the aboveground constructions you make - you always seem to make very cozy, clean-looking aboveground forts.

"She claims they are unfriendly and disreputable looking." I love this vast understatement of the alligators and badgers.

Darkening Kaos

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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #6 on: March 21, 2019, 01:40:13 am »

  The legendary engineers should have a square, surface tower approx. 25 z-levels high and 5x5 internal.  Near the middle z-levels, have an arch start to spread from each side as if building a bridge, however, at the other end of the bridge build an upside down tear-drop where each one becomes the personal domain of an engineer.  All furnishings should be made of the metal the dorf prefers - if mechanics migrate to the fortress and they don't have a specific metal, then they should have the mechanic labour turned off and be pushed into a new field of endeavour.
  This tower should be placed far from the main fortress, but only accessible from underground, use a minecart to deliver rocks to the bottom of the staircase and have haulers carry the stone up the tower and into each tear-drop where they will be stockpiled for the mechanics.  Have another minecart carry the mechanisms from the tower to a stockpile near the trade warehouse.
     Edit: All of the terrain around the tower should be levelled and concreted over to prevent nasty trees from growing near it.

     Also Posting To Watch....
« Last Edit: March 21, 2019, 01:44:22 am by Darkening Kaos »
So! Failed to make peace, war looms, kill the infidels... what are our plans for the weekend?
The Giant Moles in the caverns of my current fort breed like crazy, even while regularly being decimated by other beasts entering them...


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #7 on: March 21, 2019, 02:16:36 am »

I actually do kind of like the idea of a big copper tower rising above the tree line, and I had planned to reshape the hills if they receive any use as warehouses and such. Dunno about the rest of it, but a big fuck off copper tower with a spike-filled ditch around it sounds pretty good.

Welcome to the builder's club Kaos  :)

Darkening Kaos

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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #8 on: March 21, 2019, 03:26:48 am »

     I like building towers and sometimes get very creative with them, I've had the tower go up several z-levels, then split with branches at regular spacing, and it just goes from there.  Never finish them though, just keep growing until I get bored and abandon the embark.

     Edit: if you find a migrant with a preference for Copper, make him/her a mechanic with the name Kaos.
« Last Edit: March 21, 2019, 03:40:03 am by Darkening Kaos »
So! Failed to make peace, war looms, kill the infidels... what are our plans for the weekend?
The Giant Moles in the caverns of my current fort breed like crazy, even while regularly being decimated by other beasts entering them...


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #9 on: March 21, 2019, 06:02:25 am »

ptw :)
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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #10 on: March 30, 2019, 06:46:09 am »

Right, so. Little update for this thread. I'm dropping the IC thing. Because the game crapped itself after six months of work right before I saved. My apologies, but this has become very unfun and I just lost hours of work.

So there's that. There will be an update at some point today. But it will not be a happy one on that virtue alone.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #11 on: April 02, 2019, 06:19:31 am »

A bit late, but as stated in the announcement beforehand, we're now playing Dwarf Fortress: Splint hates the universe edition. I am however much mroe mellowed out since the incident.

Right so. We're in summer. Got a legendary weapon smith out of the vagrants who showed up. Only thing of note. Drafted two of them into the militia, and made one a brewer and a couple of them got slapped with helping Meph cut blocks. Summer was spent trading with the humans for a small amount of shit (mainly metal, an insultingly small amount of booze, and some other raw materials. Any time not spent doing these things was spent building. Why? because that's the point of this oversized coffin waiting to happen.

There's going to be two artifact caps with blank boxes. I intend to edit the post later when I have them drawn up, and will post them separately as well along with a lost one due to the crash.

There was also the legendary stonecrafter, but I just gave her some masonry tools and told her she's a mason now and I won't be putting up with any lip from her. Her profession is going to border on useless in this town.

We got the attention of the ferric elves during the summer as well, some bundle of matchsticks called Rootsaved. Fuck the lot of them, I'm gonna burn the fucking place to the ground when I have a squad of mercenaries to do it with. So that much isn't different from the lost update. Regardless, by Galena, I had the warehouse finished save a few decorative structures, a fenced (more or less) pen for several unowned animals, and the basic outline of the barracks (for the second fucking time today.)

Before autumn rolled around, I decided to try and build a track system to supply slate to a couple masonry shops. Ducim, being the legendary weaponsmith, has the most experiencing in vaguely mechanism-like things from making crossbows. So she gets to do that. I also spotted two rat women, who apparently look like Master Splinter. As their existence offends me, I sicced Tirist and Momuz on them, since they have weapons. Fuck them. Their kids caused the plague and their adopted nephews probably hospitalized hundreds of ninjas.

Autumn rolled around after this, and I told the OL to get stuffed. I ain't got the means to support a baron. This also happened in the lost update.  We got a migrant wave that brought us to 30 people, including a family of 7 (two parents and alllllll their spawnlings save for one.) Ended up with a merchant who got handed a pick, and an extra miner besides. And speaking of miners, a minecart accident happened to Ushrir in mid-Moonstone. Also during the murder of the rat people, I have found that Tirist appears to be a complete sociopath because he doesn't feel a god damned thing while in conflict.

Knew I picked the right dorf for the job of military command.

As you can see, his left arm was basically obliterated and he doesn't seem all that concerned about it. Hell, I thought he died when someone who saw the rat women die had a flashback. Turns out he was getting some potato wine, with nary the faintest of fucks given about his arm getting destroyed by a minecart impact. A while after this, a mason (one of the guys I basically told to start cutting blocks for hovel walls,) made this thing.

Booted someone else out of their workstation despite standing in another masonry shop when he went all funny in the head. Massive dick that guy. And with it's creation and the subsequent offer of baronage, I suspect we're on the ferric elves' radar now. Though we end up with a more immediate issue in obsidian.

This guy. As you can see, the werebeast has a neat little graphic!

The militia comes streaming up and out from the food stockpile as children scatter around off-screen away from the dorm (which still needs windows. Everything still needs windows at this juncture, and windows will make this shit much less dangerous for everyone since i can lock them in the buildings when those are installed.) The militia is going to need to rely super hard on agility since I haven't gotten a chance to make any armor yet (the smith only just got finished a couple weeks before and still lacks windows, and coke needed to be made in preparation for making any armor at all.)

Anyway, Momuz leads the charge and to my surprise isn't instantly annihilated like my barely trained early militiadorfs tend to be when faced with a slavering nightmare that slithered from the depths of satan's anus, as shown above. She then declares the encounter a real fight, and that she laughs in the face of death as Tirist and Bembul close in from behind. She has excellent spatial sense and intuition, so that's probably what's saving her right now. As they fight, Afifi lands a hit! With a book. Turns out this werebeast was a writer once, and is carying two of their works, "Union and the Coming Troubles," and "Errors in Kin," a book about harmony and family respectively.

Then we get Morul the toddler charging out. Apparently the two-year old girl is hungry for wereiguana blood. Following this, the monster bapped Bembul in the neck with "Errors in Kin." I get a feeling that it was intentional.

Following this is mostly the five dwarves involved trying and failing to hit the wereiguana author and her slapping them with her books. I like to think she was lecturing them the entire time about the values of family and harmony. As the dodging moves eastward, another kid sees the fighting and comes running out to play as well, shown below.

Eventually the fight carries up hill, and the militia is covered in bruises. Edum has become a speardwarf proper, and Bembul a macedwarf. I think. might have mixed up the names. Morul the child has actually developed proper unarmed skills in trying to fist fight a giant monster, reaching novice fighter and striker. Eventually Eral the child does as well> Soon, as the moon begins to wane, Momuz lands a hit! Tirist had done so as well earlier on the same leg (slicing open its right thigh,) but the blow failed to knock the beast down.

And it fell over! Proned and surrounded by bruised up and very angry drunken midgets, it manages to put up a good fight but before the moon turns, it succumbs to a mounting pile of injuries borne of fighting numerous opponents while prone, and it succumbs to blood loss (unsure if it was getting disemboweled that did the trick. I gotta be honest, we go lucky with this one.) As last one to land a hit, Tirist was awarded the kill. One of its arms got cut off at one point, but I can't be bothered to trawl through pages and pages of people being slapped with books to find it.

The fight was almost entirely comprised of dodging, blocking, people being hit with books, then a foot shot, and subsequent disembowelment, along with either Tirist of Momuz cutting off the arm. There was a scratch in there somewhere, and a shit ton of bruises to one lung (or in Eral's case, to his heart,) but thankfully due to the books, no debilitating or infection injuries occurred.

Spring comes later of course, and I've started moving married dwarves into the recently roofed homes. I abused the hell out of the decorative blocks, and I think you guys will love the places when I get'em done, windows and all :)

When the spring migrants came, I finally started work on an apartment building, mainly to house migrant children. I'll likely make them three z's tall, with one floor being channeled out into the soil to prevent cave adaptation. The militia also expanded to include two married fellows who liked axes and weren't below average in terms of stress resistance. Once enough fencing bars are in place to contain the barracks room itself, I can set the louts to training.

Spring came and went without much incident, but while mostly finished, I haven't installed the furniture in all of the houses that are built, and I still need to do a ton of roofing work. Humans arrived, and copious quantities of bone crafts made from badgers and carp (which died during the brief winter freeze of the river and I subsequently fished out via autodump.) Around the time the humans arrived, we also got a shiny new bracelet.

And here's a shot of the mostly complete warehouse, with some bone goodies sitting around waiting to be hauled.

Quite a nice little assortment of stuff, which I believe is a mix of Meph and Vordak's work, but it might have just been one or the other. So we continue onwards, building the apartments for the kiddies as the humans leave. At some point, because I left the game running without noticing for about two weeks, we get a visitor. Another werelizard!

This one as you can see, has a different look. Tileset at work folks. The thing surged forward, and proceeds to attack a child. The child dies so that Meph who was sleeping in the dorm at the time may live. However, as the fight began, I noticed that compared to the other one, which took a ton of punishment before going down, is apparently quite weak to bronze, even when compared to the other one.

Momuz laid into it, and easily did more damage than she had against the other one, cleaving through scale like it wasn't really there. However it's Bembul who lands the serious hit, when he punctured its heart! Its laser focus on the kid also meant the militia could wail on it more or less uninterrupted, and the monster took care of the infectee when it broke the child's neck (which while unfortunate, is better than eternal torment in a cell while the militia grinds up to be able to dispatch it.) At the end of it, Tirist was awarded final kill by virtue of last hit. If he hadn't mangled an arm and foot, I'd have called him out as a kill-stealing asshat.

And I had a major scare with one of the wounded dwarves (of which we had both recruits, and Ushrir who had still be wandering around ignoring his mangled arm for the past nine and a half months.) Had a skin tear, but it was just a regular claw-based scratch that needed stitches. And yes, Atir named her son after herself apparently.

And that's a wrap for the update. Sorry it ain't in character and there's a lack of screenshots, but I still need to install furniture, windows, and finish tiling the rooftops of the initial hovels, and complete the apartment before anything is ready to show off.

And remember, the artifacts are coming later in the week, before any of you tl;dr types go bringing it up.

Do you guys prefer this unstructured off the cuff manner or should I try to go back to in character stuff?.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #12 on: April 02, 2019, 03:54:00 pm »

In-character was fun to read. This is also fun to read. Do as you see fit.
I aim to please. And to break upper spines, of course.
tormenting the player is important

Darkening Kaos

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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #13 on: April 02, 2019, 04:56:35 pm »

In-character was fun to read. This is also fun to read. Do as you see fit.
     Agreed, gotta make the best of what you have.  I'm just content that things are progressing.
    If you don't have a dedicated smelter operator, or get one in the next migrant wave, name him/her Kaos, thanx.
So! Failed to make peace, war looms, kill the infidels... what are our plans for the weekend?
The Giant Moles in the caverns of my current fort breed like crazy, even while regularly being decimated by other beasts entering them...


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #14 on: April 02, 2019, 05:02:53 pm »

I can do that on both counts. I suppose I'll stick with the off-the-cuff thing for a while then, because I don't need to keep up with dates and interpersonal interactions. I'll have to sift through my furnace dudes (I got two or three, but they haven't overtaken their old professions yet,) to set you up.
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