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Author Topic: Aira Plays Games: EVENT STARTED!  (Read 481 times)


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Aira Plays Games: EVENT STARTED!
« on: April 21, 2019, 12:25:09 pm »

Hey everyone. It's me, Sappho. Except now I'm called Aira everywhere but here. I know I'm not too active on Bay12 these days, but man, I still consider this place to be my internet home. I started my online storytelling career here, spinning tales of dwarfish prisoners and mad scientists back in the early days of DF. Now I'm on the YouTubes, and I'm doing pretty well! Some of my dorfy friends from here are already following my channel, and a handful are even hanging out on my Discord server. But I'm here to ask - nay, to beg! - for just a few more to join in.

Why now? Well, as of this post, I'm only five (5) subscribers away from 1000. And when I hit that mark, I am prepared to unleash an epic event that I've spent the last several days planning. I mean, like, nonstop, for several days now, it was all I thought about. It's ready to go now. I just need help getting over that line.

If you love DF (and I know you do), you're very likely to enjoy most of my videos. Some of them are creative storytelling, and these days most of them are reviews, critiques, and spotlights of indie games.

And even if you aren't into any of that, you might be interested in this: the event I'm preparing to kick off is a mini-ARG with 15 game keys as prizes at the end. Nice games. Games you folks are likely to enjoy. This is the only place I'm announcing the ARG in advance. Because you, my fellow dorfs, are special, and I want to make sure anyone interested has the chance to join in.

I hate begging for subscribers. I don't normally do it. I don't even do the "please like and subscribe" nonsense at the end of my videos. But this is special, my friends. So if just five of you are willing to sub, or get a friend or two to sub, I can finally unleash this project of mine and the butterflies currently twisting my stomach into knots of anxiety and anticipation can go take a nap. :D

Take a peek. Thanks so much!

Aira Plays Games

EDIT: THAT'S 1000! Thanks so much to all of you who subbed. The game is now live - check out my channel with the link above to get started!
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