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Author Topic: Visitor Issues  (Read 1700 times)


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Visitor Issues
« on: July 07, 2019, 03:29:36 pm »

I've been having this problem across a few forts recently. I get two or three tavern visitors in the first year, which totally stop. However, my library attracts up to 60 naga scholars at a time. Everything is built correctly with the tavern and library, any reason there are just zero visitors?


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Re: Visitor Issues
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2019, 08:28:01 am »

This is a broadly addressed DF issue, locations have their reputations tracked much the same way a lot of deaths can discourage migrants, though they check for how many people have visited the tavern (of the highest category of curiousness will mark your tavern out for them to visit, though they know nothing actually of your civ)
  • Also if the naga's are just closer it may be the case that they will be the first people to arrive, as visitors have to cross distances if you're not already quite close to their settlements with your fortress.
Right now i have a mace-orc Peurturbo coming back and forth between my dwarven tavern as a returning visitor and a few human bards working as long term residents inside my fortress after running it since about gamestart for 4 in-game years, not many new faces but the ones who are there are quite characterful. If there are too many naga's and its making you reach your visitor capacity you can just turn the access to visitors off from the L screen to your library which is attracting them, with only the tavern availible to outsiders only tavern visitors will be interested.