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Author Topic: I've Been Doing A YouTube  (Read 1315 times)

Man of Paper

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I've Been Doing A YouTube
« on: July 05, 2019, 10:23:53 am »

I don't really drop into this subforum much at all, but I'm fairly active in that nerd-filled Forum Games section so if you don't recognize my name then you probably go outside and get sunlight on a regular basis.

For the past, uh, six weeks or so I've been uploading a gaming video to YouTube every weekday - yesterday being an exception what with the supreme US holiday celebrating independence - in the hopes that I'd acquire something resembling commentary and video editing skills. I'm finally getting comfortable with recording and all that, so I feel like it's about time I get some actual opinions on things.

Click Here For "Quality" "Entertainment" from me, TreeLobster! I'm only MoP here and on my first, long-lost Runescape account.

My later videos are a better representation of what I'm aiming for, as the first few are more me just testing the waters. While Enter the Gungeon and Streets of Rogue are my most populous videos I won't be restricting myself to a specific genre of games, as probably evidenced by the Mordhau and Hitman videos. I am advertising the channel here, it's more because I'm asking for general opinions and some advice from the corner of the internet I'm most familiar with.

I'm no good at self-promotion, being the type of smart idiot who compares himself to the best of the best, sees himself falls short, and goes "well why would anyone like this when they have that?" I also feel like nobody wants to deal with yet another person peddling themselves, and upselling myself feels too much like bragging, so until now I've been beating myself up about how to approach it - word of mouth can only go so far with one mouth. I've never actually used Twitter and Reddit before but I have made accounts for both now that I've got a little bit of a video library started. What suggestions would you guys have for self-promotion and advertisement? If you decide to check out the videos themselves, what feedback and suggestions do you have to offer?

I am currently contemplating what I want to do for intros/outros, but that's not too high a priority for me as of yet. Got to learn how to provide "good" content first!
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