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Author Topic: The Bay 12 Games Report, June 1st, 2019  (Read 14607 times)

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The Bay 12 Games Report, June 1st, 2019
« on: June 01, 2019, 02:40:59 am »

The Bay 12 Games Report, June 1st, 2019

Mission Status

Another step toward overwhelming victory over the forces of mediocrity and reverse growth.  The legends are over-ripe with the stinking plots and juicy scandals perpetrated by devious villains, and in the immediate term work will begin to bring these legends into the present day.

Imagine, if you will or can, a plot to destroy the kingdom you are living in.  The stage is set and the pieces are in motion.  Maybe there is an assassination on the table, waiting for the actors to take their places.  Where will you be?  Sitting tight in your fortress?  Or perhaps on a quest sent by the very king who will soon face an attempt on his life.  You are no longer alone in your agency, and life for you is no longer certain.

"Congratulations to the generous!" -- ThreeToe

Fun with Numbers

We're out of world generation and into the plyable game itself!  First, I need to update the relationship structures and get some other pieces squared away, like mercenary groups that weren't large enough to have their own forts.  Then I need to get the villainous networks to work on the map, with an eye on adventurers being able to run these networks themselves shortly after.  This will probably highlight some flaws in the existing process, but it'll be exciting to see how it unfolds.  Thanks to everybody that helped out this month.

May:      $10397.88
April:    $10142.22
March:    $15922.01
February:  $7710.14
January:   $7785.12

Reward reminder:  If you support us, you can pick either a Story Reward or a Crayon Art Reward.  A Story Reward is basically a mini-Threetoe story (examples) and a Crayon Art Reward is a crudely drawn scene which we sketch, color in, and mail to you, anywhere in the world (assuming your contribution covers postage, which is about a dollar almost wherever you are).  We take personal requests for either reward as well, he he he.  You can also be listed among the Bay 12 Champions.  You can choose any kind of reward no matter which contribution method you choose.
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