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Author Topic: Grandma Pixel - A 24x24 tileset for clear reading  (Read 5673 times)

Urist mcOverusedJoke

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Grandma Pixel - A 24x24 tileset for clear reading
« on: August 17, 2021, 01:32:15 pm »

(the banner may be slightly misleading, because it was made from an upscaled version of the font the tileset was based on, not the font itself. Don't throw me in the goblin pit if it doesn't look as nice, I promise I didn't intend to trick anyone. it might actually look nicer because the gap between characters is smaller in the set)

Hey! This is my first tileset on the forums, and honestly it's probably quite rusty. It's also based on B612 Mono using mifki's tileset from font generator, though there are some (relatively) large changes to the tileset itself, such as the removal of anti-aliasing, a custom "dwarf head", and an improvement to the glyphs used for walls/rails. If it takes too much from mifki's work I can take this post down.

Either way, the point of the tileset is to allow me to feel cool for playing with curses without getting a headache maintain the general vibe of curses, but with more readability. Also, the dwarf faces are supposed to have a goatee, which is cool. It is a square tileset to maintain "game readability", while also having the drag-and-drop installation into vanilla games that a regular fontset has.

It's not great for text, so the usage of TrueType or TWBT is definitely reccomended. The "Unsquared" version IS better without those things though.

Here ye go:
Spoiler: Tileset (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: Unsquared (click to show/hide)
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