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Author Topic: Old made new, part one: Entity tokens  (Read 1076 times)


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Old made new, part one: Entity tokens
« on: September 16, 2019, 03:33:03 am »

Hello and welcome, this idea thread is directed towards looking at the code for version 28.05 and 31. of Dwarf Fortress that eventually evolved into the raws we have now, we'll be taking a look back into some highlights with suggestions on how to improve and some commentary on the subjects.


Firstly, to get straight to the topic, lets establish that the difference between 28.05 without standard positions at all, and 31. is actually quite large because the code ran off unique tags to facilitate many things, while still retaining hard coded pieces like monarchs that are still relevant to the code today as living fossils almost.  :)

Code: [Select]
[CAN_HAVE_MILITARY_SITE_LEADER]  //found on goblins

[CAN_HAVE_MILITARY_LEADER]  //found within the string dump, not realised in the actual raws

[LEADER_TYPE:KING] // for dwarves

[LEADER_TYPE:DRUID] // for elves

[SITE_LEADER_TYPE:STANDARD] //assumedly helps decide the normal monarchal call in

Interestingly enough, [CAN_HAVE_MILITARY_SITE_LEADER] was actually responsibile for the demons coming along in previous versions that had phased out for a more laid back role in the present. Whilst the others are more relaxed archetypes.

¡Ideas for new positions code!

The proposed improvement or relevant re-introduction for these would be to direct VARIABLE_POSITIONS to respect leadership roles outside of site type and also add additional functionality to Monarchs

  • [VARIABLE_LEADER_TYPE:*predefined] or [LEADER] (with sub arguements, similar to [ANIMAL]) may be useful for overwriting and re-establishing the desired variable positions inside a site, such as allowing or disallowing [POWER] megabeasts, choosing from a selection of ruleship archetypes, and putting in some basic expected code for the [POSITION:MONARCH] tag generated including whether they will trigger to visit or not and the land-owner criteria for doing so.
Many of these concepts may be more useful for when extended noblility and noble right are added in the laws & customs arc as a new foriegn government or foriegn influence may want to change the governance type of a kingdom more aligned with their own customs and views.

  • [CAN_HAVE_MILITARY_SITE_LEADER] may be complimented by a dual [RESPONSIBILITY:LEADS_ARMIES], and their individual new respective roles would be to allow the monarch to be the leader of any military squadron in fortress mode with the former (regardless of whether [RESPONSIBILITY:MILITARY_STRATEGY] is filled out) and to actively allow them to join a [CAPTAIN] squad or generate a captain squad of their own especially for sieges upon you or others for the latter responsibility.
A monarch may establish themselves to be a formidable opponent, especially when they are demonic or equipped in the finest Artifact armor and weapons escorted by a entourage of skilled weapon-users. A powerful bargaining chip for prisoner exchanges also should you capture them (which is unlikely to happen in the case of goblin demon leaders without a lot of preparation of webbed cages)


Code: [Select]
Another interesting 28.05 version difference is religion, and i believe this to be the centre of Toady's memories about demon worship to come from, sadly the tag is inactive now but previously enabled [POWER] creatures to control civilizations politically and religiously if they corresponded in kind to the apporopriate spheres.

¡Ideas for new religion code!

  • [RELIGION:ANY_APPROPRIATE_POWER] would once again become a active tag in a idealised post 44.12 update as from its own description in changed files.txt.
|"[You can have more than one.  It will choose one at random for each entity created using this template.]"|

Additional arguements might involve IDOL_CREATURE_TOKEN: (choosing the preferred creature), [SPHERE:*looking for a field], [DEMON] and [MEGABEAST]. A additional mention for much later in the magical arc may be [AVATAR] or [DEMIGOD] for literal physical incarnations of a diety if they recieved seperate worship.

  • [IDOL_CREATURE_TOKEN:*appropriate valid creature tag] - This would allow you to create worship cults around a particular figure, often prophets and sometimes random figures in power when targeting a sentient civilian race, or a particular kind of megabeast monster who's [POWER] tag will respond to abuse their position as a Idol politically to take lead of a civilisation.


Briefly to finish we have the miscellaneous category of stuff I found novel and workable enough to use

Code: [Select]
    Now i highly suspect that a appreciation of nature has taken over the priority of these tags, I do not really need a quote box to really explain my detailed plan for how to use this.

[RESPECT_ANIMALS] could be a tag that instills appreciation of animals regardless of current ethical standing within the civilization (because respect between hunter and prey for instance is still a valid positional point, not always leaning towards pacificism) and greater satisfaction whilst around animals, speed of training etc.
  • This could be split up further into respect for a particular kind of animal with a sub-arguement by inserting a appropriate kind of token, and animals of that type will be higher priority compared to others or seek rebuke when they are mistreated.
[RESPECT_TREES] could be reworked into [REQUIRES_NATURE], meaning that they have a drive to be outside, enjoy the rain and feel satisfied out in the open air and claustrophobic for long periods underground with recurring thoughts about not being able to see the sun. This would be a useful trait for elves to have (and depending on implementations, humans are not made for pernament underground inhabitation so it could apply to them too)

Thanks for being patient with me while i write up the remainder of my post. I hope this is useful as a insight of how the game used to work and i hope to see you for part 2 where i will be covering some creature raws.[/list]
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