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Author Topic: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=  (Read 3610 times)


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #15 on: April 02, 2019, 05:04:27 pm »

What extra weapons have you given your dwarves?
Remember kids: a good fortress is a bunker, a great fortress is a tomb!
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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #16 on: April 02, 2019, 05:26:13 pm »

Resized great weapons so dwarf-sized creatures can use them (greataxe, 2h sword, and maul) and added flails and morningstars as well, for variety in killing tools.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #17 on: April 06, 2019, 12:57:41 pm »

Just a poke in to show off the artifacts whose art was left out of the previous update.

The cabinet,

The bracelet,

And lastly, the lost bracelet, which was lost to a crash and was our original first artifact.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #18 on: April 06, 2019, 01:42:42 pm »

Loads of spikes. That cabinet looks more like some weird torture rack, to be perfectly honest.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #19 on: April 06, 2019, 06:59:02 pm »

Yeah, I looked up "hanging rings" and consistently got that, and this lot does indeed seem to have a thing for spikes.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #20 on: April 15, 2019, 03:21:24 pm »

Once again we're back good denizens, in Granitepanther!

So, where the last update left us with a dead child, apparently nature decided we needed to be at replacement rate. ZM5 also now has his dwarf, dubbed Ziem, our CMD. Yes, I entrusted the guy who made the horrible shit in those myriad of modpacks with healthcare. He also appears to be someone possessed of a violent streak, and with a fondness for gold and flails, so I'll probably see about setting up the good doctor with his anesthesia stick.

For one we get two, so we're at +1 for population.

Or +2 and a masterwork sword. Also, Ziem brings to my attention a distinct lack of medical supplies. Thankfully, we have wood, and we have llamas. So we're gonna rub llamas and wood on our wounded until they stop complaining of their injuries. This as you can imagine, pro\oved successful. Yes, this includes Ushrir McGivesnofucks.

With the wounded tended to and poor little Atir buried in a makeshift cemetery outside the dorm where he died, I begin construction on a temple-library combo (temple on the bottom floor, library above,) in late Galena of 353. Autumn rolls in, and I again send the insistent liaison packing. No nobles in this town. For now, anyway. Following the caravan's visit, I also started laying the groundwork for roads and more housing. I also got the militia suited up with iron mail shirts, helmets, and had planned for leather body armor to keep them light on their feet.

As furnishings are moved into the library, dwarves begin taking their meals in there, so I make plans to move basic production away from the tavern so that I can build a proper eating hall made of stone near to the tavern. Did get set back on this a bit by a crash, but unlike before, I was expecting it and saving after every project I designated. Also, just for fun, along the main T-junction into the depot, I decided to be an ass and remind all visiting caravans of that fuck-awful Hill Titan apparently hanging out in the area.

Both of the chert statues are of different dwarves said hill-titan has killed. Blame Meph, he made them. A kid also mooded, grabbed some mussel shell, and set to work. The product was painfully bland, but I was able to work with it. Kind of anyway. Not sure how he managed to make an entire cage out of a single mussel shell.

Moving swiftly on, winter comes in with windows! Lots of windows. I've imported plenty of sand and have been steadily tiling the rooftops of the hovels. I also decided to use green glass for the warehouse and the crafting areas, since they'd be more cost effective while doing the same duty of looking somewhat nice and letting in the light. And speaking of duty, Ablel the woodcutter was drafted as the fort's new bowyer and siege engineer, the fruits of which will probably be sold off to the human and dwarven caravans.

Among the things I installed in a new general work area, was a carpet maker's workshop, which I decided to utilize to make floors for a new mayoral suit, and I dug the area out where I plan to put the engineer's guild. However, for that eventual barony, we have something very interesting indeed. Rock crystal.

However, not too long after this discovery, in the spring of the following year, we got a visitor. A very large and salty one.

G-geddit. C-cause it's made of salt? Guys? Alright fuck the lot of ya. Anyway, being the definition of "bitch made" in terms of materials, art aside, I sent the militia after it, confident that they could pound a lump of crumbly bullshit into inert chunks. By which I mean Tirist was hauling logs nearby and I told him to lead by example.

It basically had one chance to kill him and it missed. I got a bad feeling about things soon after - we'd been attacked twice the past two years by werelizards, so I had no reason to assume this year would be different, so I posted watch goats to make bleating noises if a night creature appeared.

And sure enough a watch goat did just that! With the forest around the town slowly disappearing, werebeasts are going to find it hard to sneak into the community to murder children.

The militia formed up outside the barracks during the brief window they had to do so before the beast caught the goat. Thankfully everyone was nearby (Tirist lagged behind a bit because he was hauling a bag of bricks to do some building with.) Had it not been for the goat, that thing probably would have done some serious damage. Atir also proved her worth with that masterwork sword, because after a no-sell hit to the leg (only tore scale) she stabbed it in the arm.

The arm proceeded to fall off.

Everyone got a good lick in after this, with Udil the Axedwarf tackling the thing off the goat (and taking its left foot in the process,) Atir taking its left hand, and Tirist lopping off its right lower leg. And then Udil disemboweled it, it missed Atir and Tirist, Tirist cleaved off the rest of its right leg, and then Udil got the last hit in, in showy fashion.

I like to think he merely said "Indeed." To its statement before taking the monster's head. Evidently goats make excellent distractions.

I nearly finished the temple sometime after this, with the main issue being our goddess Nanges Sunnydives, the goddess of animals. I kept trying to get stuff made of her only to get statues of people who authored things to glorify her instead. I eventually had to just make a group commission instead (which I didn't want to do, cause I hadn't needed to for the others.) But thus, we got "The Lord of Beasts."

On the 14th of Hematite, 354, we also got a mayor! Six people instantly complained about a lack of tables afterwards because they insisted on eating in the higher quality chairs in her unfinished office. Luckily, she also didn't have a private bedroom yet, so she moved in easily. Long may she reign! Assuming she doesn't make these breastplate mandates too often. Those are heavy. By the time building was done though, she had nicer quarters than some dukes.

After the caravan left, we had an issue of rotting food in the kitchen as well, which is likely to cause a ton of negative personality changes and the food stock being overfilled by the fucking mayor and her incessant fishing that I missed (she's such a good fisherman that she's a legendary +3 fisherman now. No fish or mollusk is safe from her rod.) Decided to let her fully master her craft before putting a stop to it.

Autumn comes in quietly, with the mayor's suit finished save for windows in the dining room (I opted to let it stay with just it's stone roof.) I also built  a defensive wall, the first level of which was finished on the west side of town. I also finally opened the temple to worship, and the entire population descended on the place. About three weeks later, caravan arrives, and the liaison is again told to fuck off. In late autumn, we did get a different sort of excitement though.

Badger men went around the wall and clambered over via willow branches. Someone's pet got the crap beaten out of it, but another ripped one to shreds. I called up the war dorfs of course to deal with this problem. Ablel the farmer meanwhile continued farming without a care in the world, as if she saw the tussle and just shrugged and went back to her potatoes.

Course that went away when I had a crash happen while rapidly plonking down floor tiles for roofing. Sucks, but it is what it is with the tileset, and it seems to not like that.

I almost forgot to grab the screenie of it, so I took one here, along with one of the houses. The kid to her credit charged the monster, saving a mother with a baby in her arms and distracting the beast while the militia piled in from the alley behind it. Along with the mother and baby, who tried to beat on the creature with their fists, and by some miracle didn't die or get infected in the process. If she had, then it would have entirely invalidated Lor's sacrifice

Udil took its head off instantly when he arrived, but the damage was done. Lor, the child, didn't survive (not that she would have been allowed to - as soon as she was put in a hospital bed I would have walled her in and started dropping rocks on her,) as you can see. Ignoring this, I built a coffin, stuffed the mangled heap inside, dumped the growing pile of werebeast bits and dead animals (as a goat and a llama died of starvation from being too stupid to go outside and eat grass on their own,) and opened up a library! It's called The Granite Library, and that works fine, even if it's actually built out of slate, not granite. I also opened the tavern, even if it lacked drink (due to Mayor Olon's incessant fishing, which he has since been barred from continuing.) It's no Royal Archive, but it'll do the job.

I also cracked and used removestress on Kivish, one of the soldiers. He keeps crying on the mayor instead of actually doing things on his own to reduce his stress more effectively (I also meant to use brainwash on him to make him stop being a baby and elevated his mental stats instead like an idiot.) Cheaty, I know, but at least he won't be a baby for a while, and I'll refrain from doing it in the future. Atir, mother of Atir the dead kid from before, is also starting to crack, due to her not handling stress well (and without her husband, unlikely to interact with family any time soon.)

But, since I know I need to start handling single dorfs' housing arrangements (and have set Meph and Tirist up,) so new structures are quickly erected, of which Atir gets one of the first ones. Also, fun fact, Atir is one of the few who has had the chance to form a relationship. She and someone named Thob decided they hate eachother, and she keeps having flashbacks about the death of the rat men.

Summer arrived with a child going into presumably a secretive stonecrafting mood, as he grabbed a lump of lignite, imported green-dyed llama wool cloth, and bismuth, as well as needing us to slaughter two animals to provide the needed bones. So he got llama and pig bones, since the only exotic animals on the map were giant wrens that refused to come down to where I could kill them. Ended up with a swanky looking amulet. I mean, it could have been something cool, but an amulet depicting an elf getting monched by a giant chameleon if fine too.

The humans arrived a week later, with a long train of five wagons and as many individual pack beasts. Among the supplies they brought were numerable metal bars, including the nickel that Atir the troubled was after. So those got put to use as craft goods specifically for her. She then received none of them as other greedy shits who also like nickle took them all before she got a chance to. There was also a buzzard issue, but it seems a human crossbowman making a little show of skill made them piss off for a bit, though it didn't stay that way for long.

Hope someone likes buzzard. Because after this, several more were either shot by that crossbowman, or killed by marauding children. Also, vengeful thoughts can confirm, stack per number of allies, because one guy went from "alright" to "Stumbling obliviously" due to a shitload of vengeful thoughts. I had to use DFhack to get rid of them because they would have driven three people insane just by constantly interrupting people and causing an ever-increasing stress load with vengeful thoughts that I couldn't hard counter (due to an utter lack of marksdwarves.) Once I did that, the most severely affected began to recover without constant bird pestering, as the giant wrens and sparrows seem uninterested in getting close enough to be savaged by angry children. It was a definite cheese, but it's also a highly damaging stress source that I couldn't otherwise counter besides letting them steal food from the depot - which the constant construction crews and kids nearby wouldn't have permitted.

For example, this kid, Sakzul, who killed two all by himself by breaking one's neck and throwing one so hard it's lower body split in half in a mushy heap. Kid has a bright future as a soldier ahead of him.

I also deactivated the tavern, library, and temple and made a small 3x3 meeting space. people keep complaining about lack of friends, so I'm gonna fuckin' make them make friends. Caravan from home also arrived, and I told'em to eat shit because they decided to come from the presently inaccessible north side of the river (inaccessible due to defenses put in place that aren't finished.) Traded for metal and that was it. Tirist also got to kill a giant hedgehog that wandered in and kept scaring the llamas.

About a month into the "Friendship Box" proclamation, some dwarves even started making friends! Deler's beginning to recover, Edzul finally dropped to 35k stress instead of 37-36 constantly, but Atir continues to worsen, possibly related to the unavailability of barn owl. I fear I need to accept a barony so I can import food the problem dwarves like from home.

I jammed Atir and Edzul in the militia after the late winter thaw (it's definitely too warm to make ice stuff sadly.) Either the militia can beat them into shape or they'll go insane, and it's already helping Edzul, and I fired up Legends to determine why Atir's husband is absent (because she's possibly doomed without him to make babies with her, and I'll need to use DFHack to divorce her.) Which I do indeed have to do because he's been dead for seven years. At the end of the year, I plan on jamming everyone in a proper box so she can hopefully find a new hubby.

Spring came, and for once instead of the usual weremonster attack, we got a different visitor! A giant! Oh, and Tirist named his sword a week before it arrived, giving it the title of Bendrained.

Sent out Tirist with Edzul and Atir so they could get thier excitment and fighting needs in (every little bit helps after all.) At the end of it, Edzul claims victory, as the giant, who managed to kill a visiting bard on his way out, collapsed from exertion and caught a steel sword to his brain after battling him and Tirist for a bit. And of course, the year wouldn't be complete without a fucking werelizard attack. This one slipped in through a hole in the south wall (I'm making a point of waiting for the brief winter freezes to build proper foundations underwater.)

However, the werelizards are running out of easy access points to the fortress that don't require getting past angry dwarves, and this time I have a fully armored militia coming at it, so there shouldn't be any risk of getting infections once the south side gets walled up, as, believe it or not, I have in fact completed the defenses around the north, west, and east approaches. Also apparently at some point Meph got hit with a production violation for some reason. Not sure when or why, but I noted it among the plethora of assault and vandalism charges against Edzul and Atir, who tantrummed during their initial training, though mercifully, the other troops just let them wail on their shields or armor ineffectually (which as a bonus boosted Edzul to a novice wrestler! Maybe not having guards will let them get the "punishment delayed" moodlet to help them calm down.)

Udil leads the charge! And mercifully, the civvies in the vicinity are safely behind lockable barriers or are sane enough to fucking flee rather than fight. Until I issue the official kill order. Then they start streaming towards it, but by then there's three soldiers on it, and their armor has already proven its worth.

Udil took off a leg and Bembul and Edem disable its arms (after Udil destroyed a lung and cleaved out a hunk of its tail,) And amid the tussle, Bembul landed a solid stab with his steel-tipped spear, though the strike only broke skull, not brain. After having all of tis limbs disabled though, he got another one in and left many folks who weren't even involved in the fight beyond seeing it because they stupidly ran towards the highly infectious monster deeply traumatized for some reason.

Then I had to savescum following clean up.

Meph. Dude. You fucked up with the campfire and crematorium. This is an unmitigated criticism there, it doesn't work in the capacity it was needed for. The worker for the campfire more often than not commits suicide because they can't path out of the smoke, resulting in death by burning/smoke inhalation and subsequent incineration of their own body. I've tried to use it for corpse disposal twice, and both times had to savescum because of that. Now, why do this? Because magma is too much of a hassle for my playstyle to go after for it, and because the crematorium doesn't function as I was lead to believe it would. Don't get me wrong, it works great for getting rid of severed body parts and vermin cluttering up the place and produces useful ash as a result.


What is needed is a corpse disposal. It does not fill this function. It burns vermin, it burns body parts - which while handy for getting rid of teeth and fingers and such, I should note includes useful things like shells and wool - and it will burn junk furniture and clothing. It literally doesn't do the one of the two things it would be needed for. Can stockpiles fix a part of this? Sure, but that defeats the primary role for it - having a trash burner take care of dead enemies so they don't need hauling to begin with. I can understand if this was due to issues with dead citizens, but that's why you bury your dead before setting the burner loose. This is functionally relegating it to  little more than an overly-large vermin cleaner, and the only other option doesn't even work half the time (failing to even cause wear on the corpse,) and kills the worker. Sorry about the harshness of the words, but seriously. You dropped the ball super hard here.

This includes rolling back the above victory, though the outcome only changed to Udil cutting the monster's head off instead of Bembul putting a hole in it. That tirade out of the way, we got another artifact. A miner made this one. A small army also showed up looking for some random-ass artifact. And they had a bunch in tow, but they would have slaughtered all of us if I tried to seize them.

Update over. No tour yet, gonna do that separate after I finish the noble manor. Unrelated to any other tirade, the shingles need a bulk version that covers a depot-sized space or something, cause I love these, but doing it manually one tile at a time is painful. Several structures are unshingled, so bear it in mind when the tour is done. Also, do tell if you like the custom artifact arts I pair these with now.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #21 on: April 16, 2019, 04:17:30 am »

The salt titan looks oddly adorable, like it could have been an interesting good biome mount if it wasnt gargantuan.

Pretty neat artifacts, aside from the mussel cage. Atleast it can be used for something I guess?

Sure's a lot of werelizards around. I should remedy that at some point.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #22 on: April 16, 2019, 04:23:50 am »

Some of the werelizards are a local issue and have been for years apparently, according to Legends Viewer. Others are presumably local idiots from the past half decade or so. And yeah, the shell one was pretty boring. One uniform color and material, so there wasn't a lot I could do with it.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #23 on: April 19, 2019, 09:34:46 pm »

I'll note you've been getting a lot of artifacts, or at least making note of all of them. As a semi-cheaty tip, you can forbid the main ingredient of artifacts to get iron artifacts instead. Forbid the ingredient after the dwarf starts working, or they'll just grab another. You can forbid all ingredients except for one and still produce an artifact (so if you're unsure which item is the main item, but can at least rule out one of them, you can forbid everything but that item), but if you forbid everything the dwarf will go insane.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #24 on: April 19, 2019, 09:52:10 pm »

I have been because I wanna add some kind of artwork to help make things slightly more interesting.

I've heard about the exploit, decided against using it for the sake of material variety.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #25 on: July 28, 2019, 03:34:39 pm »

So we pick up in hematite, with the first big event being the arrival of the human caravan - and the largest one by far, with six big fat wagons full of materials, brew, and other stuff. The second is the arrival of our first axe lord: Udil! Hail this new champion of Granitepanther, and his shiny new token!

The humans hang out for a month or so (from mid-Hematite to mid-Malachite,) but we don't deign to buy much besides booze and metal. We simply don't have the need for the excess of food - I have since resigned to not being able to meet food needs; storage capacity simply can't take that kind of pressure; we already have two medium-sized rooms filled to bursting with food and drink and a third about 1/3 of the way there with a steady stream of grapes and potatoes.

Odd combination, I know.

I also found that half our population is under the age of 12, making us likely one of the youngest locations both chronologically and in terms of the population's age in the region. We also got a macelord around the time the humans were leaving.

We gained another axe lord much later, and Tirist became a swordmaster, though as MCOM he doesn't get a new sprite.

Summer comes and goes thankfully without any incident, with more housing being complete and further work being done on the noble manor. It'll likely be another year before I'm able to commit to the Mountainhomes and accept one, but whoever moves in will be the evny of the homeland, having the nicest room wrought by surface-dweller hands - three fireplaces, bookshelves, carpeting and rugs, furniture of the finest materials to hand, and most importantly: Crystal Glass windows, the ultimate non-metallic luxury, as more rock crystal was found down in the slate quarry.

Autumn arrived, sent the liaison packing again as planned, and ended up with two weapon masters over the course of the first month of the season. We also got two more weapon masters, with a spearmaster and swordmaster (which is good for the latter case - Atir is essentially going to be hurling herself into her work to distract herself from the death of her son.) And, I found out rather tragically, her husband.

So. On Atir Dippedmanor, our new swordmaster. Her husband had been a fairly unassuming fellow who worked as a Fishery Worker in Fogringed. The only thing of note there that happened was a giant mosquito attack that killed two people. Atir herself was the daughter of a mason and a miller, and was a spinner in her home town. She moved to Fogringed where she picked up some other skills - learning the basics of dairying and milling, and apparently moonlighting as a wood burner when she moved to Fogringed.

At some point she and her husband met while there, and he had become an adventurer shortly before (a monster slayer specifically, apparently having tired of fishing and cleaning mussels.) He presumably did some pretty regular shit hunting giant animals for his living before going off to fight a bronze colossus. He didn't survive.

Her eldest son however, seems to be doing well, living an uneventful life right now as the Sheriff of a hillock back home.

Back to the fort proper, we ended up with a visitor.

A pretty fuckin' ugly one at that. And I hope that "aura of giving and kindness" means it's bellowing "EAT OF MY FLESH DORFS, THAT YE MAY KNOW PEACE!"

Unfortunately for ol' Lubbe here, I have a bunch of weapon masters who ain't gotten to do anything exciting in several months. With some bars and doors to slow him, Tirist is able to quickly haul his and the militia's fat chain-armored asses to the side door. However, the fat bastard swung south and went through the openings in the wall instead, though this didn't throw off the defense crew too drastically.

Bembul with his iron spear scores the kill shot, puncturing it's brain, though I didn't get the screenshot. The bones are marked for use in crafts, while the totem will be used in the temple to display the might of the surface dwarves. Picked up a human bowman mercenary after this, so I figured I'd make a squad of bowmen. I used the add-recipe script to unlock bow making and fletching for the fortress - after all, why wouldn't our new bowman teach his employers the necessary stuff to make the most of his skills?

Thanks to this bowman (who goes by the name of Lesno,) we further our transition as Surface dwelling dorfs, with bows to be fashioned by our finest weaponsmith, Ducim Cityhails. Four suits of leather armor, and iron mail shirts are commissioned, with Ushrir Joyousiron the ranger being assigned the duty of leading the squad known as The Passionate Wheels (at least in name; as the only trained bowman, Lesno is named the unofficial sergeant.) Swords are also issue to the squad, just in case they're forced into melee.

The other two spots are filled by some of the youngers of the settlement - Ast Truthfulwhip and Sarvesh Windcurcled (14 and 15 respectively.) Once they were armored up and more of the houses shingled, I took advantage of the very short thaw to finish construction on the southwest side of town. I had to make use of fastdwarf however, as the breifness of the freeze would make doing a very simple expansion take several years otherwise. But once the foundation was in place and carved (to allow water to continue flowing freely through the foundations via fortifcations,) the other end next year or two shouldn't be too much of a problem.

We'll be able to spread into the southern side of the river eventually, though right now the concern is sorting out a barracks and living arrangements for the people we already have, before we go trying to expand for people yet to come. But then, after the thaw on the 20th of obsidian, something I thought I'd never see again came to pass.

A marriage!

Meph's pet rooster also died when the spring came round, and I gave them and Ablel the legendary farmer time off from menial labors like spinning and potashing, in the hopes they'll have enough time to spend together to also get hitched. ironically, that roster is getting rather nice burial accommodations in a masterful ashen casket and a masterwork chert slab to mark it's grave under Meph's house, which I hid from the noble's manor with some plant blocks. I also decided that I can use these particular blocks to hem in the llama herd in winter, though I need to wait for the next freeze to make the anchor points needed for it.

A bunch of badger men wandered into town in mid-spring and raged, sending animals scattering. I only noticed they were in the town proper as they ambled about the barracks. The militia, thoroughly unamused by this, ran out and butchered the lot of them. Summer comes once more and with it another fat hog of a caravan, and I also get some houses dug out in the soil on the main level. I don't consider this against the spirit of the challenge, since these homes are both not set in stone, and clearly accessible from the surface directly.

We get out second named item, a copper buckler. It's nothing special, but the soldier using it seems to love it and presumably spoons it in bed.

I've also finally finished shingling the overland houses we had at this point, the noble's manor aside. I have to reiterate this needs some kind of bulk area coverage (many do to be frank.) They look great once in use, but it's a tedious task to get them all array and set. When the humans also left, there was an annoying giant great horned owl, so I sent the Wheels after them. Which felt weird, because I'm not used to having rangers to use for shooting fliers.

A few hits landed, but not enough to ground it. I'm also reminded of the looming return of the liaison, and a need for gold to finish the noble manor, and the slow, patient training needed for Deler - while she is an unparalleled carpenter, she's not quite to the same level skill as a window maker, and before the Manor gets its opulent crystalline windows, it needed a master craftsman to produce them.

Before autumn's arrival, I was greet by two things - the naming of another artifact, and the unthinkable: A wood shortage. So much crap in the fort is made of wood - walls, tables, beds, and more, that we actually ran out. Thankfully we got a couple lumberjacks, but still. Never though that'd happen though; I've generally kept them on the up and up with that.

Anyway, autumn arrives and with it a mix of logging and quarrying. The upper chert layers are rich in iron and lignite, but what I need is copper for the engineer's guild, and gold to finish the dining hall for the Manor. So the miners get digging, and the lumberjacks lumbering. During the process of mining lignite so we won't need to split wood for charcoal, small clusters of native gold are unearthed, but it may not be sufficient for finishing that dining room. But, in another area is the matter of flux.

And as you can see, showing off the flux stone graphics is marble! So I'll be able to provide a nice marble mausoleum for the future noble. Truly, we are of blessed luxury, and we shall flaunt it at every possible fuckin' opportunity! Even if that opportunity came in the form of an elderly human halberdier dropping dead on arrival and leaving us with his halberd.

Made of solid diamond. Regardless, I have no intent of giving it back to whoever owns it. Even if they come bringing this giant fucking army that showed up. Seriously. Over a hundred mercenaries all looking for a citrine maul an elf swiped as loot during a battle a while back showed up all at once. It took a month for the lot to file in, and as long for them to all finally file out when they were done pissing about the tavern. Also ended up with a craftsman gettin' a wee bit touched in the head.

Seriously. He claimed the shop, and I didn't see him for a week after that while he gathered his shit. Which produced a rather underwhelming glass earring in terms of item produced.  I imagine it having little hooks and loops in the leather made of glass that fasten perfectly with almost no pressure, and only minimal effort to undo properly to remove.

Fancy all the same though, and I stuck it beside our lignite amulet in the temple.

The old wagon is also cleared away to make way for a silver well, having sat there with an old copper axe for years now. Sad to see it go, but it had to be done. The tetrahedrite found in the marble layer is also hauled topside in small amounts, as it's the source of silver needed for the well, and it'll obviously be providing the copper for the engineering guild, which I can finally get started on now that we got some copper ore. never once thought I'd be happy for that.

Sent the liaison packing again, because durp, manor ain't ready. Also got another mood. Dude grabbed a copper bar, Lubbe's leather, some diamonds and pipe opals and some willow and went to work. The Obsidian Thaw also came and claimed a life finally. Sarvesh, who had been serving well as a bowdwarf and farmhand and had been handling pearlash production over the winter fell into a pond and drowned when the ice gave way, weighed down by his mail and his ammo. I autodumped him out so he could be buried without waiting until next year. Don't need the "rotted loved one" stressor hitting people.

I'd place safety rails and such around ponds, but it'd look unsightly and it seems like when it comes to ice, dwarves treat traffic restrictions as suggestions rather than something for their safety. Anyway, his house was reassigned by the good mayor to a kid who didn't have a personal home before Sarvesh had even been put in his stone box. Right after, Ushrir finished his artifact as well.

A spear done in the forest elven style that depicts itself and the foundation of the fortress on it, along with a generic random Forgotten Beast.

Things chug along, with me mostly becoming concerned for Atir again. The main issues for her being mroe than anything, lack of friends, family, and "decent meals." God I hope Toady removes or revamps that from being a "you must fullfill this" need to just a luxury like it used to be. Granite rolled up, and took someone's cat and Vutok the Founder's pet cavy Olin with it, as it (the cat) was reported missing on the 8th of the month, while Olin was found dead in a pasture set up to get animals out of the fucking tavern. Afterwards, a giant showed up! And considering Tirist showing before when barely trained, I sent our good Colonel out to deal with this visitor.

Much to my shock, it turns out the beast had a little interesting toy with him!

I'll have to find someone worthy of this weapon later on. In the meantime, it rests in front of the depot and a marble statue depicting our local symbol.

He also had two other equally interesting items: A mug and a bracelet!

Atir also pitched a fucking fit and beat up the mayor (who to Mayor Olon's credit, proceeded to clean up the blood from having their arm shattered into pulp by Atir the master warrior. Oh, and uh, at some point we broke into the caverns while mining for copper. I plugged it up with some zinc plating, wasn't anything exciting besides cobwebs, dactite, and mud.

Anyway, I recall reading somewhere that workers can socialize while working, if there's people around them to do so with. So I decided Tosid the terminally afraid and Atir the lonely will stand next to eachother and work pumps endlessly until they or someone standing to their direct north agree to be friends with them/eachother, because that's one of the stronger stressors afflicting Atir. Of course instantly the only person who stood near her was the one person she didn't like (Thob the gem setter,) aggravating the situation. And there was also the matter of a kid gone fey, and you get to see what Meph's been doing. Making shirts. Lots and lots of wool shirts. Gotten rather good at it, in fact.

Found the dead cat a week into this, turns out it belongs to Tirist. Made me slightly sad, but at least the rot hasn't affected morale any and it's long since skeletonized. The kid eventually finishes his mood, and makes this thing.

Nothing special. Construction continues through the summer, and by now I've decided to make Atir the Baroness. Either the added thoughts from mandates and such and even better accommodations will keep her spirits elevated, or she'll go insane, die, and maybe her son will move here to replace her as rightful heir. She can continue to serve regardless. Then we get our yearly (or damned close to it) were monster attack.

The human guards who were lagging behind go to meet the thing while I get the Sabers into position to march on it. That maceman that's closest lasted all of about 30 seconds before blacking out, getting the shit beaten out of him beforehand (including his left eye being destroyed and his nose scratched off,) but mercifully, not infected, as his bronze mail stopped the monster's bites. Although I suspect part of that was because of this.

Evidently this one has a history os stealing people's skirts. Not that it mattered, because Momuz sprinted in, kicked it in the arm (breaking its left) cut off its right hand, and then decapitated it, humiliating the human troops in doing so, with the exception of the maceman, who to his credit actually paralyzed the thing from the waist down before getting his right upper (mace-wielding) arm snapped like a fuckin' twig. He and Orid Yorethrift the axeman weren't very fortunate all the same. Orid got a solid clomp on his neck that left him gasping for air and bleeding out on the road, while the maceman (whose name I never got) suffered a spine-crunching kick to the face that broke his neck.

Figured since they prevented any fortress deaths, I'd give them conciliatory graves like that axe man who generously donated the gem halberd to the temple. I've also closed off the tavern to outsiders, mainly so residents will fucking make friends with eachother (or rather, so the ones who still need friends will do so,) instead of wasting their breath on traveling bards. Also at some point an honest to god human drunk showed up, and must've been dejected by the lack of a tavern keep to murder him with dwarven drink.

A whole lot of fuck all happened while construction continued and I began raising homes on the south side of the river. I've also got Olon pulling double duty as Mayor, and finished the well (which hopefully won't freeze and deconstruct in winter.) Oh, and I also got to learn what our trading partner's symbol is!

Even included as a bonus drawing.

Autumn comes, and this time my happy little ass is ready with Olon presenting the paperwork to the liaison presumably by way of pimp-slapping her over and over again with the papers while demanding she leave them alone about it now.

Recognizing the need for a Fortress Guard, and for more soldiers in general (and a desire to tackle actual opposition,) I raised the popcap after this. More births can only be a good thing at this point - a generation that never learned to fear the sun and rain.  Thob the Gem Setter then proceeded to pop out a little girl. We also got another artifact, this one from a kid who for the life of me I couldn't figure out what she wanted until I realized we had no bones. So first a water buffalo was sacrificed. Then multiple llamas. Finally she got to work.

Also, here's a screenshot of the new Baroness, enjoying her fine new abode. Not fully finished, but functional. In the process of installing a platinum throne.

I also reopened the tavern because the bards and shit that were here were milling around in random places doing nothing and taking up space. And then, a soldier went funny in the head. Had to sacrifice another llama, but better a llama than a legendary-skill warrior.

Kept building crap while he set to work, which eventually yielded this.

Spring arrives once again, and for once I get a melee fighter as a mercenary! A hammerdwarf to be specific. So we now have a total of three human mercenaries, and one dwarf mercenary. Absolutely nothing of note happened in Spring besides more and more building. However, in mid-hematite, the human diplomat arrived. ANd not just any, the law-giver herself. Which of course means we have tremendous ability to just ruin the Empire of Gloves by starting a war with them, but we won't do that.

We haven't got a reasonable casus belli, so there's no point in making enemies

After he left, I decided it was high time to build an armory. Now, I cheated a bit (since the stockpile'd cover over any flooring,) but I decided to devote some of the slate to building it, and I even decided to splurge on materials, and give the armory - due to its importance in the minds of the dwarves - iron doors, and add in traps to keep and skulking vermin out. I also decided to install some over by the sally-port, along with some minor, funneling hedgerows.

Above is the armory, with everything neatly labeled: Weapon room up front, armor room down the hall and north, and ammunition storage down the hall and south. Not finished yet as of this picture, as I was scraping the iron together to make the doors; I can just buy weapons to load into the traps with the 90 metric fucktons of food I need to get rid of. For the entrance I used a fe floor tile decorations, but after flipping through gravel and cobblestone and finding neither really to my liking, I settled on dirt, to imply regular wear. I'm also likely going to remove some bits of stockpile and replace those with more decorations.

This is the sally-port and hedgerows. Again, unfinished, though the bars that block the double doors are already linked and they're retracted. They're more there to slow down enemies rather than stop them entirely. There was also this while I was building the last wall segments, and finishing the safety hedges.

The local hedgehogs are totally ignored while they're balled up. Even though they're the size of small trucks. Maybe the locals think it's a giant bush or something.

By the time winter came around, most of the buildings that still needed shingles were done, and I began to realize my needs for space were being hampered by  being on the surface, though I was able to partially address this: Move the farms underground! With sand on hand, it'd be a simple matter of letting the current crop grow, then moving the farms "outside" the walls in green houses. I'm also going to need to sell some llamas to the next caravan, if only to make room for more in the pen.

I also began laying the ground work for a thing I've never messed with before: A pump stack. With a little DF hackery, I've worked out where I need the pumps to run, but actually powering it will be an entirely different matter and where I'd like to place it may not be feasible to accommodate the power needs. But as odd as it sounds, the main need for it is our silver well - it freezes in winter (and only in the spot that's open to the air) during the short winter freeze, forcing it to be continually rebuilt every year.

I'll probably need to manually look around, and then figure out where to best built the thing to run magma under the engineering guild house (which is otherwise complete, save for the copper spikes of menacing.) I also managed to finally get the much needed leather for everyone to get new shoes and gloves; everyone's hand and footwear was basically falling apart. i also reopened the temple, with the handy dandy monotheism script at the ready so people would stop complaining about their spiritual needs.

Course it wouldn't be a year in Granitepanther without a visit from our favorite brand of pest: Werebeasts!

A bard heard the watch goats freaking out (and justifiably so, since the wereiguana killed one of them,) and tried to help Bembul as he laid into the beast, disabling it almost instantly with a spear point to the left thigh. In response to the human bard's attempt at helping, he got his ankle snapped like a balsa wood stick for his trouble. While that was going on, a papermaker went a bit... off, upstairs.

The outcome was decidedly underwhelming.

Anyway, the monster left the bard alone after he started crawling away with a freshly broken leg (he got grappled and the werecreature decided he'd rather break a few limbs rather than have a snack; guess the goat filled him up, so no worries there.) Bembul was able to handle that shit on his own, though it took a while for him to kill it. Judging by the reports, he managed it by poking the critter full of so many holes it just leaked its everything on the ground.

Winter freeze came, and just barely got the wall's first level finished. Still got idiots walking over some exposed ponds, but I'm fine with idiots drowning here and there. I can fish them out with Dfhack or wait for the winter freeze if I'm that lazy.

Also, a war dog died around new years. Not many dogs live to pass peacefully in dwarf fortresses. And speaking of passing peacefully, I really wish there was a script to force friends on a dwarf. A lot of Baroness Atir's issues stem entirely from her son dying and not having any friends (literally the only relationship she formed was a grudge, if I hadn't mentioned it.) I've finally given up, especially since she seems to be mostly developing bad personality changes due to a mix of rain and other factors, and hit her with brainwash, making her into an ideal soldier once again (as her ability to handle stress deteriorated badly after seeing a dead rat woman years ago.)

Feels icky having to do that, but I know I'll need skilled fighters and she's one of the best in the fortress at this point. And if she tantrums, she'll kill people.

Also, got yet another artifact out of a kid. A little fancier than the last, but still nothing to really write home about.

However, I'm more hopeful for two new citizens, Eral and Lorbam. They're bards. They've also stone cold killed some ferric elven motherfuckers.

And since they're citizens, I can press them into service and Lorbam can even use the shiny new masterwork steel sword Ducim made as her badge of office. And speaking of offices, this guild rep's name has me suspicious as to who really rules the human neighbors. However, I can't turn up my nose. They have some serious chops as fishermen and whalers, having a massive selection of oceanic meats available. While I can't order any now, I certainly will next year after looking through the populace for specific foods to order, assuming I remember. Which I probably won't.

In exchange for the huge volume of exotic drinks (at least far as a populace that subsists on vodka, carrot juice, and fisher berry wine is concerned,) they want prepared meals of all things, which we have in abundance, along with shields and instruments, some of which we can produce in huge quantities.

Summer goes on, some llamas sold to the humans to make room for more baby llamas to be born, while Sakzul, I think of on the first kids to arrive in Granitepanther came of age, and due to his preference for crystal glass, was committed to the glassmaker's art, helping finish the greehouse roof, and then being turned to creating trap components. You see, we now have a small number of monster slayers. I've set up a corridor to allow them to be turned loose, but I need to fortify it with cages and weapon traps.

What better way to train our soon-to-be master than in making glass blades and spikes?

Near the end of the summer though, something interesting. Tirist decides he wants to be a legendary woodcrafter.

He eventually spits out this thing, some overly fancy puzzlebox. No image provided because screw trying to draw one of those.

Autumn arrived soon after. And with it, the bleating of watch goats. There was no howling or growls indicative of werebeasts. No.

The enemy had finally come. The enemy the militia had spent years preparing for. Scouts, or perhaps penal legionaries, political dissidents, or simple conscripts sent to probe, but it mattered little if they were elites or cannon fodder to me and be extension, the militia. I have waited long for this day. Tirist was closest. It was the great commander who spilled the blood of an invader on this land first.

And this one would surely not be the last.

Udil tore past him and laid into two more, while one invader yet ahead battered a defenseless billy goat to death, unaware that his fellows were being butchered with dwarven iron. One fell to the axe, and while Udil was yanking it free, Edem arrived and blindsided the other, smashing the ferric elf's skull with her mace. She also bapped the last of the bunch, destroying his arm and popping his skull like a rotten plump helmet thrown into a trash pit.

Also, according to the liaison who arrived that fall, war was raging around us, and we were none the wiser. Still, this probably means we're due for more serious stuff, now that primarily through natural growth, we've reached 81 dorfs. Also, named spear, probably in belated celebration of the victory.

Forget when, was busy with construction. Due to the monster slayers, I decided to build a moderately fortified entryway to the underdark; it's initial entryway is lined with weapon, cage, and stonefall traps to account for the simple fact I can't keep an eye on it constantly, and if something especially nasty turns up, I can hit a lever and seal that shaft off until I can figure out the appropriate course of action. I've also added good and heavy iron hatch covers, and have a prepared dormitory set up, though it lacks any real amenities beyond beds and some decorative stuff.

I figure since the biome's non-resurrecting they'll manage just fine down there as long as they don't run into a webber.

Also, we got an elf chick to join the fort as a mercenary! One who apparently has a bone to pick with her own kind, as she's wearing a human-made cuirass and she's killed a whopping 21 elves (one notable, presumably the one who had the bear she killed as well.) I figure her expertise will be valuable in the coming war with the ferrics, since they're ostensibly still elves.

Sakzul is also coming along well with his glassmaking, producing discs and spikes for use in the contingency hall down in the mine/cavern access.

Also, at the turn of Spring, the Baroness walked into The Eternal Shrine, a temple to Nifi, some kind of titan or another which she is one of only a tiny number of worshipers of in the whole fort/town. She likely leveraged her standing as baroness to gain this, and put the otherwise under-utilized citizens with skill as potters to work making bricks for flooring and had gold and clear glass put into use building it that could have been better put to use in commerce and housing. I also took this as a chance to make a test, and found that she doesn't seem to be able to fill her prayer need. She doesn't feel anything, therefor it doesn't fill I guess. Maybe I'll hire a bard just to do sacred dances with the worshipers.

At any rate, it's not finished. Still needs the glass ceiling and some nickel statues, and we need to import that. About half way through the season (I think) we also got this thing. And yes, I'm aware I got the hand wrong. Didn't notice until days later.

Beyond that, I just started building shit. Decided I wanted to put a statue above the treeline made of platinum. Due to the lack of space in the walls, I decided to stick it on a pedestal of sorts outside, though of what I dunno yet. However summer comes! With... Fodder. Well then.

Well, if they're this tired of living, then so be it right? The Colonel rallies the troops, and they respond to the panicked bleating of watch goats. The apparent leader proceeded to enthusiastically kill a goat, and then Atir and one of the human mercs charged out and started brutalizing the ferrics. Udil and Kivish join soon after, Kivish presumably being very grumpy because his lunch was interrupted. The enemy actually managed to hurt Nitho, the maceman, by landing a hit that popped her knee.

She took exception to this by ripping the offending ferric elf's gut with her morningstar, and they responded by, via weight of numbers, breaking his shield arm. The Colonel came barreling in from behind while Atir, Kivish, and Udil were tied up fighting four others, with poor Nitho otherwise alone against four as well. Once she was recovered, the enemy dead were disposed of. The humans arrived shortly after, and I bought everything useful they had (hell I even bought the guidebooks on various settlements.

"Military intelligence" is was Meph referred to those texts as, probably to justify the expense to Atir.

Eral the child also grew into a peasant, and moved into her much more spacious home and office, being made the fort's first bookkeeper! Seriously. We've been here for NINE YEARS to this point with absolutely no record keeping beyond extremely rough estimates presumably kept by Meph and Mayor Olon.

Anyway, that statue plan didn't work, as the structure proved to be too short - to do what I had wanted would have required way more materials than I would have wanted to expend, so I settled on a small hollow pyramid with room for four statues on top. Still dunno what I wanna put there. Sakzul also got possessed, probably driven nearly insane by green glass, as that's what he grabbed for his base artifact material. Still, got us a fancy chair from it.

After this, I finish shingling new houses and building a second melee barracks (this one much nicer, reflecting the contrasting wealth of when the first was built,) and ready a burrow - winter shall, starting this year (The year 361) be host to the Winter Festival, where all citizens can only go to and from thier homes, the temples, library, silver well, and tavern (plus it attendant stockpiles of course.) Sakzul has also quickly become an excellent glassmaker, so I decided to finally let him loose with some of our rock crystals, to try and get Atir's manor finished, to see if he can consistently make exceptional or masterwork windows from his preferred material.

Shortly before the first Winter Festival, Aban the miner and head cook also mooded, and made an overly fancy grate which I have no clue as to what to do with.

I also found this scimitar just... Well, sitting in the tavern. I have no idea where it came from or who brought it, but someone just left it there and nobody noticed until now, and I'm fairly certain it's been sitting there for months.

Funny thing is, I think some mercs were looking for this thing years ago. And speaking of, this happened.

Amazed it took them this long to find out it's here, considering the fuckin' thing is literally sitting in front of the depot for the world to see on a pedestal. The winter Festival was ushered in with extreme violence though. For the intruders, as well as a mace getting a name as the militia marched out to meet them, Baroness Atir at the head of the armed procession.

However, this wasn't a coordinated effort. Two more squads were revealed, making the assault consist of a tiny goblin probing force, and a horde of apparent penal legionnaires or some other sort of throw-away conscripts with no arms or armor herded towards the militia by a handful of proper soldiers.

Seriously, just lookit this. If I didn't know better I'd say I was fighting an army of hobos lead by slightly better armed and clothed hobos.

Those textured dark green splotches are dead ferrics, and yet they keep on coming. I am having a fucking BALL with this, as this is the kind of one-sided butchery my militias are made for. We showed them that they came only to die. After the slaughter was over, several dorfs had titles, and I turned my attention northwards.

I found the goblin scouts fighting the two stragglers. The militia needed a minute to compose themselves/unfuck their pathing as they'd all piled onto eachother to kill the last ferric swordsman. After the fighting was done, I just left the place to run for a season. I need to find some way to change the worshipers of Nifi over to something else, because no amount of prayer or meditation is filling the need, where everyone else worshiping regular gods (Nifi is a hydra and thus an object of worship, not an actual god,) is filling it just fine.

Anyway, that seems like a good spot to call the update, and can I just say: God damn is this tedious as fuck. From the shingles, to the rooms, to space constraints. Most of my original goals pretty well have to be abandoned, simply because of lack of space. There's also been some consistent minor color errors here and there, but there's really nothing that can be done about it at this point, and it's only on random things (zinc being yellow, silver ramps taking on a strange blue-ish color, that kind of thing.)

Disregard the undrawn artifacts. I'll be filling those in over the course of this week and possibly next eventually, depending on how lazy I'm feeling, and I wanted to push out this update since I've been sitting on it for a week.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #26 on: July 28, 2019, 03:47:09 pm »

Loads of artwork, very nice - I swear the spiked mug and earring could both be used as weapons.

Would expect more skilled fighters from those siegers. I admittedly had similar incidents of presumably a better-equipped handler leading unarmed recruits (or sometimes, the other way around - terribly equipped handler recruit leading a force of mercs who were not members of the attacking civs race). Better than nothing though.


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #27 on: July 28, 2019, 03:49:51 pm »

It is better than nothing. The militia is always grumbling about having unexciting lives or not getting to fight, so anything that breaks up the boring daily routine of an extremely well armed and armored group of murderous drunks is a good thing in my book.

Darkening Kaos

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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #28 on: July 28, 2019, 09:10:51 pm »

    Got some mixed images, Splint;
    There are three images near the marriage announcement; the first and third, (same image), are about a wooden shield, while the second, which should have been first, was the marriage announcement.  One of the images about a wooden shield was, according to the text, about a metal shield.
     The third image is right according to the text.
     Then there is the whole Bold/Italic situation ...
So! Failed to make peace, war looms, kill the infidels... what are our plans for the weekend?
The Giant Moles in the caverns of my current fort breed like crazy, even while regularly being decimated by other beasts entering them...


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Re: =]M[= Granitepanther, a tileset-centered fortress =]M[=
« Reply #29 on: July 29, 2019, 06:21:05 am »

Didn't even notice.Was exhausted during the uploading process for the images, and imgur is sometimes temperamental about bulk uploads. I'll get it fixed at some point today. Not sure where the bolding came from.

EDIT: There we go. Thanks for the catch.
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