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Author Topic: Severedcoils - Consort Accumulation Challenge (Score: 4!) - The Finale  (Read 66460 times)


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Re: Severedcoils - Consort Accumulation Challenge (Score: 4!) TO THE DEATH!!
« Reply #750 on: September 01, 2014, 10:10:15 am »

Yep, it's still twitching.  Between buying a new house, gettin' repairs did for said house, and hefty amounts of procrastination, this story is baaaarely still active!


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Re: Severedcoils - Consort Accumulation Challenge (Score: 4!) TO THE DEATH!!
« Reply #751 on: September 01, 2014, 11:04:57 am »

Procrastination and moving, the two most work-detrimental things in the known universe!
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Re: Severedcoils - Consort Accumulation Challenge (Score: 4!) TO THE DEATH!!
« Reply #752 on: September 06, 2014, 10:20:40 am »

7 Galena
Late Sum.

Every day, the temptation to lock Asob and myself in the bunkers grows stronger.  But the fort needs me...

Death has made itself home here.  It roams about the fortress with its friends melancholy and insanity, and they intermingle with the the residents of our home and leave their acquaintances touched with sickness. 

Today, the fortress population is down to 138.  I have spent so much time dealing with each casualty one at a time that I haven't had the courage to look back and see how many have fallen.  I had not realized until this morning just how devastating the tantrum spiral has been.

...And it is all my fault.  All because I thought we needed adamantine.  Because I thought the wealth of treasure and the impenetrable defense it provides as armor would benefit the fort.  And we still haven't mined it yet.

I had put off formally writing updates for a while because I've been so busy dealing with calamity, but I have taken notes along the way and recorded everything.  Before that pile gets too big, I will transcribe those events now. 

Before getting to the tragedies, I will report on the few meager successes we've had in improving the fort.  The captives from the previous wave of goblin raiders have been moved to the cells on top of the barracks tower, awaiting execution.  We still don't understand the cause of the noble shower pumps breaking, but their reconstruction is well under way.  Asob finally threw up her arms and started digging the fishery vents herself, and construction of floor grates to cover the holes is under way.  Oh, and best of all, the ballista wall is finally finished!

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Sadly, that's the extent of the positives we've had since my last update... The rest of the news is... quite disturbing to read, I must warn you.

King Minkot was seen ranting and raving through the halls and breaking things, as usual.  I approached him, demanding he stop as he was setting a poor example for the fort's denizens.

"You are acting like a child!" I think I said.  Not those exact words.  "A nation needs a leader with a cool head and a calculating mind!  You have the power to stop this if you just stop and think for a moment!"

"Speak to me in such a manner again, Zon, and I shall have you executed by your own hammerer!!"  This wasn't the first time Minkot made threats like this, but considering his state of mind it was the first time I thought he'd really act on it.  I dared not counter lest I angered him further.  It didn't matter.

"You dare question my rule over my people?!" He continued.  Again, I'm paraphrasing.  "My nation does not take things lying down!  My nation bands together under tragedy!  Our enemies shall fear us!"

"Our en-- ...Your Highness, our enemies are dead!  The spirits of fire have been vanquised and sealed--"

"Yet our fortress remains a target of plunder!  Frequently, we are raided!!  The demons were but a mere test of our mettle, and under my command, we have met the task with all the ferocity and violence it deserves!  Thanks to me, the demons are gone, and now we can turn our attention to the true enemy!!"

I thought it best not to correct him about whose idea it was to drop a giant slab on top of the demons and crush most of them, including the head demon himself, and who organized the quick response of sealing over the pit to the underworld.  Spoiler alert, it was me.  Instead, I played along...

"Your majesty, time and time again the goblins have proven to be woefully inadequate to our military.  Most of the time, their sieges can't even get past our flocks of giant eagles and packs of wolves.  Our military seldom has to mop up!"

"Silence!!  The goblins are no match for us, but your stupid, stinking animal army has done nothing to quell the real threat!"

"What are you--"

"Macaques, Zon!!  Those filthy, thieving apes are always coming in, harassing our good people, stealing our stray bolts - dwarven bolts!!  I will not rest until their entire species is extinct!!"

I couldn't have known his reaction at the time, but I wish I had never brought up the animals.  I had no idea what was going through his mind, and I certainly had not expected that I would provoke him to...

...It's so hard to write about.  It was absolutely terrible... I'll spare the gory details, but...

...To make a point of his argument, King Minkot took the nearest war dog... and killed it.  Right there, on the spot.  I don't think he meant to... but he just didn't stop until it was too late.

I'm just glad everybody who witnessed the event took it for what it really was - the murder of a friend.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I am not certain who the dog belonged to, but the aftermath could be felt almost immediately after.  'Falk,' one of our more esteemed guards, has been unable to complete his work, he's so distraught with anger.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

We tried to calm him down, but he just kept getting worse.  In the end, he picked up and shook Tosid Zozgoden, son of the legendary like-named couple Reg Eralgath and Reg Isanmörul.  The criminal he was trying to punish got away (I have no idea who it was or what they did), so 'Falk' then went insane and murdered the nearest dwarf, Ast Kodortulon, a stonecrafter.  His body was found in the hallway leading to my own bunker... so much for our safe havens.  'Falk' was arrested and executed for his crimes by Thîkut Eralzefon, a fellow guard and friend.  'Falk's' lover Meng Duthalmörul stepped up to fill his role and carry out the duty he left behind... but as miserable as she is over these events, I have to wonder how long it will be before she, too, succumbs to despair.

Soon after, we lost Monom Thobamal, an overly proud guard who refused to admit the full extent of her injuries.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Even as she slowly crawled through the fort using only her chin as locomotion, she still reported her upper spine to be "only lightly bruised."  As she starved and grew thirsty, passing dwarves would ask if she needed help, but she refused to be seen an invalid and insisted on trying to climb up the stairs to the food stores herself.  On her chin.  Monom died of thirst before she made it to the stairs.

Dead things, thirsty and hungry things everywhere... I'm afraid to assign work to anybody.  The fortress... the fortress needs to rest.  Everyone needs a chance to settle down and deal with their problems.  Perhaps what this fortress really needs is a summer vacation.  I decide to simply wait and watch... there's little else I can do for the time being.
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Re: Severedcoils - Consort Accumulation Challenge (Score: 4!) TO THE DEATH!!
« Reply #753 on: October 19, 2014, 11:38:55 am »

12 Galena
L. Smr

There's a stench in the air - of rot, and of decay.  I don't understand it.  The fisheries have their ventilation, and I've never smelled them all the way down here in my dining room.  A heady air of defeat and failure settles over these halls, overpowering what joy I might have found in the dredges of this +Quarry bush Leaves roast+, a stark reminder that I am not as great a leader as I allowed myself to believe.

I never wanted any of this, I cannot stress that enough.  However, the release of the hellspawn was indeed my doing, so by extension, the death and turmoil rampaging through these halls are my doing.  I thought that the spirits of fire were the worst enemies we would have to face, but alas, it appears our worst enemies were within ourselves.

I'm startled as a hand gently rests itself on my shoulder.  Were there zombies in the area, I might have jumped clean out of my beard, but I am relieved to see it firmly attached to the wrist of Asob.  She stands beside my -Gabbro table-, picks a leaf off my salad, and scrunches her nose.  "Too much prickle berry dressing.  You can't use so much, it masks the more complex flavors of the Quarry bush Leaves."

"I used to appreciate such things," I reply with a faint smile, "but these days, I look at this roast and think 'Why hasn't this been converted to Dwarven sugar?'"

She grins, turns around to look for a chair, forgets that I only have one chair in my dining room, and sighs.  We both know things haven't been easy lately.  Our last encounter may have been a bit awkward, but I'm hoping she, like myself, wishes to move on from that.  As dark as these times have become, we understand that what we really need is--

"When you're done writing Elven poetry, I need you to come with me.  Things are getting quite dire out there."

I grumble.  The 'complex flavors of Quarry bush Leaves' will have to wait.  I push my plate aside and rise from my ☼Basalt throne☼.  "You make it sound as though I haven't left my dormitories yet, Asob!  I'll have you know, I've been very..."

I stop dead in my tracks... much like Tekkud Lenodmeng, the tax collector, apparently did right in my doorway, except literally.  His body lay prone on his belly, his right arm outstretched as if he were crawling toward something.  His hair looks thin and ragged.

"By Kovest!  What happened to him?  Why is he in my doorway?!"

"He died of thirst, probably trying to head down to the stockpiles in your bunker."

"...It smells like he's been there all night!  Has nobody seen him?"

"Everyone's too busy, Zon.  Too many things to move, too many dwarves to beat up..."

"These tantrums will be the death of us, Asob... and this is, like, the third thirst-related death on this floor!  What in the hells is going on?"

"I haven't a clue, but the zoo has become a hotbed of protests and public demonstrations--"


"Yes!  Don't you remember the grizzly bear that was released last moon?  That was no accident..."

"Well I knew it wasn't an accident, but... public demonstrations?!  Gods above and below, that bear could have killed a dozen dwarves before someone brought it down!  We're lucky it was well trained!"

"Yes.  Everyone's in an upheaval over the mayor's removal from office."

I groan.  We step over the body of Tekkud and into the throngs of disgruntled dwarves.  "Of course... he's done sooo much in the week he had in office before going insane.  Why don't you fill the position, Asob?  You loved being mayor!"

"I can't just step into my old office, especially after I was voted out!  There are rules to follow.  I'll have to campaign, and then wait until next election."

"So, the fort's just going to go mayor-less until then.  Wonderful."

"There are, however, a few orders I've made on your behalf - apparently, my word still carries some weight, despite my lack of title."

"Alright, what are they?"

"So, I finally tuned in to Minkot's ranting and raving and discovered the source of his anger is Kib Therlethzaneg.  It seems the masterwork engravings in her room has placed her dwelling into 'Royal' status.  I've decreed that the territory of her room has been reduced - the north and east walls are now 'public,' and while this makes absolutely no difference to the quality of the room itself, it seems to have sated Minkot for now."

"Of course it would, the man never makes any sense.  Good work!"

"Oh, and... Rith Ugoxhurbad, a wrestler, went berserk."

"Another one?  Why is it mostly the military going insane and dying of thirst?  We must investigate immediately."

We find ourselves outside the zoo.  The room is filled with off-duty militia, guards, and royal guards, plus one Melbil Mistęmkogan, one of the Duke consorts.  Ragged voices weakly chant the name of čzum, the mayor, from dry, cracked lips.  Melbil watches on in mild amusement with a -Tin chalice- of booze.  From the back of the room, a pair of bloodshot, drooping eyes sets upon me.

"Look!"  Udib Oddomthosbut, a Marksdwarf, points at me.  "It's Zon, the Betrayer!  Let her have it, Logem!"

Betrayer...?  The word stings, but I cannot allow them to see how much.  I realize that Udib means Logem Ceroleral, a champion guard and a Legendary Wrestler decked out head to toe in our finest steel.  Since the riots have started, I've not let my axe leave me side - now, I am glad.  I reach for its hilt, glaring steadily at my foe while watching my peripheral vision for a surprise attack.

Logem approaches me with a slab of slate in hand.  "Go on, take it," she says gruffly."

I watch her closely for a moment before snatching it away, wary the slab may be a trick and she may grab my wrist and pin me to the ground.  No such attempt is made, however.  The slab has a list scrawled upon it.

"Tell me what I'm looking at here," I demand, though I recognize fully well what it is.

Logem clears her throat and stands up straight, folding her hands behind her back.  "This, Zon, is a list of our demands.  We are no longer content with the conditions of this fort, and we demand the release of čzum ňnulód, our elected and rightful mayor!"  A fellow guard pats Logem on the back, and there are several cheers from around the room.

Sure enough, the very first demand on the list is 'The safe release of čzum ňnulód, unharmed,' placed in bold above other demands such as 'Release the captive animals from the zoo,' 'Release the Giant eagles and wolves from their cage,' and 'Double sugar-roast Tuesdays.'  Did an elf write these?!

"Explain this to me," I demand.  "What makes you think čzum ňnulód is being held captive?  By whom?  You are the guards, after all."

"We know full well of your secret dungeon, Zon," claims Ustuth Ikudmörul, a royal guard equipped with a (Steel crossbow) in one hand and a squalling baby in the other.  "We've seen it.  We've seen what you do to our captives, and you are sick!"

"Our captives are brought to the top of the tower, locked in a cage, and await execution.  By your hands."

"Not all of them!"  Udib steps forward.  His voice is scratchy and dry, and he chokes out every word.  "Deep in the mines, surrounding the pit of demons - we've seen the pikes, the chains, the disemboweled and dismembered humans, elves, even fellow dwarves, chopped to pieces and made unrecognizable!  We know you're holding čzum there for your sick torture!"

Asob and I share a look of disbelief.  "Are you serious?!  That's the demon's pit!!  Those bodies were there before our miners even breached those walls!  You know full well we have never captured an elf or a dwarf!"


Asob steps in for my defense.  "You are the guards!!  If there were secret prisoners, you would have been the ones escorting them!  I supervised the expedition responsible for breaching those walls, and I can attest that Zon's words are true - those bodies have been there since before we settled this land!"

We are interrupted by a loud, exasperated groaning behind us.  We turn, and see none other than čzum himself wandering by... in a state of complete melancholy, of course.  I grab him and pull him to my side.

"Here.  Your mayor is safe and sound.  See?  Not a scratch on him."

Udib gasps.  "Look what you've done to him!!  The man can hardly hold up his head!  How long have you been torturing him?!"

čzum lets out a loud, wailing moan.

"He has been wandering these halls - not quietly, I might add - this whole time!!  What makes you think he has ever been captured?!"

"A decoy!" Logem exclaims.  "You have someone dressed as čzum wandering the halls to lead us astray!  This is not čzum!!"

The whole room erupts in shouts of anger.  I stare at čzum - Hungry, Dehydrated, Drowsy, and Miserable

I shout at the top of my lungs: "SILENCE!!!"

Everything stops, except for čzum's whimpering.

"Melbil.  Your cup, please?"

The Duke consort scoffs.  "This, my dear, is a chalice, and it is mine!  I shall forgive your lack of culture only this once."

"You fool, this man is nearly dead!  Give him your drink, now."

I'm getting pretty good with the commanding voice, it seems.  Melbil rolls her eyes, but complies, coming forward and offering čzum her chalice.  He groans and holds his head, looking straight through the cup, if he's seeing it at all.  I take it from Melbil and hold it to his lips, at which point he purses his lips and pushes me away.  The chalice clatters to the floor, spilling Longland beer everywhere.

"Did you see that?  Zon attacked him!"  The uproar resumes.

"Alright, enough - I said ENOUGH!!"  Silence, again.

"You owe me a beer."

"Shut up, Melbil."  I address the crowd.  "Who is putting you up to this?"

"Taba--" Logem starts to say, but Ustuth clamps her mouth shut.  "She means, to be determined at a later date!  But for now, the thirst strike continues!!"

"Thirst strike?!"

Udib proclaims, "Until our demands are met, we will not drink a single sip of booze!!  You will meet our demands, or else you'll soon be lacking a military!"

Loud cheers erupt from the zoo.  I have lost this battle.  I exit the room and close the door behind me, and again, the chants for 'čzum' resume.  Asob places a friendly hand on my back.

"What do we do now?  Are you going to give in to their demands?"

I pass the slate to Asob so she can read them.  "Of course not.  Our military has lost its wits.  No dwarf worthy of the name would come up with demands like these.  Our captured giant eagles are the pride and joy of Severedcoils!  It's our claim to fame!"

"That, and the suspicious nature of the deaths of every single Duke who's ever set foot in the land..."


I take a moment to reflect upon the situation, before coming to a decision.  "Asob, pass these orders along to the workers: To the left and to the right of this very doorway, we shall designate two new stockpiles.  One shall be filled with fish and prepared meals, and the other shall be filled with booze.  If they will not leave the meeting hall to retrieve their food, we shall bring it to them.  Surely, once they can see and smell it, they will give in and eat and drink."

"Alright... well, what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to clean up.  Tekkud's body isn't the only one I've seen lying around.  If nobody else has time to move the bodies, then it shall become my burden - Kovest knows it already has, that lout.  I'm relieving myself of all duties other than burial until this fort no longer reeks of a morgue."
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Re: Severedcoils - Consort Accumulation Challenge (Score: 4!) TO THE DEATH!!
« Reply #754 on: October 19, 2014, 02:41:17 pm »

I always knew my guards were up to something! I mean, when are they ever guarding anything?

Anyways, great storytelling like always! Keep it up!
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Re: Severedcoils - Consort Accumulation Challenge (Score: 4!) TO THE DEATH!!
« Reply #755 on: April 27, 2015, 04:28:43 pm »


This is so awesome.  I've enjoyed every bit of it.  This is up there with the biggies.

However, I don't want to force a quick end just by bumping.  You know, like with the original Urist, where that guy just made her find the demons, and everybody (all two of them) died?

This stuff is great, and I'd love to see more, but not at the expense of THE END.  You know, looking at the year-long breaks, it doesn't even matter.  The story's there.

Just...  Please?  Some update?  Maybe?

P.S.  Sorry for the necro, but it also means more people will get to see the awesomeness that is Severedcoils.
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Glad to see people are still enjoying this, even after all the unwanted hiatuses... hiatusi?

To be perfectly honest, I just feel like I'm being pulled too many directions - and it's neither a recent thing, nor is it a thing I see going away any time soon.  If I'm not writing, I'm either doing work around the new house or relaxing with a video game - and usually, if I'm doing either of those, I feel guilty for not doing the other two things.  It's a caustic cycle I've found myself in.  I don't want to give up on this or my other non-DF stories I'm working on, but finding time for this means giving up on other things that might be more important right now.

I know hiatuses are annoying, but I'm still not considering this 'abandoned.'  At the same time though, I don't want to disappoint you because I really do see this story as very close to completion.  I've thought about popping open the demon pit and letting it end like that, but that would be pretty cheap and rather disappointing to readers.  I may not have to, though - the tantrum spiral doesn't actually appear to be letting up, and it's only a matter of time before the king finally loses his mind.  I think that'll be the tipping point that really brings this to a close, but he sure is taking his good ol' time!

I really am sorry I keep dropping this - but I do check in from time to time, and seeing it still has supporters wanting to see it through is a huge deal for me.  I've got some work to do setting up the world of a new role-playing forum, but I'll try and sneak some time off to do some work here.

Thanks for the vote of confidence!  I'll try not to let you down.


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Re: Severedcoils - Consort Accumulation Challenge (Score: 4!) TO THE DEATH!!
« Reply #757 on: February 02, 2019, 10:33:23 pm »

*rusty hinges creak, dust motes alight in the air.  cobwebs do their cobwebby thing*

Sheesh, how long's it b-- 2014?!  2014... not 2015 when I said I was going to try, 2014 since my last real update?  Really?  Yikes...

Well, we should do something about that - and we should do something special, since you've all been waiting so long.

Severedcoils - The Finale, Pt. 1 is available on Twitch.  It's about time we pull that lever... one last time.

...ah.  Well.  It seems this fort actively does not want to die.  The game seems to be deliberately resisting my attempts to kill it, soo... haunted save?!  Story segment incoming, this was an interesting disaster to come home to.

Also, I believe I've found a new image hosting site that seems totally free.  I'd like to preserve the legacy of this fort, so I'm slowly going to reupload and relink images, as I do still have them all saved locally.  It's just... a lot... of posts to edit.  Wheee...
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Re: Severedcoils - Consort Accumulation Challenge (Score: 4!) - The Finale
« Reply #758 on: February 03, 2019, 02:07:35 pm »


The thirst strike goes on, apparently.  I have designated food and drink be brought to the zoo, and yet the pile remains empty.  The FOOD is there, but no drink.  There are over 600 drinks available in the fort.  They are neither inaccessible nor forbidden, they simply do not care to leave the company of those stupid animals long enough to take care of themselves.

Or... maybe they are drinking, and are so thirsty that the stockpile can't keep up?  Who knows.  Who cares.

...I am becoming disturbingly comfortable with that phrase.  'Who cares.'  Who cares.  Look at it.  What a wonderful, simple phrase.  To be so ignorant of the lives of these dwarves, to be so detached as to be able to ignore their squalling.  To walk down these halls without seeing smears of blood on the floors and walls from the latest fist fight.

It sounds... nice.  Like a peace I can neither fathom nor attain.  To ascend above all this bloodshed and name calling and bickering and ideologies... wouldn't that be nice?  Would there be anyone here within these halls who would know how to live such a life?


I retch at the very thought.  To consult with the King, that bully of a dwarf who revels in the displays of bravado meted out on the stairwell, in the dormitory halls, in the zoo.  That wretched, filthy zoo.  Never have I regretted building such a thing.  I regret it more than the 'Noble Shower' itself.

And yet... as if he knows I am chiseling about him this very instant, here he comes, strolling around the corner with blood on his robes and his fists.  His eyes are hollow, and yet he regards me with a coy smile upon his lips.

"Ah, Zon.  Good day to you, dear Clerk.  I have just come from the depot upstairs!  The traders stand in awe at our piles of (narrow steel) odds and ends plucked clean from our enemies, and their mouths water at the smells of our *Dwarven sugar roasts.*  Asob should have no problems whatsoever cleaning them of all they have."

I nod, hardly able to find words for the occasion.  He is in such a great mood, and yet... "I am pleased that you are happy, sire," I start, "but I must ask... why are you covered in blood?"

"Oh, that?"  The King laughed.  "That would be dog's blood.  I couldn't find my ≡Bismuth bronze chalice≡ this morning.  It put me in such a sour mood, I just had to watch the light leave something's eye  at my hand.  You should have heard its owner!  'Burneddoor, no, how could you!'"  The King spittled as he laughed.  "I mean, really!  'Burneddoor?'  Who calls a dog that?  I put the poor thing out of its misery, if you ask me!"

Disgusting.  Filthy.  Horrible.  Wretched.  Foul.  ...and happy.  Who gave him the right...

...I am suddenly aware of the silence.  The conversation has come to a lull.  He is looking at me... no, at the tablet in my hand, as I... am chiseling... about this?  In real time?  Uh oh...

"Let me see that, Zon."


This could very well be my last entry.  His Highness King Minkot has seen what I wrote.  He gave the tablet back and commanded me to follow him.  Follow where?  What does he intend?  My throat is parched, like those of the dwarves who insist upon their thirst strike.

We go down a flight of stairs, then another.  We go down the long, windy hallway, around and around the bends meant to stall the advance of batmen.  It takes all the courage I have to follow him out towards the edge of the bottomless pit, to the long plank built out over its ledge.

The Noble Shower.  The lever... he intends for me to pull it.

"What gives me the right, Zon?"  He whirls on me with his arms up in the air, his chest puffed out.  Those hollow eyes are now filled with a righteous fury.  "My lineage.  My royalty.  My crown.  Most importantly, Zon, it is my faith.."

Faith... now, there is a word I am not well accustomed to.

"Tell me, Zon, who is it you worship?  What deities do you revere in your hours when you are not toiling and tolling?"

I falter.  "Kovest, sir- sire, your Highness."


"...That's it.  There is... not a whole lot of time for worship between labor, my liege."

King Minkot scoffs.  "And that is why you suffer, Zon.  You do not revere the forces which have placed you within this rock.  I myself am a worshipper of Kovest.  I am also a faithful worshipper of Nikot the Ray of Robustness, a casual worshipper of Ongong Brandedgilt the Pearl of Fire, an ardent worshipper of Limul, and a worshipper of Logem.  I came into this world the son of Domas Wrungurns and Libash Containbridged, both devout worshippers themselves.  We have always made time for the gods - and oh, have they rewarded us.  I mean... look at me.  I am your King.  Some would say I was simply born into power through luck of the draw, but to that, I laugh!  Our history and our faith rewards our family, and here I stand today, above you and above all the denizens of this crypt of a fortress."

I wring my sweaty, clammy hands.  This is a different King Minkot than I have dealt with before.  Where did this come from?  Any strength I may have enjoyed over him or over the workers or the militia seems to be absent in this moment.

"Why are you just standing there, gawking at me like a peasant?  Do you not believe me?"


"Then watch."

The King turns about and heads straight for the platform.  He walks out onto the plank, through the double-doors, and puts his gilded hand upon the lever.

"Minkot!!"  I cry out in horror, not for his sake, but for the fort's.  Gods above and below damn this man for his arrogance, but if he kills himself now, while the citizens of Severedcoils are so near a full-blown revolt... I fear his passing would leave the fort in an irretrievable state of decline.

"That's 'Your Royal Highness, the One and the Only, King Minkot 'Reliccounsel' Zanegamkol, to you!"

The gaping void beneath his feet echoes with a 'ker-chunk'.  King Minkot has pulled the lever.

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Re: Severedcoils - Consort Accumulation Challenge (Score: 4!) - The Finale
« Reply #759 on: April 20, 2019, 09:48:52 pm »

OOC update:


*phew* That was rough.  I hope this new host doesn't suddenly go under now that I've trawled through 51 pages editing image tags!  (And somehow, I have 3 "posts" worth of images left unused, and no idea where they belong.  Must have been planned updates that never got written years ago...)

I doubt anyone still reads this anymore.  So, why bother?  Eh... to be honest, I guess this story's still important to me.  It became more than just a fort challenge at some point, and it still sticks in my craw as something left unfinished.  Plus, I've become really attached to Zon and Asob as fictional characters, so I hate to leave them hanging.  Hence the previous update... I had tried to bring the fort to a deliberate end, but...

...It, um... the game resisted me.

No, seriously, I'm pretty sure the save for this fort is actually haunted.  We had the first failure of the noble killing trap - in favor of the king, no less - and then a myriad of other complications arose following that (which I've yet to write about, but am dying to) preventing me from repeating the same attempt without first putting a few extra hours of playtime into it.  Severedcoils knows its time is long passed due, but it's not going down without a fight.  It has become self-aware and is resisting its own demise.  I'm only half-kidding.

Now that all the images have been updated and the thread has been restored to its former glory, I can get back to procrastinating providing fine, quality updates for exactly one person still interested in this (which is probably just me).  The only other thing I might do is see if that Hall of Heroes PDF project is still going on and let them know the images are back...

I'll be honest though, don't hold your breath.  I'm making serious progress on a sci-fi novel that might only be another year or less off from being published, and unfortunately this story has to come second (and even the novel has to deal with me taking too many breaks...)  It's been fun going back and re-reading some of this though, and I consider this one of my best precursors before taking writing seriously.  I actually do want to see about converting this into a novel of its own one day!

So... yeah!  Definitely trying to bring this monster to a close, and I'll try not to keep everyone (well, whoever's left) waiting.


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Re: Severedcoils - Consort Accumulation Challenge (Score: 4!) - The Finale
« Reply #760 on: April 20, 2019, 10:27:57 pm »

*Somewhere in the piles of dumped rocks, a stray, stone tablet kicks around, lost and separated from its brethren*

Limestone (basically the whole month)


Things have gone from bad to worse.  So little time, so much to do.  So much to dig, so much to... clean, blood and guts and vomit on every wall.  Goblin guts on the outside, dwarven guts on the inside.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

I... think this was Endok Dakostang, now just a dank stain where once was a mason.  I can only imagine what happened here... did he go insane, like so many others?  It seems to creep through these halls, a silent killer in our midsts.

Ever since those Spirits of Fire... though they themselves had killed only a handful, the death toll still rises.  I'm convinced something else must have snuck out of that pit, and it seems almost every day it claims another soul.

This blood, smeared across the walls and our hearts... much of it is on my hands.  Ever since we found that adamantine... I thought I could help bring our fortress to prosperity, but this... it was not worth this.  And that spell, that blasted spell I'd attempted, the one that misfired brought about the cave-in and cracked open that pit... Why did I choose to dabble with such forces?

As I've said though, there is much to do.  Hardly enough time to dwell on things.  As much as I really feel the need to sit and dissect my thoughts, there simply... isn't time... no time to heal.  Just keep moving...

Spoiler (click to show/hide)
Taba Aspautag, a Human Wrestler, has been caged along with the goblins who attacked us earlier.  Why are they attacking?  Why is he with the goblins?  I attempt to interrogate him, but it proves impossible.  I will not transcribe what was said here, mostly because he, like those chittering vermin he makes bed with, refuses to speak in a civilized tongue.  I can only understand a few of the words he says, but those I do comprehend are not fit for writing.

Oh, dear... and, I must be off.  Tantrums in the keep... I can only jot down notes as I run to tend to what I can.

Reports of beds being destroyed, but don't know where.  I was so proud of those beds...

Imush Kĺtâkňnul, child, destroyed a Gold Throne in Zon's bunker dining room!  ...Good. I'm still furious with her over what happened to 'DiDi...' It pains me to admit, I don't know if we can still be friends after that...

Kumil Oslanudiz, Royal Guard goes insane while sparring in the barracks.  Which is odd considering he's in the zoo when this happens.

čzum ňnulód, the former mayor, has died from thirst.  Re-elected Mayor come Autumn... Oh, it's me, again.  I should be happy... *sigh*

Zuntîr Ducimular, Royal Guard, ran headlong into the pond and attempted to drown himself, but upon hitting the water had second thoughts and climbed out via the strategically placed ramps along the side.  Looks like Zon had a good idea installing those from the outset... Would that I could I see her committing to a plan of such dwarvitarian nature today.

...And then... Zuntîr had third thoughts and jumped back into the pond, drowning himself for real.  At least he had the decency to strip naked and leave his belongings somewhere we could reclaim them.

...And then Kumil Oslanudiz, another Royal Guard, decided to jump in after him, taking her own life as well.  So much for those ramps...

Quietust in her infinite wisdom decided to walk into the barracks and destroy a bed.  You'd think someone so in tune with her thoughts would have had a better idea.

Subetrovod traders come.  As usual, we get everything we want and some stuff that we don't off of decorated crafts (and goblin junk, of course).  The trading is over quickly, but... I see an opportunity for cleaning the fort.  I assign every goblin bauble and damaged, discarded clothing item to be brought to the trading depot.  They won't be needed this time around, but the elves can haul our garbage away for us.

Lost track of all the guards who've killed themselves or died of thirst - roughly six this month alone.

One thief killed.

I've finally caught up to the number of bodies that have been in need of graves since the release of the demons...

We haven't had any guard suicides lately... I hesitate to say the tantrum spiral might be tapering off, thanks to the addition of the miasma grates and reducing the size of that one bedroom Minkut was whining about.  So, with all that said and done, what are we left with?

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Oh... well, at least the population of the fort has dropped enough that our guard requirements fell with it!  Eheh...

"Asob!"  I abruptly hear my name shouted from the voice of the last person I want to see.  "Have you seen my journal!"

"Oh, yes," I turn so Zon can see me chiseling away.  "I thought I'd give you a hand, since you seemed rather busy pulling levers and drowning dwarves."

I freeze at my own words.  My bitterness slipped out unbidden!  But... she doesn't seem to notice?

"Ah, yes.  Thanks.  Good.  I have a meeting with King Minkot soon.  About breaking up this thirst strike..."

"Thirst... strike?"

"Yeah, a bunch of dwarves are holed up in the zoo, refusing to take drink even when it's brought to them.  Convenient, though - if they drop dead, they can just feed the bears!"

Zon laughs, but it is a hollow sound.  Her eyes... they don't change.  There is no emotion left.

"So, if you don't mind, I'll be taking that.  Thanks!"

And just like that, Zon takes her diary, slipping it away from this page that I'm still writing... Apparently, not interested in the least in my current updates...

As she turns, I gasp.  A tear in the back of Zon's clothing reveals a possible explanation for her behavior.  Could it be that last thief she'd encountered had left its mark?

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Before I can say anything, she's gone.  My friend... is gone.

I guess I'll hang onto this slab until...
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Re: Severedcoils - Consort Accumulation Challenge (Score: 4!) - The Finale
« Reply #761 on: April 21, 2019, 09:21:24 am »

Now that all the images have been updated and the thread has been restored to its former glory, I can get back to procrastinating providing fine, quality updates for exactly one person still interested in this (which is probably just me).
I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that you're not the only one left who's still interested in this story.

Quietust in her infinite wisdom decided to walk into the barracks and destroy a bed.  You'd think someone so in tune with her thoughts would have had a better idea.
I see my dwarf is still making things interesting for you. :)

It's a shame I missed that previous Twitch stream - while you were looking with confusion at some parts of your fortress (e.g. at the paved roads inside the obsidian farm), I actually recognized what they were for (in that case, I strongly suspect they were drainage channels which were paved to prevent tree growth).
P.S. If you don't get this note, let me know and I'll write you another.
It's amazing how dwarves can make a stack of bones completely waterproof and magmaproof.
It's amazing how they can make an entire floodgate out of the bones of 2 cats.


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Re: Severedcoils - Consort Accumulation Challenge (Score: 4!) - The Finale
« Reply #762 on: April 21, 2019, 09:33:22 am »

I discovered this fortress in the Hall of Legends, and for a long time I assumed it dead. I've been eagerly awaiting its completion ever since you picked it up again.  :)
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