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Author Topic: Attribute ranges... Got it.  (Read 1638 times)


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Attribute ranges... Got it.
« on: July 29, 2019, 02:27:43 pm »

 I'm overwhelmed. I want to boost dwarves social and some physical attributes.
Could someone give me a mod to copy paste into the dwarf class please. I think I could do this on my own but i've crashed my game too many times yesterday modding world gen I just want a break i'm having a mental block. Finally got my nasty world with living dorf civs.

I'm playing Mephs Masterwork and i'm in creature_civ_dwarf file.

Attributes for dwarves are still described in terms of the median value below, but the actual game effects are altered according to the raw numbers.  The numbers are different percentile values.  1000 is the human median for all attributes, so dwarven strength, for instance, has a higher median of 1250, although they suffer from their smaller size.

[PHYS_ATT_RANGE:STRENGTH:450:950:1150:1250:1350:1550:2250]              +
   [PHYS_ATT_RANGE:AGILITY:150:600:800:900:1000:1100:1500]                 -
   [PHYS_ATT_RANGE:TOUGHNESS:450:950:1150:1250:1350:1550:2250]             +
   [MENT_ATT_RANGE:ANALYTICAL_ABILITY:450:950:1150:1250:1350:1550:2250]    +
   [MENT_ATT_RANGE:FOCUS:700:1200:1400:1500:1600:1800:2500]                ++
   [MENT_ATT_RANGE:CREATIVITY:450:950:1150:1250:1350:1550:2250]            +
   [MENT_ATT_RANGE:PATIENCE:450:950:1150:1250:1350:1550:2250]              +
   [MENT_ATT_RANGE:MEMORY:450:950:1150:1250:1350:1550:2250]                +
   [MENT_ATT_RANGE:SPATIAL_SENSE:700:1200:1400:1500:1600:1800:2500]        ++

I see this but some values are missing? I guess those are hardcoded and this is just an example.
What values would I need to raise the median?
Mainly I would like the starting dwarves to have higher empathy and agility. Not a big cheat but enough to say those are some fine dorfs mentally and physically. I figure I can take out the mod after starting dwarves are created.

I also tried to add [Strange Moods] to some of Meph's custom civs. It worked in vanilla but now it's crashing worldgen. Maybe it worked too well and it's too heavy on RAM. I was trying to add more artifacts in the world.

MENT_ATT_RANGE: 200:800:900:1000:1100:1300:2000
ok this looks like default, do I need a line for each mental attribute?
I'll try  [MENT_ATT_RANGE:800:900:1000:1100:1300:1500:2000]

Okay everything clicked. Apparently I just needed to write out my thoughts.

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